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  1. Laura Tude

    Laura TudePřed 16 hodinami

    I'm over that love, but this is still the most painful song I know

  2. pretty groovy!

    pretty groovy!Před 16 hodinami

    bruhhhh the sound system ruined it :/

  3. I’m Batman !

    I’m Batman !Před 16 hodinami

    for anyone wondering the song is about nothing it's just nonsense but it's still really good

  4. WHITE9

    WHITE9Před 17 hodinami

    This is the most beautiful video for years to come ♥️

  5. Vishal Jaiswal

    Vishal JaiswalPřed 18 hodinami

    52k down votes? Why

  6. Vishal Jaiswal

    Vishal JaiswalPřed 18 hodinami

    2.1k people believes in big talks

  7. Shirelife

    ShirelifePřed 18 hodinami

    I listen to this before therapy sessions. Thank you. 🌱

  8. Débora Borges

    Débora BorgesPřed 18 hodinami

    I prefer the lyric video, it's more attractive

  9. Default Player

    Default PlayerPřed 23 hodinami

    A moment of silence for *_Me_* for trying to find this song for a very long time. _I deserve it._

  10. At Home

    At HomePřed 23 hodinami

    Everyday some person found this song after so long, Just like everyone else in the comments, I wish I could go back to when I heard it first and I loved. Every time I heard this beat I would go in the search. 5 years later I remember it and look it up

  11. Lynxr

    LynxrPřed 23 hodinami

    I swear Of Monsters And Men, Glass Animals and Radical Face make the best songs

  12. Desktop Kitty

    Desktop KittyPřed 23 hodinami

    This song is so deep and beautiful, my tiny mortal brain cannot comprehend its meaning.

  13. david fdez

    david fdezPřed 23 hodinami

    my favorite song

  14. AlphafloW

    AlphafloWPřed dnem

    It was such a great time to ne a teenager in... :)

  15. jazmín gonzález

    jazmín gonzálezPřed dnem

    erika is sooo beatiful

  16. demarco767

    demarco767Před dnem

    New thumbnail hey?

  17. Kenoma

    KenomaPřed dnem

    This is a very depressing but nevertheless beautiful song

  18. wpariah

    wpariahPřed dnem

    Nanna is so beautiful and expressive here.

  19. Don Sears

    Don SearsPřed dnem



    JAKSON SILVAPřed dnem

    05/24/2020 In The Pandemic Wolrd , this music Save Us

  21. vidalibre online

    vidalibre onlinePřed dnem

    The 100 serie. Temporada 6 mayo 2020....like

  22. Jasy Davis

    Jasy DavisPřed dnem

    How is it that every Of Monsters and Men song is amazing?

  23. E. Arnosa

    E. ArnosaPřed dnem

    Good song, but in Live it's better.

  24. Luciana Sampaio

    Luciana SampaioPřed dnem

    Me divirto muito kkkk

  25. Casey Giglio

    Casey GiglioPřed dnem

    In its simplicity, this pairing, of music and video, still remains one of the most memorable out there.

  26. a u s g e f u x t

    a u s g e f u x tPřed dnem

    There are just some Songs that bring back memories where life was better and easier and that's one of them

  27. Liathan Rats

    Liathan RatsPřed dnem

    I always thought the lyrics were “I would’ve fucked you” rather than “empire for you” so I had to look it up.

  28. Gearjammer

    GearjammerPřed dnem

    That is the entire Icelandic population there.

  29. Giuseppe Pennacchio

    Giuseppe PennacchioPřed dnem

    Mtv in 2012 was magic

  30. Chang Xinh

    Chang XinhPřed dnem

    Light music with yellow sun? cool, now i'm blind

  31. Chang Xinh

    Chang XinhPřed dnem

    Still good

  32. uma usuaria da internet

    uma usuaria da internetPřed dnem

    Absolutamente todas as músicas da banda são boas,não tem uma ruim Bixo

  33. skinny husband

    skinny husbandPřed dnem

    i feel like i'm losing the battle

  34. sowjanya laxmi sai prasanna

    sowjanya laxmi sai prasannaPřed dnem

    I remember the lyric bodies was my first word I was a little kid

  35. Regina Ross

    Regina RossPřed 2 dny

    Im 13 and back in 2017 me and siste ruse to duet this, good times when i was 9

  36. HJ J

    HJ JPřed 2 dny

    Amazing... Love this version too

  37. Marcjevin Miguel

    Marcjevin MiguelPřed 2 dny

    I feel blessed that I was able to see them in a concert <3 Milan Fabrique gang rise up

  38. CavalryHasArrived

    CavalryHasArrivedPřed 2 dny

    Same not being the same they are the same. That's just perfect. 💜

  39. Seif Mzoughi

    Seif MzoughiPřed 2 dny

    Who else is listening to this song 'cause his boring will quarantine Team quarantine where are you????

  40. Liza Flink

    Liza FlinkPřed 2 dny

    2:54 Just ignore this :)

  41. William Manning

    William ManningPřed 2 dny

    She is stunning, a natural beautiful woman.

  42. Shaun Bishop

    Shaun BishopPřed 2 dny

    0:04 Feels great. Thanks for asking.

  43. 1000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    1000 subscribers with no videos challengePřed 2 dny

    A moment of silence for those who still can't find this song... P.S. (I found it in 2014)

  44. John Jordan

    John JordanPřed 2 dny

    Spirit led me here. For that I AM Eternally grateful.....

  45. June Bug

    June BugPřed 2 dny

    Anyone else picture Janner and Kalmar from Wingfeather Saga? “You’re a king” (Kalmar) “and I’m a lion heart” (Janner, Throne Warden)

  46. klara Petrijevčanin

    klara PetrijevčaninPřed 2 dny

    This reminds me of Redeeming love, like it really fits Angels and Micheals relationship

  47. Brqken Karma

    Brqken KarmaPřed 2 dny

    I'm confused by the actual like, video- not the music but the video? Can someone explain?

  48. Ja Anolin

    Ja AnolinPřed 2 dny

    I don’t get it :(

  49. Kiki Klages

    Kiki KlagesPřed 2 dny

    This song reminds me of when I was 8 at Canada's wonderland on the weekend

  50. Rangsiman

    RangsimanPřed 2 dny

    The Secret Life of Walter Mitty brings me here. What a wonderful song!


    HARUKA BITCHESPřed 2 dny

    i know fucking all the word and i’ve never been in here before wth?

  52. Hrithik George

    Hrithik GeorgePřed 3 dny

    When your Level 99 friend invites you to play an RPG.

  53. Ana Aires

    Ana AiresPřed 3 dny

    Incrível como as vozes se casam🤩

  54. Agente não é A gente

    Agente não é A gentePřed 3 dny

    Eita Tumb apaixonante

  55. Hann Layawan

    Hann LayawanPřed 3 dny

    Covid19 anyone?

  56. Paulius B

    Paulius BPřed 3 dny

    she looks like this dude from key and peele at "When the A Cappella Group Already Has One Black Guy" video

  57. Bridget Williamson

    Bridget WilliamsonPřed 3 dny

    wtf is this music video?

  58. Matt Locascio

    Matt LocascioPřed 3 dny

    Thank you, great song

  59. Benjy Jacobson

    Benjy JacobsonPřed 3 dny

    Anybody else hear just hold on we're going home by drake in this?

  60. jericho garcia

    jericho garciaPřed 3 dny


  61. Matheus Vargas

    Matheus VargasPřed 3 dny

    Cara, amo essa banda de coração... OMAM sempreeeee

  62. lleo qora

    lleo qoraPřed 3 dny

    Feel so cold in my skin Feel so paper-thin 💜 Perfectly described how i feel these days

  63. Educatio

    EducatioPřed 3 dny

    Hey this is great!

  64. SXLEY

    SXLEYPřed 3 dny

    This song remembers me to better times

  65. MrJims Gaming

    MrJims GamingPřed 3 dny

    Man saitama really rocked this song.

  66. pinktacoist

    pinktacoistPřed 3 dny

    Get a metro Vive from this for some strange reason

  67. gleyciele silva

    gleyciele silvaPřed 3 dny

    2020 e eu continuo amando muitooo

  68. Blue Boy Bellamy

    Blue Boy BellamyPřed 3 dny

    Just think that if the dude walking in the music video decided to run instead, he would've been crushed by the giant.

  69. Tarah Crawford

    Tarah CrawfordPřed 3 dny

    So what emotion do you want this song to give off? Of monsters and men: *YES*

  70. MyPantsRipped

    MyPantsRippedPřed 3 dny

    What even is the story tho I really wanna know

  71. Vinny

    VinnyPřed 3 dny

    Conhecendo agora e já gostando ...

  72. Aria The Local District 9 Occupant

    Aria The Local District 9 OccupantPřed 3 dny

    Props to the cameraman who went through all that danger just to help make this music video 😔✊


    KWANGHAN LEEPřed 3 dny

    Little talks will not be end as a little talk.

  74. KingChicken

    KingChickenPřed 3 dny

    “Nothing like the rest” And a zebra appears

  75. Ryan Lee

    Ryan LeePřed 3 dny

    it took me a little too long to realize that this was not the music video

  76. Pandogg G

    Pandogg GPřed 4 dny

    I love this song

  77. Bonafide TV

    Bonafide TVPřed 4 dny

    i am lilmonster

  78. toruk makto221

    toruk makto221Před 4 dny

    Social distance :v

  79. Friday :3

    Friday :3Před 4 dny

    If you're from tik tok here you go 2:57

  80. Theodore Boronkay

    Theodore BoronkayPřed 4 dny

    #1 in Watchmojo's Top 10 Anime List

  81. Edy Ricardo

    Edy RicardoPřed 4 dny

    Omg i was finding this video in 6 years Finally

  82. IBegToDiffer200

    IBegToDiffer200Před 4 dny

    The right twin is the introvert.

  83. Tiong Han

    Tiong HanPřed 4 dny

    The most under rated song

  84. Erik Micklow

    Erik MicklowPřed 4 dny

    Who else is Lonely in bed finding random songs we heard when younger and stumbled upon this song at 1:00 am

  85. 2021

    2021Před 4 dny

    To summarize this video would take 50000 lines of comments

  86. Lynda B

    Lynda BPřed 4 dny

    you have no idea how long i’ve been looking for this and FINALLY FOUND IT IM SO HAPPY

  87. Deepyn dixies

    Deepyn dixiesPřed 4 dny

    Nana. I love you. God made you so cute. Are all Icelandic women this good looking? xoxoxo

  88. Goku Black

    Goku BlackPřed 4 dny

    Nobody: Everyone in the comments: WhO eLsE iS lIsTeNiNg To ThIs WhIlE qUaRaNtInEd

  89. panDancer 13

    panDancer 13Před 4 dny

    Everyone in Iceland is gorgeous

  90. Benjamin Thorn Mowatt

    Benjamin Thorn MowattPřed 4 dny

    OMG GUYS, This man looks like a mix of Jack Nicholson and Neil Pattrick Harris

  91. Allan Mwangi

    Allan MwangiPřed 4 dny

    Love this song💯

  92. John Newman

    John NewmanPřed 4 dny

    I'm never sure but always hurting

  93. NationStation

    NationStationPřed 4 dny

    Oh how relevant this song is during times of social distancing...

  94. Amelia Szirch

    Amelia SzirchPřed 4 dny

    Znam bardzo dobrze angielski, ale nie mogę się przestawić, żeby nie słyszeć "pali w sercu szok"

  95. Nelja Duerksen

    Nelja DuerksenPřed 4 dny

    Dieses Lied macht mich einfach glücklich

  96. Mihaela Bogdan

    Mihaela BogdanPřed 4 dny

    Still a favorite after so many years ❤

  97. Fake Jake

    Fake JakePřed 4 dny

    Lovely song and a visually stunning video. :)

  98. Vitor Fortunato

    Vitor FortunatoPřed 4 dny


  99. Corvette Coupe

    Corvette CoupePřed 4 dny

    They need to cover “Home”...😎

  100. Niggie Biggie

    Niggie BiggiePřed 4 dny

    I feel like this video dosent have close to a billion views because no one knows the name of it 😂