Updated! Top 6 Must Do Harry Potter Things at Universal Studios Orlando in 2020

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Updated: Ranking the TOP 6 HP Must Do’s
Taken from the stand point of the movies, not the books.
These are the things that if you visit without doing then you really missed out truly experiencing the wizarding world.
To explain that statement a bit further, will have some Honorable Mentions, but you’ll see the difference, if you miss out on one of the HM’s you’ll still have a fulfilling HP experience if you do the top 6 items on this list. But you do not want to missing doing any of the top 6 items on this countdown.
Ride Escape from Gringotts
- not just for the ride but to go through the queue
- animatronics
- Voldemort, the big baddie
- very queue attraction with the blend of roller coaster thrills and 3D story telling
Magical wand spots
- Hey magic is what it’s all about, what is HP without magic so you have to do the interactive wand spots
- cover where you can buy wands and cost
- must do spot is wingardianlevosa
- also the secret wand spots
Ride Hogwarts Express
- note two park admission is required
- different scenes going each direction
- but for sure don’t miss London to Hogwarts because of platform 9 ¾
- also the hagrid motorbike scene is apropos
- and in hallway scenes with harry, Ron and Hermione are cool
Have a butterbeer (three kinds)
- regular (soda)
- frozen
- hot is seasonal (but why not year round like coffee)
Visit Hogwarts and go on Forbidden Journey (not just for the ride but to go through the queue)
- walking through the queue is like walking through Hogwarts castle so just walking in the line is just as important as going on the actual ride.
- in fact, I kind of thing walking through the queue is more important than the ride
- sorting hat, talking pictures, etc.
Before we get to #1 let’s talk about the HM’s: Flight of Hippogriff - Castle Show - Eat at HP Restaurant - Chocolate Frog/Liquid Luck - Mail a Letter From Owl’s post
Ride Hagrids Motorbike
The most fun roller coaster in Orlando
You’re on hagrids motorbike
Animatronics, blast ended skrut is just in the books not the movies


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    I got too scared to go on gringotts and I can’t believe I’m missing out so much! I was so mad!!

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    Can anyone give an update on what the current wait times for the Hagrid ride are like? If it is rainy will they close the ride? A little worried as a few rainy days next week.....esp the day we were going

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    The Hogwarts Express train is 'just ok' to do Once, Park-to-Park tickets only. Now we just get one park day tickets. I don't feel that "I Have To Do It Again". Not worth extra money just to ride a just ok train ride. It's nice to say I rode it once, but I don't Need to ride it again. Maybe my daughter will make me get Park-to-Park tickets to ride it because she is getting into Harry Potter lately. We are taking her to IOA for her Birthday this year in June. She's turing 10 and now her Admission Ticket is an Adult Price Ticket. (disney does this too, but not legoland) Ohh booyy. Thanks for the great videos as always.

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  22. John Biela

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