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The Truth About Latercase
The Levitating Sneaker

The Levitating Sneaker

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My New Cheese Grater

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iPhone 11 Clone Unboxing

Před 7 měsíci

  1. Rico

    RicoPřed 13 minutami

    So this or the Devialet Gold Phantom speaker? 🥵🤨

  2. King Ruckus

    King RuckusPřed 13 minutami

    I bet they did. You are so phony. Get a life. Easy unsubscribe, I encourage you to do the same. This guy is as fake as it gets.

  3. King Ruckus

    King RuckusPřed 14 minutami

    Easy unsub. I encourage you to do the same. Dont give this hack your views.

  4. Ayden Peters

    Ayden PetersPřed 14 minutami

    I'm going from the galaxy s8 to the galaxy s20 plus. I can't wait!!!

  5. King Ruckus

    King RuckusPřed 15 minutami

    Who ya ripping of this time man. Get a life man.

  6. King Ruckus

    King RuckusPřed 15 minutami

    I cannot believe this hack is still here scamming people. Easy unsub.

  7. Bananapanda is cool

    Bananapanda is coolPřed 16 minutami

    I bet you'd just stick with some flip flops

  8. shortyboy2562

    shortyboy2562Před 17 minutami

    I want that Red Katana Knife!

  9. Tyler Ryan

    Tyler RyanPřed 18 minutami

    holy shit is he canadian

  10. Manuel Rico

    Manuel RicoPřed 18 minutami

    Do they have active noise canceling? Is it good?

  11. Manuel Rico

    Manuel RicoPřed 19 minutami

    Can you test mic quality?

  12. Gabriel Dantas

    Gabriel DantasPřed 21 minutou

    Pls give us an update!!

  13. your narrator Manu T

    your narrator Manu TPřed 22 minutami

    Running out of content????

  14. Nicholas Asselin

    Nicholas AsselinPřed 23 minutami

    Are they waterproof?

  15. Yousra Mébirouk

    Yousra MébiroukPřed 25 minutami

    In algeria cost 200$

  16. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WaynePřed 26 minutami

    Is it just me or is that camera ugly and asking to get scratched.

  17. Cyn Lasos

    Cyn LasosPřed 26 minutami

    I want!

  18. David Yerushalmi

    David YerushalmiPřed 27 minutami

    So the thing with these headphones that I never seen you test, is when someone calls you, do the headphones block off all the surrounding noise as well as airpods do. My wife had JBLs and Bose and they both seem to pick up every noise in going on around her. When she uses the airpods it's a completely noticeable difference.

  19. TewSlo

    TewSloPřed 31 minutou

    The only takeaway I have from this is that Warren Buffett looks like Wobbuffet.

  20. Lech Wałęsa

    Lech WałęsaPřed 37 minutami

    Unfortunately, this is stupidity

  21. m4riee

    m4rieePřed 37 minutami

    Can you do a review on these buds when you make phone calls so you can see what quality of sound from your ear bud end and the receivers end?

  22. Ok Clan

    Ok ClanPřed 38 minutami

    let go have 1 sub

  23. rchrdlezama2

    rchrdlezama2Před 42 minutami

    Did Lew have Dolby Atmos on?!

  24. Joe X Med'O

    Joe X Med'OPřed 45 minutami

    4:58 WAIT... WAIT WAIT WAIT... *JACK IS REAL!!!???*

  25. Abdul Mannan

    Abdul MannanPřed 49 minutami

    its the most ugly phone ever seen



    apple rips off so many customers. This is why there is income inequality in the world

  27. David Dobrik

    David DobrikPřed 55 minutami

    Wow thanks

  28. fargeeks

    fargeeksPřed 56 minutami

    I dont want a colorless display

  29. NhatQuang Viesky

    NhatQuang VieskyPřed 59 minutami

    the vsmart bee 3 even better than this phone

  30. Baby_ rat

    Baby_ ratPřed 59 minutami

    I got this phone on my B-day I can afford an iPhone but idk If I want to get one. If you have an iPhone can you tell me the pros and cons of having an iPhone thx Ps.i can't spell soo...I hope I spelled everything right

  31. Jonathan Nunez

    Jonathan NunezPřed 59 minutami

    wont work.. theyre trying to much. give it time

  32. Noobyz

    NoobyzPřed hodinou

    would’ve be a meme if it was 69

  33. Andrew Martin

    Andrew MartinPřed hodinou

    I have access to a screening x-ray machine.......

  34. Tha BrownMamba

    Tha BrownMambaPřed hodinou


  35. Nurfarhanah wyedia Ariffin

    Nurfarhanah wyedia AriffinPřed hodinou

    You should give me one😔

  36. Renz Halili

    Renz HaliliPřed hodinou

    I feel like very soon imma unsubcribe this channel. I miss the old review than this.

  37. Antonio Enrico

    Antonio EnricoPřed hodinou

    I really like the matte style of the original case.

  38. Michael osei

    Michael oseiPřed hodinou

    I know Sam is trying to compete with apple but if they woulda dropped the price a little and made it cheaper then the pod lineup they could of made a killing

  39. Johan Alvarez

    Johan AlvarezPřed hodinou

    Idk about yall but I enjoy this guys reviews I actually listen and pay attention

  40. J B

    J BPřed hodinou

    SD 865. 4k 30fps only

  41. Gema Cruz

    Gema CruzPřed hodinou

    I was perfectly content with my s10+ but I'm being forced to change and I'm stuck between the s20+ 5G or the Note 10+ 5G. Any tips guys?

  42. Paulo Dagatan

    Paulo DagatanPřed hodinou

    The bass is much bigger than the 500ml bottle.

  43. George Costanza

    George CostanzaPřed hodinou

    Uhh, is that a folding Bluetooth speaker in your pocket, or are you just excited to see me? 😂

  44. Blank

    BlankPřed hodinou

    Linus does something *round of applause*

  45. Tyler Barron

    Tyler BarronPřed hodinou

    galaxy buds to galaxy buds+ are just like the AirPods to AirPods 2, ain't no need to upgrade unless you really wanna flex or want the glossy look, also wish my AirPods pro came in black like the galaxy buds cause colorware want me to go broke getting them painted smh, dbrand it is

  46. George Costanza

    George CostanzaPřed hodinou

    Crazy thing is, folding screens aren't even impressive anymore, we're so beyond it that people are complaining about a crease😂 Even just the thought of a folding oled screen would have been insane 20 years ago!

  47. Diego Hernandez

    Diego HernandezPřed hodinou

    I’ve never seen so many wrinkles on a mans neck

  48. Joseph Mann

    Joseph MannPřed hodinou

    The glass bottle has more high notes then the plastic

  49. Mohamed abdulkadir

    Mohamed abdulkadirPřed hodinou

    I don't do comments a lot but I have question to ask ? Which Smartphone do you use nowadays?

  50. Spartan_1 Da Beast

    Spartan_1 Da BeastPřed hodinou

    3:49 when someone publicly compliments you

  51. Blue Collar Men Productions

    Blue Collar Men ProductionsPřed hodinou

    It did hit 100000 likes

  52. Marshall Walls

    Marshall WallsPřed hodinou

    This is the last time I open a video from you guys. This new video style is bogus. Everyone is complaining and you have not gone back. Willie Doo probably left because he hates it too. Unsubscribed ✌️

  53. Taylor Burke

    Taylor BurkePřed hodinou

    You never enable the dolby audio on the new samsungs!! It makes a huge difference!!!

  54. Nathália Isabella

    Nathália IsabellaPřed hodinou

    I woudn't be able to hold the last wallet in my hands and not fidget with it

  55. Kenneth Brown

    Kenneth BrownPřed hodinou

    Lew, Can you unbox and review the teracube phone? Claims to have a 4 year factory warranty!!!!

  56. Anandhan R

    Anandhan RPřed hodinou

    Hello Unbox Therapy could you unbox oppo reno 3 pro

  57. nico vanwhat?.

    nico vanwhat?.Před hodinou

    That is low-end phone compressed to smartwatch ! .

  58. Tyrah Fitzgerald

    Tyrah FitzgeraldPřed hodinou

    Can the knock of still fit the AirPod cases?

  59. Mgoldenboyz

    MgoldenboyzPřed hodinou

    And why do you need a console when you have a beast pc?

  60. Spot On

    Spot OnPřed hodinou

    I can't believe people think this is possible... pfffffff noobs

  61. Marco Martínez

    Marco MartínezPřed hodinou

    With some simple modifications to galaxy buds they sound way better ! One tip, on the Dolby Atmos setting put them on video, and thank me later

  62. Nick Slouka

    Nick SloukaPřed hodinou

    It does not come with the power bank, you have to provide your own.

  63. Nirav Patel

    Nirav PatelPřed hodinou

    The other guy looks like a model.. LOL

  64. The Bengali Boy

    The Bengali BoyPřed hodinou

    Giving me a mobile phone gift, brother, I will sell the goat and pay it.

  65. arsalan shaukat

    arsalan shaukatPřed hodinou

    switch to this mobile

  66. Justin Lynn

    Justin LynnPřed hodinou

    Designed for penitentiary

  67. z x r o c a t

    z x r o c a tPřed hodinou

    and huawei kills apple yet again. -typed from huawei p30 pro

  68. Eric sh

    Eric shPřed hodinou

    You look like Fred Durst when you take a selfie.

  69. UnusuallyAsian

    UnusuallyAsianPřed hodinou

    Im definitely buying this Not because of how its like a mini macbook Because it comes with a battery for the pen

  70. jon rick

    jon rickPřed hodinou

    5:03 name the song?

  71. dereileak

    dereileakPřed 2 hodinami

    It’s the beginning of the fallout era

  72. Vicky Sati

    Vicky SatiPřed 2 hodinami

    Passive radiator

  73. Zylon

    ZylonPřed 2 hodinami


  74. JG14 Gerhard_Bar

    JG14 Gerhard_BarPřed 2 hodinami

    lol. can't wait till Q4 when the value of these things is likely 30% off already

  75. zac yang

    zac yangPřed 2 hodinami

    I am going to get this instead of getting a PC

  76. Jim Laughlin

    Jim LaughlinPřed 2 hodinami

    Great looking combo, until you put a case on the phone.

  77. akhil nair

    akhil nairPřed 2 hodinami

    Do i need this for CSgos 360 video ?? Can someone suggest me a cheaper one

  78. Johnny Morris

    Johnny MorrisPřed 2 hodinami

    I have the ultra ordered and am listening via buds plus lol

  79. The 40ozPolarBear

    The 40ozPolarBearPřed 2 hodinami

    At least it didn't blow up. -s7-

  80. Mashal Alkazme

    Mashal AlkazmePřed 2 hodinami


  81. eden1

    eden1Před 2 hodinami

    Idk, but put li ión battery that last 11 hours into the ears is probably dangerous, we've seen a lot of explosions with that kind of batteries in smartphones, I hope nobody have that kind of experience using earbuds

  82. cameron stultz

    cameron stultzPřed 2 hodinami

    Does it work with pc

  83. Shashank Shukla

    Shashank ShuklaPřed 2 hodinami

    Xiaomi's updates are shit

  84. Rubyat A Habib

    Rubyat A HabibPřed 2 hodinami

    6:12 That looks like a Nintendo switch and you referenced the good looking phone to the Nintendo switch 7:21 RIP EVERY OTHER CONTROLLER

  85. Liu Kang Kixx

    Liu Kang KixxPřed 2 hodinami

    I hope the ultra comes in more colors than just gray or black. I definitely don't want anything but the ultra but I definitely dont want boring gray or boring black color!!!!

  86. Robert OBrien

    Robert OBrienPřed 2 hodinami

    Can you try the Sprite bottle filled with 125ml of water?

  87. Eric Fellenz

    Eric FellenzPřed 2 hodinami

    C'mon man. Clean your stuff off a bit before you start taking 4k super quality images of it

  88. GamerDudeplayz Games

    GamerDudeplayz GamesPřed 2 hodinami

    I read the title as "The Iphone XS MAX is great, You cant buy it."

  89. Dylan burkholder

    Dylan burkholderPřed 2 hodinami

    I know my opinion doesn't matter but I really really miss the sit down style, desk unboxing videos without the corny background music which is a bit distracting. I know you guys just made a big move but this new video style seems a bit less professional and ultimately less attractive. Still love your videos. Keep up the great work.

  90. Jonah laduke

    Jonah ladukePřed 2 hodinami

    i wanna join you guys i like looking at electronics myself

  91. heelo peeps

    heelo peepsPřed 2 hodinami

    Asmr maybe??? 😍

  92. noy

    noyPřed 2 hodinami

    Why they laugh at Ubuntu? :( I’m on Arch Linux btw.

  93. saji thampy

    saji thampyPřed 2 hodinami

    Captain Kirk

  94. capioxy

    capioxyPřed 2 hodinami

    AKG put the logo on it because Samsung bought them

  95. Dakotah

    DakotahPřed 2 hodinami

    They completely ripped the animation and apples whole w1 chip feature

  96. Wahid Gamers

    Wahid GamersPřed 2 hodinami

    The red one..