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  1. Ramon Torres

    Ramon TorresPřed 42 vteřinami

    Come on now it’s 2020 how many coaches use signals when they have headsets, and if he wanted to get signals he could have recorded the game on TV or had a coach on the sideline watching the coach that gives out signals/ if they even give out signals. And for the cheating come on man the only time they cheated was in the deflate gate the rest of the wins were having a good well runned organization with good players and bill belichek picking the right pieces for Tom Brady. For example they upgraded at defense this year to give Tom Brady the ball and last year invested in Olinemen last year in the draft to protect Tom Brady and this year used cap space to buy Tom Brady weapons/ wide receivers.

  2. BlackJesusSp

    BlackJesusSpPřed minutou

    Going to my first Crawford fight this Saturday at MSG 👊👊🎯

  3. Increase

    IncreasePřed minutou

    Joel Embid is loaded with talent, but he has absolutely no killer instinct at all, it's something you can't teach, he is a great player with a comical mentality. He needs to develop a mean streak, that I don't think is possible, due to his personality.

  4. Marvin Schmid

    Marvin SchmidPřed 2 minutami

    Honestly, they could've gone back-to-back with Pascal's improvement and a healthy OG.

  5. Claudio Gomes

    Claudio GomesPřed 2 minutami

    Against the cavs? 😂😂😂 Don’t worried he won’t disappoint in the playoffs 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Rosemarie Wellesley

    Rosemarie WellesleyPřed 2 minutami

    Hi kawhi

  7. Michael Contreras

    Michael ContrerasPřed 2 minutami

    Dude needs to play more and guit being a part time player

  8. Andrew Paredes

    Andrew ParedesPřed 2 minutami

    im tryn make rachel nichols very happy

  9. C M

    C MPřed 3 minutami

    5:11 white people skin look so dirty!!

  10. Greg Pitts

    Greg PittsPřed 3 minutami

    That suit looks like it comes from Burlington’s. He looks a mess.

  11. grandma 65

    grandma 65Před 3 minutami

    A ring with over 600 diamonds and He has an FU emoji inscribed to remind him to wear it on his middle Finger. PRICELESS

  12. sonicchampion14

    sonicchampion14Před 3 minutami

    Is the middle finger to the Spurs by any chance? 🤔😅

  13. jimmy jim

    jimmy jimPřed 3 minutami

    Media nowadays. Player plays good in his 1st/2nd year. "is he better than mj? "

  14. CC MMA

    CC MMAPřed 3 minutami

    Boxing becoming more like MMA by the week

  15. R N

    R NPřed 4 minutami

    Skip is up there too now

  16. Yen Alv

    Yen AlvPřed 4 minutami

    Much respect to Rex.

  17. EBJ Henderson

    EBJ HendersonPřed 4 minutami

    Wow.. so many people were wrong about king James and the lakers lol smh

  18. sprite cranberry

    sprite cranberryPřed 4 minutami

    i haven’t seen one hate comment yet idk what all of u are talkin abt

  19. LUIS BOSS31

    LUIS BOSS31Před 4 minutami

    Bro when I taped on the video I was like “ok 9 mins this bout to be cool” next thing u know the video feels like it ended in 3 mins!! Was I the only one that felt like that???

  20. Rlkimel

    RlkimelPřed 4 minutami

    Boy braids look crisp fr

  21. Mark Symbala

    Mark SymbalaPřed 4 minutami

    No I don't believe him he is a liar

  22. Michael Contreras

    Michael ContrerasPřed 4 minutami

    He better enjoy it, he ain’t getting another one for awhile

  23. Rosemarie Wellesley

    Rosemarie WellesleyPřed 5 minutami

    Wow beautiful

  24. William Shedd

    William SheddPřed 5 minutami

    When will all of you Rockets fans including myself, because I am from Katy, realize the Rockets will never win a championship like this! Like Kobe said, they will never win a chip. Because in the playoffs you cant rely on Harden doing that! It will not happen in the NBA! Listening to Calvin Murphy and crew talk about Rockets which is what they should do. But your starting to sound like Cowboy fans. Its ignorant. really is.

  25. Marty Molina

    Marty MolinaPřed 6 minutami

    She knows she said KRYrie on purpose

  26. T Rock

    T RockPřed 7 minutami

    The Knicks have turned into the old Clippers!


    MALIK MCCLAINPřed 7 minutami

    Jerry relishes the limelight and a coach coming would have continue letting Jerry run the show and not have an opinion about where the problem is. Jerry should make liars out of all of us and hire himself as the head coach.!!!

  28. Jade Warrior

    Jade WarriorPřed 7 minutami

    I'm a Ravens fan but have the most respect for this man .He deserves all the accolades possible..

  29. VNAMUS 86

    VNAMUS 86Před 7 minutami

    Crawfords 0 Is for real, hard for the man to get his props when ESPN keep lying for Loma, Undisputed, now welterweight Champ! Bob and espn as well as PBC need to put some real respect on Buds name

  30. Diego Torres

    Diego TorresPřed 7 minutami

    Video starts at 4:26

  31. Just Me

    Just MePřed 8 minutami

    A broken clock is right at least twice a day.. Good shooting performance by him, as much as he shoots he will do this every once on a while.. Next game he will be 9 out of 35 from the field with 20 free throws. He's still an inefficient overrated loser!

  32. CJ CJ

    CJ CJPřed 8 minutami

    He still dont like talking🤣

  33. Parasitic Jewish Banker

    Parasitic Jewish BankerPřed 8 minutami

    ESPN is horrible. This is why I watch MLB Network.

  34. BoxersPunchHarder

    BoxersPunchHarderPřed 9 minutami

    PRIME FLOYD??? Tim Bradley is Smoking DICKS at this Point

  35. William Gee

    William GeePřed 9 minutami


  36. tee kay

    tee kayPřed 9 minutami

    Jimmy Johnson was allowed to be gm and coach

  37. The Neon Shift

    The Neon ShiftPřed 9 minutami

    *KNICK FANS, SENDING MY FELLOWS SOME LOVE!* ....we're going to need it

  38. Ifyouknew 1

    Ifyouknew 1Před 9 minutami

    That was really nice foot steps was original. Raptors have class hats off to them all. Wish he would have stayed but we all move forward in our lives.

  39. Isabel Weiss

    Isabel WeissPřed 9 minutami

    Very humble young fella

  40. Q Tē

    Q TēPřed 9 minutami

    Would only take one thought🤔 Unfortunately CASH & Prestige takes too many fools😏

  41. Randy Santos

    Randy SantosPřed 10 minutami

    Consider it as an emergency landing...

  42. Ryan G

    Ryan GPřed 10 minutami

    School should've had an AT🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  43. tee kay

    tee kayPřed 10 minutami

    If you can not have your staff or pick the players how can you win

  44. William Gee

    William GeePřed 10 minutami


  45. KCL 5

    KCL 5Před 11 minutami

    Wondering if Kawhi still gets free food in Toronto🤔

  46. Adolfo Ibarra

    Adolfo IbarraPřed 11 minutami

    Molly should just do porn

  47. Grammar Police -

    Grammar Police -Před 12 minutami

    So happy Drake wasn't there. He's always trying to be a meme and is a huge distraction to the game. He should be going to Ye's oprahs not here!!

  48. Kel

    KelPřed 12 minutami

    Richard Jefferson saved this interview.

  49. Brandon Epps

    Brandon EppsPřed 12 minutami

    wolves didnt like jimmy buccets because brian windhorst ate all of the apple fritters while callin games.

  50. dantethatdeal

    dantethatdealPřed 12 minutami

    Going in to 2020 get this dumb lady out of here

  51. tee kay

    tee kayPřed 12 minutami

    Jason Garrett did not pick his coaching staff jerry did so why is it Jason's fault

  52. Jorge Ro

    Jorge RoPřed 12 minutami

    Doesn’t make all time 100 team

  53. EyeLoveTheStars

    EyeLoveTheStarsPřed 12 minutami

    Better than Jordan.

  54. Q Tē

    Q TēPřed 13 minutami

    True leadership is made in the moment, not planed out over years🙄 only losers play that game of fears & make others pull to their push😎 Much to learn all aka kittens & puppies🙈

  55. wornoutshoes11

    wornoutshoes11Před 13 minutami

    A class act from the Raptors... If it was the lakers, they will just mail the ring to kawhi's neighbor. 🤭😂


    THEODORE FOLKEPřed 13 minutami

    Orlovsky is good!

  57. smitty werbenjagermanjensen

    smitty werbenjagermanjensenPřed 13 minutami

    Every time molly shouts and interrupts, its like a razor scooter 🛴 chopping my ankle.

  58. Zack S

    Zack SPřed 13 minutami

    6:14 Just when I thought this dude was done being effing hilarious 😂😂😂 I❤️Kawhi

  59. Vin B

    Vin BPřed 13 minutami

    I mean as they should he carried them 😂😂

  60. 1Challino

    1ChallinoPřed 13 minutami


  61. IlluminateThePath

    IlluminateThePathPřed 13 minutami

    Duck the app calm it’s subscription based

  62. Demosthenes Q. Drake

    Demosthenes Q. DrakePřed 14 minutami

    Clark making absolutely no sense, making no point whatsoever, getting right in line with Bayless and Mangina on the passive support of the team they hate. Why? Bc the NFL is telling them to. A more even "field", if you will. This whole thing is just ridiculous like every other Cheatriots scandal. Just ban Belichick and Kraft from the NFL already and rid us all of this cancer.

  63. Thomas Syme

    Thomas SymePřed 14 minutami

    The difference is that teams kept running the defense that the Patriots ran in the Superbowl. I think Mcvay finally found an answer to it. That's why Tyler Higbee has had big games in the past 2 weeks.

  64. Raul Martinez

    Raul MartinezPřed 14 minutami


  65. Rich Wise

    Rich WisePřed 14 minutami

    This didnt age so well huh bubs?

  66. AnhTan Nguyen

    AnhTan NguyenPřed 14 minutami

    Max n SAS are clowns , Marcus brings some balance but overall show is a yawner nowadays

  67. Brennan Lynch

    Brennan LynchPřed 14 minutami

    He's trying to score as many points as he can until his hair falls out

  68. TheButler DidIT

    TheButler DidITPřed 15 minutami

    Did you assert your will in the 2011 nba finals ??

  69. ghetto engine

    ghetto enginePřed 15 minutami

    jesus christ himself can coach the knicks and they’d still have a losing season.

  70. Julius Giles

    Julius GilesPřed 16 minutami

    4th seed in the playoffs my prediction

  71. Fine Supplements

    Fine SupplementsPřed 16 minutami

    America should block the Raptors from playing in the NBA if Toronto doesn’t retire his Jersey and build him a statue. He deserves it.

  72. marhherz

    marhherzPřed 16 minutami

    Ravens Nation to well-known Lamar hater, Stephen A.: “Go screw yourself!”

  73. Sergeant Danelarton

    Sergeant DanelartonPřed 16 minutami

    That ain't gonna convince kahwai to come back to Raptors, lol

  74. Q Tē

    Q TēPřed 16 minutami

    fools cash coming to an end😉

  75. G-mAx MeLia

    G-mAx MeLiaPřed 17 minutami


  76. Curtis 23

    Curtis 23Před 17 minutami

    Ok game by lebron

  77. Q Tē

    Q TēPřed 17 minutami

    😡I would like to understand why the NFL & all these players make me feel that i did something wrong🤔 To be honest, i see where you are strait out racist & AntiAmericans🖕

  78. Fran

    FranPřed 17 minutami

    Mission accomplished. Now he can lay back and not pitch as hard.

  79. Space Pharaoh

    Space PharaohPřed 17 minutami

    Rose needs to be in the HOF when its all said and done.

  80. aki chisel

    aki chiselPřed 17 minutami

    Stay classy Toronto!!!

  81. Sundincubus

    SundincubusPřed 17 minutami

    Max, you are out of line man. Name a time where/when Troy Aikman hinted that he wants to be the Cowboys GM? Fact of the matter is you're just assuming. The look on Marcus Spears face said it all while you're making your silly comment. If Jerry Jones goes up to Aikman and beg him... offer Aikman large sum of money Aikman couldn't refuse, maybe, Troy will put that in the back burner but Troy Aikman had a great job that pays well. Your comments about Troy is so idiotic and so offensive that it's not even funny.

  82. celticpride859

    celticpride859Před 18 minutami

    Thing is......It's the coach........Randal was bringing the ball up for Nola and doing well. These dudes stupid, or didn't actually watch the NBA. He can do it, but he can't be your number one man. Alvin Gentry knew how to use him. It's also the personal. This team doesn't fit although they have some good talent. There is no structure, identity, or culture there. If they had a decent front office and system there, let alone a competent coaching staff they would, and should be a middle of the pack team. Not a Knicks fan, actually a Celtics fan.

  83. Steve Lambert

    Steve LambertPřed 18 minutami

    Man he is in his 17th season and its great to see him playing this great

  84. N. Amauri Cristiano

    N. Amauri CristianoPřed 18 minutami

    What a moment!!

  85. Carolina Howard

    Carolina HowardPřed 18 minutami

    LeBron the GOAT....... 🐐

  86. Elijah Ward

    Elijah WardPřed 18 minutami

    Fakers got the softest schedule in the nba beating weak teams they will choke in the playoffs

  87. W Cooley

    W CooleyPřed 19 minutami

    Max doesn’t know how to talk about athletes lol

  88. Curtis Alexander

    Curtis AlexanderPřed 20 minutami

    Am I the thousandth comment ????

  89. Mountains and Marshes

    Mountains and MarshesPřed 20 minutami

    What's the one constant for the perennial underachieving Cowboys? Jones. Nuff said.

  90. Parasitic Jewish Banker

    Parasitic Jewish BankerPřed 20 minutami

    That Stephen a Smith is so annoying...

  91. Gray Carruth

    Gray CarruthPřed 20 minutami

    I totally get the optics thing. But, what is more important to you? Your paycheck or your family? Just a thought.

  92. busyrand

    busyrandPřed 21 minutou

    Well done by the Raptors organization and Fans...

  93. Kyza Yorke

    Kyza YorkePřed 21 minutou

    Levton scores 25...everyone lebron is mvp Harden a scores 50 it's just normal smh.what harden does is amazing peoe take him for granted hes the best scorer in the nba during normal games

  94. Nehemiah Moore

    Nehemiah MoorePřed 21 minutou

    FACTS Scottie hit the nail on the hammer

  95. Sean Clarke

    Sean ClarkePřed 22 minutami

    Do it against kawahi and paul george

  96. Nicolas S

    Nicolas SPřed 22 minutami

    If Clippers want a Championship? They gonna have Danny Green tooo

  97. Rajon Rondo

    Rajon RondoPřed 23 minutami

    Look at this hypocrite Max can't judge a team by its best or worst night this guy judges the Patriots and they're sitting at number two seed LOL always talking about the Patriots are done unbelievable

  98. Most Hated

    Most HatedPřed 23 minutami

    Man I just fucking love the nba, I love the game of basketball, I love it all. I can’t wait for this years playoffs to Arrive!


    ILL BOMBER!Před 23 minutami

    A sucker born EVERY MIN!! guess what... If u b'lieve the PAT'S.. THEN YOUR 1 OF EM!! that simple.

  100. Super G

    Super GPřed 24 minutami

    My man said it has a middle finger symbol so it reminds him to wear it on his middle done bruhh 😂😂😂😂