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    PEACE BROPřed dnem

    This movie should had to be named as *American life* instead of American beauty(period).

  2. Carrollbic Augusthrx

    Carrollbic AugusthrxPřed dnem

    Love this movie This movie is 20 years older than me and I have to watch it!😂

  3. Kerlukeaah Fredericpmv

    Kerlukeaah FredericpmvPřed dnem

    2020 anyone? Interesting and suprisingly awesome trailer! I definitely HAVE to watch it! Loved this movie! Released the same year I was born!


    CORONA VIRUSPřed dnem

    2 min. silence for Marvel

  5. Vox Carter

    Vox CarterPřed dnem

    When the movie doesn't shock you as much as it should. Cause it's a normal day on your life...

  6. Gohan Husky Fan

    Gohan Husky FanPřed dnem

    Its not a whale its a dolphin

  7. Fouad Cheouane

    Fouad CheouanePřed dnem

    I want a beautiful and kind-hearted Russian girl who is interested in writing me

  8. Jack Bollingmoore

    Jack BollingmoorePřed dnem

    Die Another Day was released in theatres on November 22, 2002 and it was also Pierce Brosnan's fourth and final appearance as James Bond

  9. Anthony Richardson

    Anthony RichardsonPřed dnem

    Same logic with charging people for DUIs nowadays just for sleeping in their car to sleep off their drunkness.

  10. saggy ballsack

    saggy ballsackPřed dnem

    As a kid I used to dream of waking up one morning and everyone in the whole world had vanished. Just lately I've been wishing the same thing

  11. Shubham Gupta

    Shubham GuptaPřed dnem

    Is this movie available in Hindi?

  12. Analee PuesHafa

    Analee PuesHafaPřed dnem

    Adrenochrome, it seems.

  13. amina fee

    amina feePřed dnem

    Came here after Norman Reedus said this was his favorite movie growing up

  14. IAD

    IADPřed dnem

    "Sometimes people need a little help... sometimes people need to be forgiven... and that is a very tricky thing in my part... making that call... what can we forgive?"

  15. Zuzu's Art

    Zuzu's ArtPřed dnem

    2020 hellyo

  16. Sarmishtha Bandyopadhyay

    Sarmishtha BandyopadhyayPřed dnem

    Atticus Finch ♥️♥️

  17. Guy Fawkes

    Guy FawkesPřed dnem

    Es el futuro próximo que nos espera... Mientras haya capitalismo, habrá inhumanidad.

  18. nand white

    nand whitePřed dnem

    i just read the word happy and got into a hole of research to find this and now i’m gonna watch it for the first time since 06

  19. Sayani Kanji

    Sayani KanjiPřed dnem

    "Remember remember the 5th of November of gunpowder treson and plot I know there noreason why the gunpower treason should ever be forgot " this is very meaningful line and I just love it ☺☺

  20. Andrew Toone

    Andrew ToonePřed dnem

    Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure was a lot better. Although this one shows more of Pee-Wee’s point of view as an actual adult, and not as a manchild.

  21. soulwam

    soulwamPřed dnem

    Seen on t.v. As a child and many time since and yet each time I see something new in it. O,ne of the top ten films that helped form my mind

  22. Al ice

    Al icePřed dnem

    Great casting 😊 But sad movie😭

  23. Ross Don

    Ross DonPřed dnem

    Josh Pray sent me here

  24. nogimmicks1

    nogimmicks1Před dnem

    Got to see this in theaters!!

  25. Bryant Letigio

    Bryant LetigioPřed dnem

    Someones looking for this year 2020?

  26. musicisbrilliant

    musicisbrilliantPřed dnem

    0:57 Wa-Owut- OW!!

  27. Nicolas Charalambous

    Nicolas CharalambousPřed dnem

    Regina looks good here

  28. Belsnickel

    BelsnickelPřed dnem

    The only people that beat Joe Exotic

  29. Saudade

    SaudadePřed dnem

    This reminds me of Threat Level Midnight

  30. Jeny Baby

    Jeny BabyPřed dnem

    The president is white now🥺

  31. David Caldera

    David CalderaPřed dnem


  32. modtomodern

    modtomodernPřed dnem

    This kind of reminds me of Baby Doll. The same intensity. Now, Tony Leung was very handsome but he also looked great in a suit with slicked back hair. He had the face for a man wearing clothes of this era. Mind you he also looked great out of the suit as well.

  33. R G

    R GPřed dnem

    Our “great society”. 2021👀

  34. oklahoma mama

    oklahoma mamaPřed dnem

    Oh, I thought I was watching a trailer of pearl harbor.... I guess this one is different, cause they were brothers, not best friends...

  35. Paul Culwell

    Paul CulwellPřed dnem


  36. Tejkumar Mandavi

    Tejkumar MandaviPřed dnem

    Part 1 is best I think

  37. Francisco Gonzalez

    Francisco GonzalezPřed dnem

    I finally saw this film and wow... one of the most realistic war depictions I ever saw, thanks to Spielberg's oscar worthy directing!

  38. emily edmunds

    emily edmundsPřed dnem

    Phil 4:8 War and so forth is a repercussion of sin Gaslighting is mean and illegal Think about who you are with and for GOD Moment of conscious consciousness COVID 19 and earthquakes and much more okay are AND SO FORTH I am scared Perfect love cast out all fear Never disgraced nor put to shame I know BLOODLOVE Love all you so much HOLY ANGELS AND HOLY SAINTS What a movie oh my LORD GOD SAVE US ALL ACTUAL GRACE PLEASE AND THANK YOU a friend of God Almighty

  39. Reshma Francis

    Reshma FrancisPřed dnem

    April 2020 🙋

  40. Mergie S

    Mergie SPřed dnem

    This spoils all of the major things -Bill's face -The Crazy 88s all die in vol 1 -The bride's daughter being alive.

  41. KyleKatarn

    KyleKatarnPřed dnem

    Not HD

  42. Maria Kanten

    Maria KantenPřed dnem


  43. Squad Up

    Squad UpPřed dnem

    Why tf is this in my recommend in 2020

  44. Jose Reyes Bonilla

    Jose Reyes BonillaPřed dnem

    I remember this first showing up on Hub which is now Discovery channel and it just randomly came to mind after watching Fantastic Beast

  45. SURANJAN Mistry

    SURANJAN MistryPřed dnem


  46. Ace Of Spade

    Ace Of SpadePřed dnem

    I watched Quarantine its kinda much better than Rec because of the story outline

  47. Drizzlla

    DrizzllaPřed dnem

    I always found this was the best out of 3 movies when I was younger. Even to this day the animatronic suits look better then from 1 and 3 and the voice acting is better too. GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!!

  48. devon stinert

    devon stinertPřed dnem

    Where tf is doom guy

  49. sclogse1

    sclogse1Před dnem

    Very cool film. Be sure to pick up the widescreen copy. Memorable, Kipling kind of story. Amazing editing with these real cats.


    DRAGO GAMINGPřed dnem

    Who loves the first and second part only because the children are not mature. After they grew tall the emotions gets vanish.

  51. 羅比淳

    羅比淳Před dnem

    The best movie


    NHMO OYTISPřed dnem

    Saw this in the theater when it came out. Birth of a legend, Clouseau! PS I was 11!

  53. M Chambers

    M ChambersPřed dnem

    So they took a 16:9 trailer and hacked of the top and bottom to make it appear Cinemascope? WTF?

  54. M Chambers

    M ChambersPřed dnem

    Don LaFontaine forever!

  55. Billy Stevie

    Billy SteviePřed dnem

    Ten years of humming this song.... no clue where it came from..... so tonight I was laughing with my lady about it cause I always hum it and we have no idea what it’s from... she download that app that you hum or sing too and it gives you the song....... I was pretty shocked to find out it was from this movie .. and that iv carried it with me in some small way all these years.. born 1990... made me a little emotional to be honest lol

  56. Mark Tse

    Mark TsePřed dnem

    Bruce Dern ever look young?

  57. Nykole Jenkins

    Nykole JenkinsPřed dnem

    I wanna give it a try but Stiles is so bland and plain Thomas is mediocre at best

  58. Kevin Richards

    Kevin RichardsPřed dnem

    Days of Thunder spoof

  59. Kevin Richards

    Kevin RichardsPřed dnem

    If you aint first, you're last.

  60. garasi grace

    garasi gracePřed dnem

    one of the best move ever!!!!

  61. steve hut

    steve hutPřed dnem

    These men knew our future , we all wondered now we know!

  62. AlexStudio8BK

    AlexStudio8BKPřed dnem

    yes, this is really HD isn't it?

  63. layza 777-

    layza 777-Před dnem

    K guapa es Cristina ricci siempre , es muy muy especial ......

  64. Dark Man

    Dark ManPřed dnem

    I don't care what anyone for everybody have to say this was the best phuket movie I have ever seen so for this movie was amazing

  65. kuru K

    kuru KPřed dnem


  66. Joshua Outerbridge

    Joshua OuterbridgePřed dnem

    All hail the watcher

  67. Joshua Outerbridge

    Joshua OuterbridgePřed dnem

    Baba Yega

  68. Mia anime lover kane

    Mia anime lover kanePřed dnem

    Even the book is terrifying

  69. Son of Hecate

    Son of HecatePřed dnem

    "Let them get their own cab." Must've been her way of saying "let them eat cake."

  70. LordofDublin4

    LordofDublin4Před dnem

    My cousin dated Tuesday Weld.

  71. Mad Mouse

    Mad MousePřed dnem

    I still think she belongs with Duckie oops

  72. Kennedy W

    Kennedy WPřed dnem

    This movie is in another language and it sucks. The End. That’s all i gotta day.

  73. Christian Cagadas

    Christian CagadasPřed dnem

    ©1935 Turner Entertainment Co.

  74. PowerTuber 3.0

    PowerTuber 3.0Před dnem

    Funny how we are only allowed to say whites are wonderful when shown in a negative light. We can't say that they (wht-males) single-handedly created modern civilization and 97% of everything in it.

  75. Terrance Riven

    Terrance RivenPřed dnem

    Popa Duck

  76. Kyle rutherford

    Kyle rutherfordPřed dnem

    I loved this movie so Much as a kid..

  77. Shelby Ramirez

    Shelby RamirezPřed dnem

    I love Mulan

  78. NightShadow LancerAmateur

    NightShadow LancerAmateurPřed dnem

    I didn't like the 3rd one.

  79. ImmToxiic

    ImmToxiicPřed dnem

    I still don't understand why the wife was going to kill him

  80. gachablox y locuras en juegos

    gachablox y locuras en juegosPřed dnem

    Alguien que me diga donde puedo ver esta película de pa chino

  81. Sandijs Visnakovs

    Sandijs VisnakovsPřed dnem

    Covid- 19!!

  82. J B

    J BPřed dnem

    Low key one of the best horror movies of the past decade

  83. dannydinosaur73

    dannydinosaur73Před dnem

    1:14 Director Barry Sonnenfeld in the pink shirt.

  84. Dj Skuba

    Dj SkubaPřed dnem


  85. Northern Man

    Northern ManPřed dnem

    sr71 will never ever land on a ship


    BADSPOCKPřed dnem

    I need a setup like Dutch.

  87. Dash120z

    Dash120zPřed dnem

    sad how this movie mirrored Lindsay's scandals a few years later..

  88. Say yes To bank fraud

    Say yes To bank fraudPřed dnem

    rip bubba

  89. LuttiFN

    LuttiFNPřed dnem

    q merda

  90. che Mokni

    che MokniPřed dnem

    One of the best movies

  91. kamyrn marie

    kamyrn mariePřed dnem

    when i was like 6 i saw this movie at my grandma’s house and i’ve been looking for it for a while because this movie traumatized me as a child 😌🙈

  92. austin lamonge

    austin lamongePřed dnem

    This movie ruined a studio

  93. Lalo Zelayeta

    Lalo ZelayetaPřed dnem

    Does anyone know the song from 00:30?? pleaseee

  94. Khoi Tran

    Khoi TranPřed dnem

    I don’t know why people say this film is disturbing. I really enjoyed watching it, it’s so satisfying to watch, especially the way they edit, use music, transition, the way the depicts illusion and reality. All are perfect. It was like an interesting experience for me watching this film

  95. Barnstormer1969

    Barnstormer1969Před dnem

    What better film that describes our current situation.

  96. J Bro

    J BroPřed dnem

    The Client sequel

  97. chaz max

    chaz maxPřed dnem

    That crappy Prince soundtrtack we all convinced ourselves was actually good.

  98. Miss Nj

    Miss NjPřed dnem


  99. Moebius

    MoebiusPřed dnem

    He reminds me of Paul Harrell

  100. Nihat Kayar

    Nihat KayarPřed dnem

    Share, the GOAT.