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Epicode 08: Game On!
  1. D M

    D MPřed dnem

    i’d put women’s hockey as slightly better than an average high school hockey game

  2. Chase Crouch

    Chase CrouchPřed dnem

    2:10 they all look so happy to be there!

  3. Bartman

    BartmanPřed dnem

    So I didn’t miss anything

  4. John Smith

    John SmithPřed dnem

    The only thing that I saw during the all star game is how much Canada crushes the world in hockey.

  5. Theodore Panousakis

    Theodore PanousakisPřed dnem

    Let’s face it, they’re booing Kane because he can single-handedly destroy their whole team.

  6. Glasterz

    GlasterzPřed dnem

    What happened to the targets that shatter? Those were the best. No question if you hit them or not.

  7. Miller Jurcic

    Miller JurcicPřed dnem


  8. manguy2000

    manguy2000Před dnem

    Brett Hull....he went Blues

  9. Brayden O'Neil

    Brayden O'NeilPřed dnem

    Hey, Mackinnon is actually playing this year😂

  10. MagnaBad Delta-Thriller

    MagnaBad Delta-ThrillerPřed dnem

    5:47 The Old VGK horn

  11. JaydenHOCKEY18

    JaydenHOCKEY18Před dnem

    I get it GATORADE.

  12. VJ

    VJPřed dnem

    Anybody else rewatching this

  13. genesis the currupted

    genesis the curruptedPřed dnem

    Marchand tes affreux !!!

  14. Aphextwins77

    Aphextwins77Před dnem

    Ahh, thank gawd McJesus lost lol. So much focus on the guy to the point where they were asking other NHL ALL Stars “whats it like being here with McJesus??”

  15. Matthew Lynch

    Matthew LynchPřed dnem

    Why are all of the girls hot? Statistically improbable. Kinda odd.

  16. Vitus Bleifuss

    Vitus BleifussPřed dnem

    Why NHL.com don't use 1080p? It's standard today!

  17. Anthony Holmes

    Anthony HolmesPřed dnem

    Keep in mind that al Macinnis set the record of over 104 with an old school wood stick after the entire rest of the league switched to composite. Anyone who has ever played hockey and tried both knows the massive difference between the two. If he had switched to composite there's no doubt in my mind that chara wouldn't have the record right now.

  18. human bigfoot

    human bigfootPřed dnem

    All hail AdBlock

  19. dougie howser

    dougie howserPřed dnem

    This is an exhibition game. Its supposed to be non-partisan. Good natured but fierce competition but not partisan. So why does the fog horn blow for US goals but not Canadian ? Now I am glad Canada won.

  20. Tom SestitoGOON

    Tom SestitoGOONPřed dnem

    I’m gonna show my kids this game

  21. jnerdsblog

    jnerdsblogPřed dnem

    That final new skill though...ehhhhhhh. At least give points for hitting the base of a target. Otherwise 90% of the targets have zero meaning.

  22. M.A. Bergers

    M.A. BergersPřed dnem

    Pettersson looked hilariously tiny in the lineup for the hardest shot competition

  23. Your Boi Kermit

    Your Boi KermitPřed dnem

    As a wild fan, I wanted Hertl to get all 5 in a row, that would have been cool.

  24. Thomas C

    Thomas CPřed dnem

    Marker was mad

  25. Jason Ketchum

    Jason KetchumPřed dnem

    Ah yes!!! Remember that great game in 86 when Bernie Federko scored while standing in line to pickup an order of nachos? What a joke!!! Get rid of this garbage and just give the players a week off.

  26. Scrafton Gaming

    Scrafton GamingPřed dnem

    Jarry got 6 not 4

  27. Jace Marquez

    Jace MarquezPřed dnem

    I don’t think a lot of these celebrities know a lot about hockey..

  28. David Bartz

    David BartzPřed dnem

    Huberuea's last shot hit the outside of the post 2:43

  29. Ján Lacek

    Ján LacekPřed dnem


  30. Charlie Cross

    Charlie CrossPřed dnem

    Whatever you do DON'T let Brett Hull sing!

  31. Nightsgrow

    NightsgrowPřed dnem

    Duclair looked way faster than 14.0

  32. 123cora123

    123cora123Před dnem

    Come on don't boo kaner

  33. K won

    K wonPřed dnem

    Don’t know anyone that actually watched this..

  34. Thomas Bockenstedt

    Thomas BockenstedtPřed dnem

    Awesome move having Keith show up!

  35. Gem grass

    Gem grassPřed dnem

    Duncan, your slow non physical play leads to scoring chances and goals for other teams....... Look at replays of times you were on ice when you could have stopped opponents from devolping plays leading to goals.............. And it can be concluded your play HURTS the team. Just a opinion ....

  36. Cole Woodard

    Cole WoodardPřed dnem

    John Norris

  37. djmips

    djmipsPřed dnem

    The interview over Vasilevskiy was horrible.

  38. Adam Millan

    Adam MillanPřed dnem

    Why no goalies in this event?

  39. Matthew Paluch

    Matthew PaluchPřed dnem

    😎👍🇺🇸🏒🥅 KANER!

  40. Pancake

    PancakePřed dnem

    Claude giroux should’ve been here.

  41. klondikebar

    klondikebarPřed dnem

    If Matty B had consistent linemates that were like, you know, good, he’d hit 100 points

  42. Student Marcus Palmer

    Student Marcus PalmerPřed dnem

    Anyone else see Slapshot in the stands at 7:40?

  43. C D

    C DPřed dnem

    What’s next?! The NHL making an all women’s team?

  44. Noah Njn

    Noah NjnPřed dnem

    They make Kane look like the make a wish a kid on the picture of this video

  45. W.J. Christophe

    W.J. ChristophePřed dnem

    Bobby really beat the woman out of that puck.

  46. Wade Wilson

    Wade WilsonPřed dnem

    WTF are the Women doing on the Ice??

  47. volky

    volkyPřed dnem

    Tomáš Tatár no Thomas Tatár

  48. Joseph Pupillo

    Joseph PupilloPřed dnem

    In the face imagine how bad that would feel

  49. sam Mayton

    sam MaytonPřed dnem

    Can anyone explain to me why Patrick kane ?

  50. A Husky Bear

    A Husky BearPřed dnem

    Kinda wish we saw al use a new stick to see if it’ll beat Chara, even at his current age

  51. Kate L

    Kate LPřed dnem

    48:43 ... Feel so bad for Tomas... He could win this with like 6 seconds... 🤦🏼‍♀️😀

  52. Potato Bond

    Potato BondPřed dnem

    What a joke

  53. Patricia James

    Patricia JamesPřed dnem

    Its gotta be the Orange pumkin 🎃 jersey that was slowing McJesus down. Damn they Ugly

  54. jnerdsblog

    jnerdsblogPřed dnem

    Thank you so much for making this available here! Living overseas makes it so hard to keep up with my favorite sport.

  55. kris 98

    kris 98Před dnem

    those timers are being stopped a bit late. players get for example 10.2 time, timer stops at 10.3

  56. Paul Clayton

    Paul ClaytonPřed dnem

    Lets go canes comment ur fav team like if hurricanes

  57. R1S0

    R1S0Před dnem

    to anybody who really thinks that Al shot at EXACTLY THE SAME speed as in 1998 - no, he hasnt. that 100.4mph number was only at jumbo screen, not on the speed displays on the ice.... you can dislike, but that is a fact, it was just for a show.

  58. Mason Dixon

    Mason DixonPřed dnem

    The women must have came on during the intermission. Great time to get a pretzel and beer

  59. It’s Sniff

    It’s SniffPřed dnem

    NHL “don’t do anything dumb in the breakaway comp anymore” also nhl “this even is what hockey is” dumbest event

  60. Nolan Harrison

    Nolan HarrisonPřed dnem

    Rask will be the next

  61. Alex Martins

    Alex MartinsPřed dnem

    Was a shitshow

  62. Mash709

    Mash709Před dnem

    Love the jersey's.

  63. The Elite Trio

    The Elite TrioPřed dnem

    Why wasn’t ovi in hardest shot

  64. Jere Anttila

    Jere AnttilaPřed dnem

    Hardest shot and fastest skater are only ones who makes sence and are not ruined with forced tehnology. Besides those everything in NHL all star have been total bs for years now.

  65. Waltonmg TV

    Waltonmg TVPřed dnem

    The game Detroit-Ottawa rebound is an accurate depiction of both their seasons

  66. joseph head

    joseph headPřed dnem

    mcdavid looked mad. such a loser

  67. Kerry Jr _Gaming & more_

    Kerry Jr _Gaming & more_Před dnem

    I like how the nhl tries to make their videos ad friendly and they’re being sponsored by New Amsterdam Vodka

  68. 1jeu2mots YT

    1jeu2mots YTPřed dnem

    Do another episode or trolling the opponents or smartest play

  69. Tariq Ginkinger

    Tariq GinkingerPřed dnem

    They should make it 15 minute periods next year

  70. David Martin

    David MartinPřed dnem

    If McInnis had the sticks of today when he played he would blow away Chara’s 108 mph record.

  71. John DeF

    John DeFPřed dnem

    That last Bjorky goal was wicked. Almost loses his balance then recovers and gets the game winner.

  72. Tariq Ginkinger

    Tariq GinkingerPřed dnem

    This was a swing and a miss

  73. Phix

    PhixPřed dnem

    Freddie got robbed!

  74. Alexandre Antille

    Alexandre AntillePřed dnem

    No, that’s a school bully pushing down his victim before asking for lunch money

  75. ElCamino439

    ElCamino439Před dnem

    Markströms choice of music at 3:04 is a opening song for his favourite soccerteam in Sweden:csgos.info/video/l6iXeoupdmNl3nE.html

  76. TorontoBuilder12345

    TorontoBuilder12345Před dnem

    Mitch looks like such a kid

  77. nick p

    nick pPřed dnem

    I would support a WNHL hockey team in dc

  78. Lubino

    LubinoPřed dnem

    Osgood said it right. He said "Hasek is Gretzky between goalies".

  79. JP G

    JP GPřed dnem

    I knew the goalie winner before it started.. was so obvious that technology on accuracy sux


    JAKKEN SCOTTPřed dnem

    pretty proud of Mitch, first I notice him playing with a puck with a kid, then talking to a woman hockey player to make her welcome, then handing out pucks to other players, then telling O'Riley to take his last shot. Such a good representative of both the Leafs and Canada A VERY stupid playoff format to decide it however.

  81. kevin denny

    kevin dennyPřed dnem

    Canadian goalie stole/won that game

  82. Lubino

    LubinoPřed dnem

    One of the greatest EU players. Canadian/USA people cant imagine what is for 17-19 YO men move on the other side of the world without knowledge of english language, USA habbits, without friends, family.. Simple with nothing and from this state to work out for a true legend. EU players are so unrecognized. Respect from czech republic.

  83. The Enforcers

    The EnforcersPřed dnem


  84. CommanderNate900 Lol

    CommanderNate900 LolPřed dnem


  85. leo lanoue

    leo lanouePřed dnem

    I think they want us to drink Gatorade?

  86. Samuel Röthlisberger

    Samuel RöthlisbergerPřed dnem

    Please put more ads on this

  87. Lucas Gamache

    Lucas GamachePřed dnem


  88. Willy Benn

    Willy BennPřed dnem


  89. Vlql Vlql

    Vlql VlqlPřed dnem

    And of course they had to impose on us girly girl hockey

  90. Thomas Zinnen

    Thomas ZinnenPřed dnem

    What’s with the Sidney Crosby Gatorade ad?

  91. Nathan Salazar

    Nathan SalazarPřed dnem

    What about the people behind the net? They paid for those seats and got to see the back of a black box

  92. Hatzakis Hockey

    Hatzakis HockeyPřed dnem

    Where was raanta or any coyote player?

  93. injun sniper

    injun sniperPřed dnem

    Ol Al Macinnis beat seth jones 100+mph with a wooden stick

  94. Jason Campbell

    Jason CampbellPřed dnem

    Al MacInnis still has one incredible shot with that wooden stick! Holy Jumpin!

  95. Ms. Felony Strutter

    Ms. Felony StrutterPřed dnem


  96. M&M Bros Hockey

    M&M Bros HockeyPřed dnem


  97. Mattt GG

    Mattt GGPřed dnem

    Old targets are better, the clock stops too late. Draisaitl got 9.8 seconds and Slavin got 9.3 seconds.

  98. Chris Jones

    Chris JonesPřed dnem

    It's funny to hear Laine making fun of someone's looks with a face like he has. 😛

  99. Billy Feral

    Billy FeralPřed dnem

    Oh so they cheated ao the Blues guy would win.... That's not surprising....

  100. Robert Lewis II

    Robert Lewis IIPřed dnem

    CANADA WINS!! LETS GO!!!🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦