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  1. Elizabeth Szoc

    Elizabeth SzocPřed 12 vteřinami

    good game. go seahawks

  2. crazychubb206

    crazychubb206Před minutou

    You mean 3-0

  3. Nesbitt Peeps

    Nesbitt PeepsPřed minutou

    0:45 oof 8:45 there we go

  4. crazychubb206

    crazychubb206Před minutou

    All of the Predictions were bad

  5. Aaron Lincoln

    Aaron LincolnPřed minutou

    If the 49ers didn’t concuss Jared Cook on his second touchdown of the first quarter that game would’ve been a blowout.

  6. Kona

    KonaPřed 2 minutami

    I’m a charger fan but I feel bad for Haskins. He gets sacked like every other play

  7. Stan ezen

    Stan ezenPřed 2 minutami

    *GB🆚CHI•STAT PREDICTOR* Trubisky(26/38 230yds 1 TD) Rodgers(31/42 257yds 2 TDs) Jones(51yds) Cohen(69yds) Montgomery(64yds) Valdez-Scantling(48yds) Lazard(72yds1TD) Adams(79yds 1 TD) Robinson(85yds1TD) GB•3 sacks CHI•3 sacks Packers finish 12-4 Bears finish 8-8

  8. Jermaine Wiggins

    Jermaine WigginsPřed 2 minutami


  9. Gabriel Palacios

    Gabriel PalaciosPřed 2 minutami

    I am 47. I've seen 4 SB of my team. Two Lombardi trophies. I'm proud of my Steelers. But this is a season that I'll never forget. I'm watching the rising of a dynasty. .

  10. Jonathan Palmerin

    Jonathan PalmerinPřed 2 minutami

    Go pack go 👍👍👍👍👍🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀👍🏈🏈🏈 I’m going to the game

  11. Scrub EdiT

    Scrub EdiTPřed 3 minutami

    3:55 sanders literally broke his ankles

  12. Shawn Brisk

    Shawn BriskPřed 3 minutami

    This game is bonkers 😅

  13. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 3 minutami

    23-13 Raiders

  14. Misael David

    Misael DavidPřed 4 minutami

    This could be a rematch 2020 Superbowl 54

  15. StarKiller 5iveOh

    StarKiller 5iveOhPřed 4 minutami

    Falcons 30 49ers 26 Revenge for that rip off in 2012 when the wrong NFC team went th Superbowl and lost the same way they got there...a "missed" holding call.

  16. Shahen Khachatryan

    Shahen KhachatryanPřed 4 minutami

    Im supprised that the bengals are not last

  17. Stan ezen

    Stan ezenPřed 5 minutami

    Who wins?:... Packers: 23🧀 Bears: 13

  18. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 5 minutami

    27-21 Rams

  19. DarkStoneCastle

    DarkStoneCastlePřed 5 minutami

    Rams had the best play as usual.

  20. Joshua Lawson

    Joshua LawsonPřed 6 minutami

    34-26 steelers

  21. Wayne Hall

    Wayne HallPřed 6 minutami

    the Bengals got nothing left to lose were not going to the playoffs and Mixon is a boss in the run game. the most dangerous team in the world is a team with nothing left to lose. and the Bengals play great when nothing is left to lose. CINCINNATI wins by a field goal. #whodey #newdey

  22. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 6 minutami

    Rams: 28 Cowboys: 23

  23. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 6 minutami

    31-26 Titans

  24. jesse james

    jesse jamesPřed 6 minutami

    Texans will have no problems moving the ball. Titans secondary has injurues and isn't that great until they get near the red zone. I think Watson will have a huge day. I predict 380 passing yards, 60 rushing yards and 4 TDs.

  25. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 7 minutami

    31-14 Bucs

  26. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 8 minutami

    Texans: 34 Titans: 35

  27. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 8 minutami

    38-18 Saints

  28. Marcos Cabezola jr.

    Marcos Cabezola jr.Před 8 minutami

    Are they actually wearing the color rush unis!!?

  29. Kyle Buelte

    Kyle BueltePřed 8 minutami

    Brady has such an attitude

  30. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 8 minutami

    33-17 Seahawks

  31. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 8 minutami

    Bucs: 24 Lions: 14

  32. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 9 minutami

    20-17 Redskins

  33. Yo Mamma

    Yo MammaPřed 9 minutami

    What was worst watching the game or listening to the same-day signee commentator?

  34. NBAGrandpa

    NBAGrandpaPřed 9 minutami

    Bruh, we got 3 rings after this and i still almost vomit every time this gets brought up SMH F*ck you, ELI!

  35. Brandon Ryan

    Brandon RyanPřed 9 minutami

    As a Patriots fan, I wouldn’t be mad to see these two teams again in the AFC championship game

  36. Sports 311

    Sports 311Před 10 minutami

    Mike Tomlin is having his best coaching so far. He is connecting with his players and cheering them up

  37. ivan urias

    ivan uriasPřed 10 minutami

    How huge was that loss to the Chargers by the bears and colts!!

  38. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 10 minutami

    37-10 Ravens

  39. Brass Trains And Video Games Galore

    Brass Trains And Video Games GalorePřed 10 minutami

    check out my awesome 1980s 49ers newspaper collection!

  40. Marcos Cabezola jr.

    Marcos Cabezola jr.Před 11 minutami

    Oh boii!!#HereWeGo!🔥💪

  41. Christopher Young

    Christopher YoungPřed 11 minutami

    Tell the refs to stop no calling holds in their continued effort to protect QBs. Not hard to stop a pass rush when brees is getting the ball out fast AND they are getting handsy with our D-line.

  42. Seattle Seahawks

    Seattle SeahawksPřed 11 minutami

    On the road for the final time in 2019! Will we be coming home with the W?

  43. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 11 minutami

    28-10 Pats

  44. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 11 minutami

    Colts: 30 Saints: 36

  45. Tatiana Corado

    Tatiana CoradoPřed 11 minutami

    Let’s hope we beat them week 15

  46. Robbo

    RobboPřed 11 minutami

    If the Belichick-Brady era didn't exist, Tomlin would be in the GOAT comparison.

  47. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 11 minutami

    17-13 Giants

  48. Luis Boi

    Luis BoiPřed 12 minutami

    Watching this in 2019 after we just lost to the bears

  49. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 12 minutami

    Seahawks: 34 Panthers: 27

  50. A W

    A WPřed 13 minutami

    Well....we know the Redskins don't want to win because it only hurts their franchise to fall down the draft board. We also know the Eagles and Cowboys don't want to win the division and host a playoff game. This is a toss up for me.

  51. FamilyMSV

    FamilyMSVPřed 13 minutami

    Rams 38 Cowboys 24 with two garbage time touchdowns.

  52. Publius Cornelius Scipio

    Publius Cornelius ScipioPřed 13 minutami

    As a Patriot fan, I predict the Raiders will win. This is their last home game at Oakland, so they are going to try their best to make sure they win. Also, Jacobs will return and with him their chances of winning is even better.

  53. John-boy

    John-boyPřed 13 minutami

    What's the deal with the Ohio pro teams having these epically poor seasons in recent history, the Browns and now the Bengals. Cincinnati just couldn't punch it in the end zone enough. Browns offense with a ton of weapons: Chubb, Hunt, Beckham Jr., Landry and of course Mayfield

  54. Tatiana Corado

    Tatiana CoradoPřed 13 minutami

    Let’s go Texans you beat chiefs and patriots let’s beat them 💙💙💙❤️❤️🤍🤍

  55. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 14 minutami

    Bears please win but 23-16 Packers

  56. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 14 minutami

    Eagles: 28 Redskins: 16

  57. PCray ThePlug

    PCray ThePlugPřed 14 minutami

    If we lose we have to beat the chiefs and Vikings. We can only lose one more game. MAYBE

  58. Benjamin button

    Benjamin buttonPřed 14 minutami

    Hopefully Rodgers doesn't cry to the refs if things don't go his way

  59. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 14 minutami

    31-28 Chiefs

  60. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 14 minutami

    Jets: 20 Ravens: 33

  61. GamingMorron

    GamingMorronPřed 14 minutami

    If this isn’t a blowout (no disrespect Panthers), the Seahawks are not a real contender. Also, get well Penny. We’ll miss you! :(

  62. Mr. Roller Coasters

    Mr. Roller CoastersPřed 15 minutami


  63. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 15 minutami

    Patriots: 23 Bengals 13

  64. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 15 minutami

    34-17 49ers

  65. James Taylor

    James TaylorPřed 15 minutami

    Browns 41 cards 20

  66. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 16 minutami

    Dolphins: 24 Giants: 28

  67. Michael Murphy

    Michael MurphyPřed 16 minutami

    The Vikings haven’t played the Chargers since 2015. Rivers is always the question mark for them. I think Hunter and Griffen have to keep the pressure on him and the Vikings DBs will need to have a good game. In my mind the biggest reason the Vikings should win this game is they need it way more than San Diego does. I’m hoping the Coaches approach will be one of a must win week of preparation. I was NOT thrilled seeing the poor defensive play after the Bye Week in Seattle. Mike Zimmer needs to prove to me he can still have the defense ready to play a great game. Haven’t seen much of that this season and the pass defense has been particularly suspect. SKOL

  68. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 16 minutami

    27-24 Browns

  69. David Alvarez

    David AlvarezPřed 16 minutami

    Lets go my broncos beat the texans

  70. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 17 minutami

    Bears: 17 Packers: 23

  71. Tenno Tube2

    Tenno Tube2Před 17 minutami

    26-20 Bills

  72. xXMc1ovinXx

    xXMc1ovinXxPřed 17 minutami

    didnt see the full game, can someone do a quick update how they felt the vikings played?(GB fan asking lol) I see the highlights, but how did the rest of the game look?

  73. Guy Hill

    Guy HillPřed 17 minutami

    Mother effing Don Beebe running out of bounds and then illegally catching a touchdown pass. Aaaaargh!!!

  74. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 18 minutami

    Broncos: 20 Chiefs: 27

  75. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 18 minutami

    Falcons: 23 49ers: 28

  76. B4NKS

    B4NKSPřed 18 minutami

    I'm a Giants fan and what I wouldn't give for a coach like Tomlin.... Look at the way he is with his players, that's huge.

  77. Doug Haritopulos

    Doug HaritopulosPřed 19 minutami

    I got the bears over Packers

  78. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 19 minutami

    Browns: 27 Cardinals: 24

  79. Tawny D. Gutierrez

    Tawny D. GutierrezPřed 19 minutami

    Field goals for days

  80. Yeelicious -

    Yeelicious -Před 20 minutami

    Bills: 19 Steelers: 16

  81. staci Haase

    staci HaasePřed 20 minutami

    Hopkins said “that’s all day” but it wasn’t...

  82. Fred the Llama

    Fred the LlamaPřed 21 minutou


  83. Waleed Altaf

    Waleed AltafPřed 21 minutou

    We all know when they pick cowboys they lose so this week it’s the opposite so now the cowboys will win 😂

  84. Master Of None

    Master Of NonePřed 21 minutou

    I’m not about to underesrimatw the falcons, regardless of their record. These guy’s still beat the saints even when no one thought they would. I’m staying on the defensive. Go niners!

  85. Jaime Rangel

    Jaime RangelPřed 22 minutami

    Brown is nastyyyyyy


    DAVE GOLIATPřed 22 minutami


  87. Moshe Farkash

    Moshe FarkashPřed 24 minutami


  88. Mo Saidy

    Mo SaidyPřed 24 minutami


  89. Lance R13

    Lance R13Před 24 minutami

    I wish the jets

  90. Pedro Moreno

    Pedro MorenoPřed 25 minutami


  91. mityjoe420 8th WARD MONSTER

    mityjoe420 8th WARD MONSTERPřed 26 minutami

    SALUTE to the 49'ers, it was a real fight, just PLEASE put them handz and feet on Atlanta, even though there season iz over, still put a foot in they ass ,and send them home

  92. Lance R13

    Lance R13Před 27 minutami

    Glad the Jets are in the top 25. Should of been 7-6 tho

  93. Luis Andrés Olivares Arróliga

    Luis Andrés Olivares ArróligaPřed 27 minutami

    64-0 patriots

  94. Masify

    MasifyPřed 28 minutami

    seattle come take your win and leave

  95. Cadolots

    CadolotsPřed 29 minutami

    First one should’ve been a touchdown but the second one was correct call

  96. Donald Strong

    Donald StrongPřed 29 minutami

    The only team with a winning record that the Packers have beat is the Vikings which the Bears beat also. The other team they played that had a winning record was the Niners and we all know how that went.

  97. Thatlazykid

    ThatlazykidPřed 31 minutou

    Chargers If you win against the Vikings, we give you 3 months rent free :)

  98. Derrick Malone

    Derrick MalonePřed 31 minutou

    Well my boys might have lost, but what I wouldn't have given to be in the quarter on this day!!

  99. Taylor Harding

    Taylor HardingPřed 31 minutou

    " I never lost to Dallas " was funny

  100. FakeUser NameTwo

    FakeUser NameTwoPřed 31 minutou

    Falcons pull an upset 34 - 29