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Eden | Teaser | Netflix
  1. TheDoctorwho747

    TheDoctorwho747Před 6 vteřinami

    For what it is, this show is actually alot of fun. I'll bet they all had a blast filming it too I'd love to see a gag reel.

  2. baconboi

    baconboiPřed 8 vteřinami

    John Netflix my man, Just put all the Invader Zim episodes on Netflix. There’s been a rise in popularity ever since the movie released.

  3. HoundForHire16Bit

    HoundForHire16BitPřed 3 minutami

    I guess I’m the only one who got excited at “Nacho Vigalondo”.

  4. Soubhadra Kayal

    Soubhadra KayalPřed 6 minutami

    0:50 yeah, you guys didn't have to say that. I'd have figured it out anyway.

  5. mliningham1

    mliningham1Před 6 minutami

    Thanks to all of you for the laughs, the tears, and the lessons!

  6. Emily McLaughlin

    Emily McLaughlinPřed 8 minutami

    i haven’t even watched yet but if dustin doesn’t win so help me god-

  7. Ryann iV

    Ryann iVPřed 9 minutami

    This advert is on every video i click on

  8. Ownage Zizou

    Ownage ZizouPřed 9 minutami

    Wwe anyone?

  9. Linda Morris-Jackson

    Linda Morris-JacksonPřed 10 minutami

    I am so ready for this!!!

  10. Portatil

    PortatilPřed 11 minutami

    this movie was great, watched it yesterday

  11. Dawnette Campbell

    Dawnette CampbellPřed 11 minutami

    Love u D smoke TE_AMO u LiT man keep doing good music💕💕🌟🌟🌟

  12. Archi S

    Archi SPřed 12 minutami

    Bird Box: Can't see A Quiet Place: Can't speak Hush: Can't hear The Happening: Can't breathe Yall: Can't come up with original comments

  13. 19Lillith

    19LillithPřed 15 minutami

    Omg CAN‘T wait to see this!!!

  14. bsmi1361

    bsmi1361Před 16 minutami

    Michael Bay's back at it again! Lol

  15. Christian Gómez

    Christian GómezPřed 19 minutami

    Si es una serie española ¿Por qué tiene nombre gringo?

  16. St. Jerome

    St. JeromePřed 20 minutami


  17. Al Wala

    Al WalaPřed 21 minutou

    Top, top, top!!!!! 👏🏽 Thank you som much, we was love it 🥰💙

  18. Leah Geary

    Leah GearyPřed 22 minutami

    Looks good, ima watch it now

  19. Haitian Nationalist

    Haitian NationalistPřed 24 minutami

    Hoping they do a Michael Jackson biopic next. This looks amazing

  20. Tage Tageson

    Tage TagesonPřed 24 minutami

    Looks like e-boys and kpop was trendy in the 1400. They must have used styrofoam armor while shooting this movie. Skinny little bastards.

  21. tatia archvadze

    tatia archvadzePřed 25 minutami

    She' so cute! I love her 💕💕💕💕🤗

  22. deltavagen

    deltavagenPřed 26 minutami

    she is so cute!!

  23. Al Wala

    Al WalaPřed 27 minutami

    We was love it !!!! Thank you Netflix

  24. Diana Gonçalves

    Diana GonçalvesPřed 28 minutami

    Perfection! 😍🥰

  25. Tage Tageson

    Tage TagesonPřed 29 minutami

    I would have watched it if it wasn't for the orange and teal shit.

  26. aarontheboy2

    aarontheboy2Před 29 minutami

    The necklace....

  27. Alexander ty YT

    Alexander ty YTPřed 30 minutami

    Rip klaus

  28. TheRManProds

    TheRManProdsPřed 31 minutou


  29. TheRManProds

    TheRManProdsPřed 31 minutou


  30. Janet Njau

    Janet NjauPřed 33 minutami

    Looks amazing but I can’t get over the fact the eye colour change... Claire and Vanessa has piercing blue eyes. I just can’t feel like it’s the same characters

  31. Dj Elias

    Dj EliasPřed 33 minutami

    I have heard about the witcher I hope and be as good as I have been mentioned

  32. Darryl Philbin

    Darryl PhilbinPřed 33 minutami

    Bro I thought that was Kay Adams

  33. SongMeanings

    SongMeaningsPřed 34 minutami

    Joe stalked and murdered his girlfriend in cold blood. James put his girlfriend before himself even killing a guy to save her from being raped. How is this even a question?

  34. BigBirdy100

    BigBirdy100Před 35 minutami

    Netflix, learn how to do a trailer, one where you can actually hear what they're saying without so much background music and the background music gets intermittently extremely loud. Down on the music, up with the voices.

  35. batuhan cimen

    batuhan cimenPřed 36 minutami


  36. Denisse Ruiz

    Denisse RuizPřed 37 minutami


  37. Brando Breh

    Brando BrehPřed 39 minutami

    My god, she is so gorgeous

  38. william Bishop

    william BishopPřed 40 minutami

    1:28 Sam: Freedom

  39. KARLOE 1629

    KARLOE 1629Před 40 minutami

    I watched this my heart was beating and this is so scary

  40. Alsaddam Suhaimi

    Alsaddam SuhaimiPřed 41 minutou

    I saw the movie and I never thought the emotions would be so heavy. I couldn’t help but burst to tears when Márgu shouting calling Jesper name at the jetty 😭😭😭😭


    LET'S KEEP IT REAL! LET'S TALKPřed 43 minutami

    He should have won d smoke did a 100 things in one song that mean they ain't no real artist cause somebody can hit me right now if you tell me flawless is not an artist

  42. Juan Prevost

    Juan PrevostPřed 43 minutami

    Such a bad movie

  43. jenna rosewood

    jenna rosewoodPřed 43 minutami

    Whoever is wondering if they should watch this show they should . This tv show was legit good before u make judgements on the trailer try watching the a episode .

  44. Youtube is You

    Youtube is YouPřed 45 minutami

    Dude i didn’t know who she was but she is fiiiiiittt

  45. xglaca69x

    xglaca69xPřed 46 minutami

    Hope he would speak polish sometimes :) He's great! Polish and proud gay.

  46. Shareese Lee

    Shareese LeePřed 46 minutami

    I already saw the movie. That was crazy. Amazing job. And congratulations Terrell

  47. Anna Lazuli

    Anna LazuliPřed 47 minutami


  48. MizzRivera86

    MizzRivera86Před 48 minutami

    I'm so down to see how this turns out .

  49. H e r b M o m

    H e r b M o mPřed 49 minutami

    Woman: Im vegan Sam: i m s o s o r r y

  50. Piromya Praew. Chaiyarot

    Piromya Praew. ChaiyarotPřed 50 minutami

    Wacth now! It better than you think

  51. Fizzo Dizzo

    Fizzo DizzoPřed 50 minutami

    He and Badger is a definition of good friends. 🖤

  52. JAMI3

    JAMI3Před 51 minutou

    Who Killed Bryce Walker? Because I want to thank them personally.

  53. Bryce Hill

    Bryce HillPřed 52 minutami

    Top 3 song of the whole season. No doubt.

  54. SoySeraphiel

    SoySeraphielPřed 54 minutami

    Eve is better than chloe !!

  55. Just Appolinaris

    Just AppolinarisPřed 55 minutami

    I never wanted to be kiernan more

  56. Sex-E Coco

    Sex-E CocoPřed 58 minutami

    weeb shit

  57. Alternative Acc uwu

    Alternative Acc uwuPřed 58 minutami

    Tell karamo to stop doing that square head thing

  58. anonomyss

    anonomyssPřed 58 minutami

    I saw this randomly pop up on Netflix today and watched it. Such a heartwarming story, but I'm glad I didn't watch the trailer beforehand. This ad sucks.

  59. Fewer Tundra

    Fewer TundraPřed 59 minutami

    Need 2nd season :'c

  60. RoseBookFan#7

    RoseBookFan#7Před hodinou

    “Oh The Places You’ll Go!... Hopefully Not Jail.” - Sam ROFL!!!! SO FUNNY!!!!🤣😂🤪

  61. Muhammad Javed

    Muhammad JavedPřed hodinou

    This will be the longest coolest ad for an Alfa Romeo

  62. RoseBookFan#7

    RoseBookFan#7Před hodinou

    This show is LIT!!!🤩🥳😆

  63. Malin Hessedahl

    Malin HessedahlPřed hodinou

    Look for to see this serie with best wonderfull amazing good Alicia 📷🎥💥🌎😍❤❤💗💟💌

  64. Antonio Miceli

    Antonio MiceliPřed hodinou

    This video is more and more powerful every time I watch it

  65. Marina Cleaning

    Marina CleaningPřed hodinou

    Her eyes magically changed from blue to brown

  66. Luis Palencia

    Luis PalenciaPřed hodinou

    Mejor cancelen todo el anime y continúen con esta hermosa serie

  67. jannvs ahri

    jannvs ahriPřed hodinou

    James Le Mersurier is dead,what a good riddance!!

  68. Megumi Hayashida

    Megumi HayashidaPřed hodinou

    Her accent is actually remarkable

  69. Jonathan Mulondo

    Jonathan MulondoPřed hodinou

    I hope it's as raunchy as The Boys

  70. isabelle zennah

    isabelle zennahPřed hodinou

    I demand Season 2 please.

  71. Rhynn Jerkil

    Rhynn JerkilPřed hodinou

    I don't understand the movies 😭

  72. corli bosman

    corli bosmanPřed hodinou

    I don’t watch queer eye but I thought for a second Jonathan was the guy from Tame Impala.... 😂😂😂😂

  73. cinema_archive

    cinema_archivePřed hodinou

    her Japanese is great in the film, I thought she knows it

  74. hero jack

    hero jackPřed hodinou

    Season 2 please 🙏

  75. Master Chtief

    Master ChtiefPřed hodinou

    This film is anti-france

  76. HERETICIAM 777

    HERETICIAM 777Před hodinou

    Im almost 40 and ive seen probably every santa claus movie there is and this one maybe is the best version of it

  77. hero jack

    hero jackPřed hodinou

    Season 2 please 🙏😭🙏

  78. christene93

    christene93Před hodinou

    America needs a change Enough of this The govt needs to change and give people a chance Watch the documentary it's educational

  79. 10 subs with One video

    10 subs with One videoPřed hodinou

    I know this is mean but this is tranZit in cod zombies in real life

  80. Priestofbabylon

    PriestofbabylonPřed hodinou

    Alicia is a smoker, and smokers shouldn't be taken seriously.

  81. voreloona

    voreloonaPřed hodinou

    i wanna watch this so bad but i share an account with my sister so she’ll see that i watched this and I don’t want her to know

  82. Glitzer Einhorn

    Glitzer EinhornPřed hodinou

    Der Film ist richtig gut. Sehr empfehlenswert.

  83. DeshiRyze

    DeshiRyzePřed hodinou

    Skinny Pete deserves an Emmy

  84. Crystal Ortega

    Crystal OrtegaPřed hodinou

    Que hermoso 🥰

  85. Cesar Castillo

    Cesar CastilloPřed hodinou

    This one hits home

  86. Thor

    ThorPřed hodinou

    She is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Michael Fassbender is a lucky guy

  87. Melangas :3

    Melangas :3Před hodinou

    Need an Ashley too

  88. ATS_

    ATS_Před hodinou

    no hablo espanol

  89. IamCalvinKing

    IamCalvinKingPřed hodinou

    🤔..... No wonder I never liked fraternities in colleges. They’re a bunch of assholes

  90. Catherine Prado

    Catherine PradoPřed hodinou

    Waiting for season 2😭😭😭😭😭

  91. Catherine Prado

    Catherine PradoPřed hodinou

    One of the best ever😍😍😍😍😍

  92. konkinxi

    konkinxiPřed hodinou

    You should let anime be their I like it like naruto and dragonball z

  93. PastelFlowe

    PastelFlowePřed hodinou

    2:56 I started laughing when I saw that xD

  94. G. B.

    G. B.Před hodinou

    More like earthquake crap

  95. Mudassir Shariff

    Mudassir ShariffPřed hodinou

    Hindi dubbed please Netflix

  96. Trase eide83

    Trase eide83Před hodinou

    Looks really good 😊

  97. rhythmoriented

    rhythmorientedPřed hodinou

    Since falling under her spell in Ex Machina I’ve been impressed by her ability to work through each genre one-by-one: various period dramas, adventure/action with Tomb Raider, some comedic elements sprinkled into Man from U.N.C.L.E., and now such a compelling performance in the thriller Earthquake Bird. 👏 Bravo!

  98. Aaron Albert

    Aaron AlbertPřed hodinou

    Suzie Crabgrass!!!

  99. doublebubblediscoqwn

    doublebubblediscoqwnPřed hodinou

    Asa’s whole wardrobe is just; 💓💕💗💝💞💫

  100. Jug Hoops

    Jug HoopsPřed hodinou

    Id bump this ish🙌🏾