The follow-up to Native (whose host of smash singles include “Counting Stars,” a #1 hit in 54 countries), Oh My My came to life in nearly 20 cities around the world, including Rio, Moscow, Mexico City, Tokyo, Paris, and London. From track to track, OneRepublic-which features lead singer/songwriter Ryan Tedder, bassist Brent Kutzle, guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown, and drummer Eddie Fisher-parallel the extraordinary scope of the album’s creation by blending alt-rock, gospel, synth-pop, nu-disco, and folk. With its abundance of sweeping, stadium-ready anthems, Oh My My shapes those eclectic elements into songs built on both masterfully expansive arrangements and bravely intimate lyrics.

A Grammy Award-winning songwriter and producer who’s worked with the likes of Adele, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and U2, Tedder co-produced Oh My My along with Kutzle, Noel Zancanella (Ellie Goulding, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande), and Benny Blanco (Passion Pit, Charli XCX, Rihanna).

OneRepublic - Wanted

OneRepublic - Wanted

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OneRepublic - Rescue Me

OneRepublic - Rescue Me

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OneRepublic - ASK:REPLY
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