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It's Time To Move On...

It's Time To Move On...

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Ethan and Grayson AFTER SURGERY
The Search For Our New Pet


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Surprising Fans At Their Houses!!


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What Our Tattoos Mean 2
#AskEthanAndGrayson 4


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Bye For Now

Bye For Now

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Types Of Fans

Types Of Fans

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Bloopers 2017 !

Bloopers 2017 !

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  1. Keira Yohn

    Keira YohnPřed 2 minutami

    “But the only gay thing in this store is me and this Kelly Clarkson song” -James 😂😂😂

  2. Katie Rose

    Katie RosePřed 3 minutami


  3. Elanah Sykes

    Elanah SykesPřed 3 minutami

    *when the Dolan Twins call ur state beautiful🥰*

  4. Kiwi

    KiwiPřed 4 minutami

    Love you guys ya'll were so sweet and funny in the surgery vid. Precious like Ethan said. Keep up the great dance moves Gray and Ethan you have mad awesome freestyle skills😜 would love to see more of thems:)

  5. Domcia d

    Domcia dPřed 4 minutami

    Mr genius Mr Driving Man Daddy 50 shades of Gray(son) 😂💪🏻

  6. Imagine KL

    Imagine KLPřed 5 minutami


  7. Miss Lizzy

    Miss LizzyPřed 6 minutami

    24:05 omg its a texas panhandle palm tree 😂

  8. chinea Liu

    chinea LiuPřed 8 minutami

    Hes also giving himself a selfhug/cross arm wich means hes uncomfortable

  9. Starflame9

    Starflame9Před 9 minutami

    tell me why i have this whole video memorized😂

  10. chinea Liu

    chinea LiuPřed 11 minutami

    I like how jeffree and the others dont give a fudge about them taking off their shirts while theyre acting so weird and its making it so awkward

  11. Stephanie Gallagher

    Stephanie GallagherPřed 12 minutami

    OMG I LIVE IN ILLINOIS!!!!!!!!!!

  12. CoralReef21savage Roblox

    CoralReef21savage RobloxPřed 12 minutami

    Is no one gonna talk about how far they zoomed in? Just me..?

  13. Nelody k

    Nelody kPřed 14 minutami

    As soon as he rolled the cookie doe into gigantic balls I knew it was gonna go downhill from there...

  14. Miss Kenzley C.

    Miss Kenzley C.Před 14 minutami

    Who else was like: bruh if u cant handle under freezing you would never ever survive in [insert your state here] that's our literal weather every day🤦‍♀️

  15. Scott Cannon

    Scott CannonPřed 15 minutami

    OMG I just Peaed my pants

  16. Angelica Rodriguez

    Angelica RodriguezPřed 16 minutami

    I just got Harry's "Adore You" music video and, I watched the whole thing again. Its 7 mins long...

  17. gabee barnes

    gabee barnesPřed 18 minutami

    the one time they actually want to come nashville our weather flips out and it snows! uGhhH!

  18. Beayst

    BeaystPřed 18 minutami

    I think it would of been cooler if they hired a driver and then both of the could get filmed at the same time but that might just be me

  19. Jessika Summer

    Jessika SummerPřed 22 minutami

    I wonder how I will be. I know I will be getting my wisdom teeth removed. Just got the news that they need to be removed. I'm already nervous.

  20. Amankae Ambia

    Amankae AmbiaPřed 23 minutami

    You guys should collect stickers from each state and use it to decorate the interior :)

  21. Alisha's Art

    Alisha's ArtPřed 23 minutami

    This is fake they are laughing

  22. Alberts stuff

    Alberts stuffPřed 24 minutami

    Dat zoom doe..

  23. Lacey Ryan

    Lacey RyanPřed 26 minutami

    I know this is too late for this trip but you can always sleep at rest stops and truck stops. Also if you decide to remodel you can install a wet bath so you would have a shower and a toilet. If you wanted to have that and still have lower weight you can go with a smaller water tank and tank-less water heater. Also you can integrate another battery so you could run a space heater or electric blankets overnight. Sorry if this comes across as preachy these are changes made I have seen in the mobile community. Enjoy your travels!

  24. youre still on the property

    youre still on the propertyPřed 27 minutami

    24:26 uumm... Thats how it works all over the world.

  25. Tiana Durkovic

    Tiana DurkovicPřed 28 minutami

    10:36 Ethans so funny 🤣😌

  26. Pola K.

    Pola K.Před 28 minutami

    *vegan apple*

  27. Emily Garrett

    Emily GarrettPřed 28 minutami

    Welcome to snow!😂 we go on stuff olive that all the time!

  28. Pola K.

    Pola K.Před 30 minutami

    These bitches are living my dream life :')

  29. emma gamble

    emma gamblePřed 30 minutami

    nobody: me when the video ended: now you gotta drive back!

  30. Nick Cox

    Nick CoxPřed 31 minutou

    You’ve never heard of that law of only driving in the right lane? I don’t even live in Kansas and I know that law

  31. McKenzie Logan

    McKenzie LoganPřed 32 minutami

    James:HI SISTERS Me: oh sh*t

  32. Emily

    EmilyPřed 32 minutami

    when you live in new jersey

  33. Amirah Rahman

    Amirah RahmanPřed 35 minutami

    We f**King love you too and duh I watched all the episodes and all way throw ❤️💖♥️

  34. In My Opinion

    In My OpinionPřed 35 minutami

    Grayson: I slept for 20 minutes today Ethan: KYLE KYLE KY- Grayson:Shut up. NO....Back to what I was saying I slept for 20 minu- Ad: DONALD TRUMP! Me: 😂

  35. JiJi X

    JiJi XPřed 36 minutami

    14:05 Me: *slaps grayson* My science teacher: The cold air doesn’t get in, the warm air gets out !!

  36. Hailey Newton

    Hailey NewtonPřed 36 minutami

    pls tell me you dont always say Nevada like that...and ARIZONA IS MY HOMEEE

  37. Adria Brooks

    Adria BrooksPřed 37 minutami

    When they got to New Jersey and got out of the van they looked like they were about to rob someone 😂

  38. Ava Kimmane

    Ava KimmanePřed 39 minutami

    when grayson touched himself

  39. Mariah Stone

    Mariah StonePřed 39 minutami

    when they don’t know where Kentucky is and they call it a random state; but, you’re from there🤠

  40. Erin P.

    Erin P.Před 40 minutami

    It seems they were on a time crunch in this one because of the Australia trip, but in future videos, I’d love to see them stop and try local foods, or visit landmarks. Instead of pushing the road trip so hard, take their time to stop and do things and enjoy the trip. Maybe put videos out in parts so that they can fit more content into videos.

  41. jaiya ussery

    jaiya usseryPřed 40 minutami

    Grayson: that’s my bed Ethan: aww that’s my bed

  42. joelle brown

    joelle brownPřed 40 minutami

    there was literally no tornado in kansas when y’all were there lmao but go off

  43. Trayson Shaheen

    Trayson ShaheenPřed 40 minutami

    can you meat me in Utah

  44. abby merson

    abby mersonPřed 40 minutami

    nobody: ethan: *”it is mad cute here”*

  45. Emily Garrett

    Emily GarrettPřed 41 minutou

    Bro I was there and was on that road!!!

  46. if you read this subscribe

    if you read this subscribePřed 41 minutou

    5:17 wth was that

  47. Jilli Urban

    Jilli UrbanPřed 42 minutami

    When 1 of ur fav you tubers pases through where u live😂❤️

  48. Aayan Gillani

    Aayan GillaniPřed 43 minutami

    Ethan: “Do u have a bottle too pee in? Later... “I drank 2 bottles of water

  49. 1

    1Před 44 minutami

    Ya look better when you where young you look toooOoo cute I love you

  50. bt the_ bumblebee

    bt the_ bumblebeePřed 45 minutami

    Ethan be like: OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OWWWWW OW OW OWW OW E OW MY THIRD NIPPLE Grayson be like: its important you was off make sure you dont have any rashes or scratches HOW TF DO YOU EVER FIND A MAN LIKE THAT

  51. Julie Meldal

    Julie MeldalPřed 45 minutami

    Ummm where did the cameraman sleep??

  52. Blake Everingham

    Blake EveringhamPřed 46 minutami

    I live in Australia and I looooooove vegemite

  53. Bethany Slater-Mills

    Bethany Slater-MillsPřed 47 minutami

    Love u guys so much it’s so nice to see u happy 😊🥰

  54. theFunnyOneASMR

    theFunnyOneASMRPřed 49 minutami

    Grayson: I am just gonna silently scream in my hEEEAAAD *slaps himself* 4:03

  55. Reese Sheldon

    Reese SheldonPřed 49 minutami

    The towel tho

  56. makayla Douglas

    makayla DouglasPřed 49 minutami

    I’m so here for the beards!!!


    YARETCY CORIAPřed 51 minutou

    Who else thinks James makeup is on FLEAKK

  58. Ellie Jones

    Ellie JonesPřed 51 minutou

    I love this series.

  59. Lexi Reinen

    Lexi ReinenPřed 51 minutou

    Love the lipstick James left on Emma's cheek

  60. Hannah Kay

    Hannah KayPřed 52 minutami

    Police officier : “ are you carrying any narcotics with you!!?” Ethan: no I’m going to see my mommy ;)

  61. Emily Garrett

    Emily GarrettPřed 53 minutami


  62. Mackenzie Bryan

    Mackenzie BryanPřed 53 minutami

    Y’all should do a national park tour, I did that over the summer we did 12 national parks through 5 states in a van in 17 days, it should happen

  63. Elektra Martin

    Elektra MartinPřed 54 minutami

    I’m from Kentucky ☹️😂

  64. Maria Radovic

    Maria RadovicPřed 54 minutami

    01:33 he was a girl for a second😂❤️

  65. Gianna’s Vlogs

    Gianna’s VlogsPřed 54 minutami

    7:46 gray just casually eating a cookie in the middle of no where

  66. Jess A

    Jess APřed 55 minutami

    is no one else gonna talk about the fact that they have to drive back..

  67. ginax marie

    ginax mariePřed 56 minutami


  68. Matthew Hansen

    Matthew HansenPřed 57 minutami

    When u live in vegas an drive right next to the van the bought 😔✌️BUT I FRIKIN SAW THEMZ DKKZJEKK

  69. Kayla Subero

    Kayla SuberoPřed 57 minutami

    At 3:47 you could have seen Grayson got uncomfortable. ....

  70. bt the_ bumblebee

    bt the_ bumblebeePřed 59 minutami

    "what does this do?" "WOAH" "I can party I guess" Intense beat* *laughs so hard sister and mom walk in and say I'm mental*

  71. Katarinawinemxr

    KatarinawinemxrPřed 59 minutami

    Even on this adventure now it’s great seeing them be like woah thjs woah that but they still don’t do much outside of the van. For their sake I hope it’s just for CSgos appearances and to maintain pg for their younger viewers cause they should be living up their 20 year old lives while they can

  72. Admiral Tito

    Admiral TitoPřed 59 minutami


  73. Sophie Kaz

    Sophie KazPřed 59 minutami

    They were in Colorado?! Ugghhh damnit

  74. Ciarra Green

    Ciarra GreenPřed 59 minutami

    Is anyone else worried about how they didn't say that they ate at all

  75. lexi styles7

    lexi styles7Před hodinou

    “vegan apple” -grayson dolan 2019

  76. Rebecca R

    Rebecca RPřed hodinou

    Ik they’re twins don’t come for mee😭 but I can always tell them apart and it was da hard to when they were I’m taking a shower🥺I was like is this j gray

  77. Katarinawinemxr

    KatarinawinemxrPřed hodinou

    They are for sure blessed don’t get me wrong but I almost don’t even know if I’d choose their life over my own broke ass one. I see come crazy shot every day and it’s usually adventure that leads to it whether it’s good or bad. I know they’re young bht they are adults now and I hope they stop sheltering themselves and have an open mind and go see what actually happens in real life

  78. Audrey Schultz

    Audrey SchultzPřed hodinou

    lowkey funny to see ppl who aren't from kansas go through kansas

  79. Olivia Drake

    Olivia DrakePřed hodinou

    Ethan said he never going get a gf. Emma?

  80. Katarinawinemxr

    KatarinawinemxrPřed hodinou

    You think these guys must have the best life ever bla bla cause they’re rich but a lot of time listening to them talk I feel bad for them the things they think are crazy or have never seen like damn. They’re so sheltered and stuck in this bubble of what they think the world is

  81. elisabeth w.

    elisabeth w.Před hodinou

    i’m sad they didn’t go through north carolina 🥺

  82. Isabelle Jurgens

    Isabelle JurgensPřed hodinou

    The wind is sketchy.... I don’t think they know what sketchy means... No shade love them both 😘

  83. Kelsey O Connor

    Kelsey O ConnorPřed hodinou

    Police:are you transporting any large amount of drugs Ethan:no,i just wanna go see my mom in new jersey

  84. X jasmine X

    X jasmine XPřed hodinou

    Ethan jamming to music is so cute

  85. Ada Archibald

    Ada ArchibaldPřed hodinou

    At 4:49 they are just flexing their Hydroflasks lol

  86. Ava Kimmane

    Ava KimmanePřed hodinou

    39 hours

  87. Maya Bryndza

    Maya BryndzaPřed hodinou

    That's one way putting chemicals in to nature

  88. maja andreasson

    maja andreassonPřed hodinou


  89. Rebecca R

    Rebecca RPřed hodinou

    Why does this have so little views this is my fav vid of them & it’s them finally being “real” cmon guys. Also can we stop w this quotes I j watched the vid 🤣

  90. X jasmine X

    X jasmine XPřed hodinou

    YOU’RE SUCH A BALL OF GOOF - Grayson Dolan

  91. LilyTbbv

    LilyTbbvPřed hodinou

    Not surprised you guys got pulled over and pat down. You guys are in a white van going across the country😭😭😭 Sketch vibes

  92. Liberty Polk

    Liberty PolkPřed hodinou

    The bad thing is they have to drive all the way back

  93. Cosette Vela

    Cosette VelaPřed hodinou

    lowkey i feel like the 15 year old dolan twins would make sm fun of the people they turned into hahah.

  94. Mikaylaan

    MikaylaanPřed hodinou

    Grayson: "Its supposed to snow in nashville" Ethan: " why do we keep going into snow storms" Me: It doesnt really snow here what are they talking about. Its cold as frick and we get ice but school doesnt get canceled thanks golden(wcs directer)

  95. SA 57

    SA 57Před hodinou

    They were 16 here. They do not look 16

  96. Nolan Valerio

    Nolan ValerioPřed hodinou

    absolutely no one: vegans: “this is a vEgAn aPpLe”

  97. Mhala Moha

    Mhala MohaPřed hodinou

    If u guys just do a daily vlogs without to much afford that would be great and fun and healthy for u too

  98. Carlee Opseth

    Carlee OpsethPřed hodinou

    You knowww they've never been through a canadian winter

  99. LilyTbbv

    LilyTbbvPřed hodinou

    “Just tiny house vibes💁🏽‍♂️”

  100. Caoimhe M

    Caoimhe MPřed hodinou

    Can we just appreciate that thumbnail though??🙌🙌