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  1. D-Wayne Drizzle

    D-Wayne DrizzlePřed 44 vteřinami

    So it’s just new skins then? I really don’t see the point

  2. Meme Gamer

    Meme GamerPřed 45 vteřinami

    Welp time to waste my R6 Credits

  3. Joly Spiegel

    Joly SpiegelPřed 49 vteřinami


  4. Stryker_1707 _

    Stryker_1707 _Před 5 minutami


  5. Darryl Lee

    Darryl LeePřed 5 minutami

    Denver is the best character

  6. Boo.7

    Boo.7Před 5 minutami


  7. Stretched Almond

    Stretched AlmondPřed 5 minutami

    Give ubisoft your money.

  8. bruh bruh

    bruh bruhPřed 6 minutami

    So no ones talking about how she killed the mira (I think that's how u spell it ) and it says 1v1 even tho its supposed to be 5v4

  9. arshad sulaiman

    arshad sulaimanPřed 6 minutami

    Yo how is this age restricted

  10. yeet

    yeetPřed 8 minutami

    I want now.

  11. Clash

    ClashPřed 10 minutami

    [POLICE ASSAULT IN PROGRESS 💀💀💀💀💀💀] Bain: Guys the thermal drill, go get it.

  12. Oakley Schofield

    Oakley SchofieldPřed 10 minutami

    Well, it saves use waiting till 2023 for payday 3

  13. Luther Taylor

    Luther TaylorPřed 11 minutami

    Meh wish it was a creative mode like the Halloween specisl

  14. Itz Cerealz

    Itz CerealzPřed 16 minutami

    Insert the "Everyone else: Me, an intellectual:" Memes

  15. 2 DamnFilthy

    2 DamnFilthyPřed 19 minutami

    *Imagine seeing Vigils face in a dark elevator.*

  16. Big bob

    Big bobPřed 19 minutami

    Ima go full intellectual on anyone who doesn't know the show

  17. Eggs

    EggsPřed 21 minutou

    Are u serious a special event releases whilst my thumb is broken

  18. Dalton Tom

    Dalton TomPřed 22 minutami

    When does shifting tides release

  19. Voodoo-Strike

    Voodoo-StrikePřed 25 minutami

    Nothing to see here move on ladies and gentlemen 🙄

  20. A Flying Starly

    A Flying StarlyPřed 25 minutami

    Never would I have though bot siege and casa de papel would be mixed

  21. Dai Nguyen

    Dai NguyenPřed 25 minutami

    Finally some recognition show is underrated

  22. Derek Linker

    Derek LinkerPřed 27 minutami

    Dude I’m so happy this Netflix series is so good but it’s in Spanish and the words aren’t synced and that bothers me

  23. Mathew Garcia

    Mathew GarciaPřed 28 minutami

    I’m pretty sure everybody wants rainbow on it like if u agree

  24. O_o

    O_oPřed 28 minutami

    Boom Boom

  25. Kikibot and Reload Plays

    Kikibot and Reload PlaysPřed 28 minutami

    Ubisoft can u get these from ltm packs?

  26. BPhanman 0524

    BPhanman 0524Před 29 minutami

    I’m so excited for PayDay 3

  27. scott744

    scott744Před 30 minutami

    PLAY EVENT NOW.... doesnt go live until tomorrow.... good old ubisoft lol

  28. i translate vids

    i translate vidsPřed 31 minutou

    K now do payday x rainbow six

  29. Ham549

    Ham549Před 33 minutami

    City nijas more like city levle. Broken feature needs to be nerfed.

  30. jay travers

    jay traversPřed 34 minutami

    Play the event now.... tomorrow? Wut?

  31. Thomas c moi

    Thomas c moiPřed 34 minutami

    Yeaaahooo the money Call me

  32. A K

    A KPřed 34 minutami

    This reminds me of payday

  33. Desperadoosh M

    Desperadoosh MPřed 36 minutami

    Aka Payday 3

  34. Google Andrew Yang

    Google Andrew YangPřed 37 minutami

    Lmao imagine buying Stadia.

  35. Miguel Almeida

    Miguel AlmeidaPřed 39 minutami

    Can I play as Arturito?

  36. Noob Central

    Noob CentralPřed 41 minutou


  37. haloharry97

    haloharry97Před 42 minutami

    I think vigil is the man, I do not know why, I I think he is perfect for this job

  38. DUB3R5

    DUB3R5Před 42 minutami

    Wamai: The 30 minute ban operator, use your magnates around the hostage to force them to kill the hostage, or their teammates

  39. tpose

    tposePřed 43 minutami


  40. IDontLike LisboKate

    IDontLike LisboKatePřed 44 minutami

    Is that hibbana?

  41. xiao ji

    xiao jiPřed 45 minutami

    Qiao qiao boom

  42. RED VS BLU

    RED VS BLUPřed 45 minutami

    Zhanhu is the most balanced Wu Lin character, change my mind

  43. PrestoUnicorn82

    PrestoUnicorn82Před 46 minutami

    I LOVE money hiest

  44. jin war

    jin warPřed 46 minutami

    2 weeks at least per event

  45. Dimitrije Solarovic

    Dimitrije SolarovicPřed 47 minutami

    The 400 dislikes are from Arturito

  46. Fabio Baffico

    Fabio BafficoPřed 48 minutami

    This isn’t real smh...

  47. II MrBlueSky

    II MrBlueSkyPřed 49 minutami

    Yay a show from Spain that epic

  48. HuffmanTeamGaming

    HuffmanTeamGamingPřed 49 minutami

    That just sounds like Payday 2 but worse...

  49. little mitri

    little mitriPřed 49 minutami

    Seu Jorge has joined Team Rainbow


    ELCREEPER 10XAXCPřed 50 minutami


  51. C0ldfir3ball

    C0ldfir3ballPřed 50 minutami

    "Everyone liked that"

  52. Cesar

    CesarPřed 50 minutami

    Who here actually saw the series

  53. Ethan Wade

    Ethan WadePřed 51 minutou

    I can’t wait for the new season of money heist

  54. MilanVer /

    MilanVer /Před 52 minutami

    If I have the games on xboz do I need to bey them agaim?

  55. Shifty

    ShiftyPřed 52 minutami

    Its payday fellas

  56. Yorckscher

    YorckscherPřed 53 minutami

    Ubi you make me scared

  57. LUHERICH ._.

    LUHERICH ._.Před 55 minutami

    Ahuevo aqui puro pendejo diciendo money heist cuando es la casa de papel

  58. ALGamesLP

    ALGamesLPPřed 56 minutami

    Its nice an cool But were ist Ela Elite?

  59. Jäger

    JägerPřed 56 minutami

    PAYDAY2 should have this as a DLC since they already released another DLC for the game which players would buy to revive the game!

  60. Robert simoneaux

    Robert simoneauxPřed 57 minutami

    Too bad i broke my ps4

  61. RougeAssassin YT

    RougeAssassin YTPřed 59 minutami

    I can already see the Payday jokes for this event

  62. Ropet

    RopetPřed 59 minutami

    Ah great. Can i play as Dallas now? I need a *MEDIC BAAAG*

  63. Machina_Dom

    Machina_DomPřed 59 minutami

    Lol you call this an event

  64. Against all ads games

    Against all ads gamesPřed hodinou

    Instead of adding meaningful content you just make everyone rebuild over and over for the new meta. Clutch is now op in pvp just like when the game is released. Going around in circles over and over just like the first game. You think you guys would have learned from the first game. D1 dark zone is by far better that D2 dark zone.

  65. Forzee

    ForzeePřed hodinou


  66. IDroppedMyBacon

    IDroppedMyBaconPřed hodinou



    HORSE SIX ZEROPřed hodinou

    Wildlands, great book. Transferring your story into an OWE? No. This game should have been on the same linear storyline that every other GR game has been. I really enjoyed in the book the assault on the bad guy compound, especially when Weaver said, "Um, are you seeing what I'm seeing? That's Nomad and he looks pissed!" When you can quote a book? I think you know (I know) wtf I'm talking about. Would have been great to see all of this. "Congratulations, you just got promoted to Special Forces!" < Name the book and the character that was said to. I know it, do you?

  68. GalacticGamerX7

    GalacticGamerX7Před hodinou

    Keep outdoing yourself!

  69. Creepy

    CreepyPřed hodinou

    Rainbowsix (Cs+KF+Payday) Later+minecraft???

  70. Joseph Morris

    Joseph MorrisPřed hodinou

    Thank god

  71. progamer7634

    progamer7634Před hodinou

    Ubi make the best games I have ever played in a long time like rainbow6sige

  72. vCxsmiczZz

    vCxsmiczZzPřed hodinou

    I hate ps+, its stupid

  73. kmicd

    kmicdPřed hodinou

    Is this like rainbow is magic but on bank?

  74. jeil 504

    jeil 504Před hodinou

    That' how italian mafia work

  75. bowmansparks

    bowmansparksPřed hodinou

    Why do this limited? It's the second limited event that I really wanted to play. Would make me buy it finally lol

  76. Swilleh

    SwillehPřed hodinou

    yep, one more worst event

  77. ابو مريح 505

    ابو مريح 505Před hodinou

    I’m not really a fan of this series but I like the event

  78. g g

    g gPřed hodinou

    money heist my wallet....^^~*(@*×;@,,×*×*>

  79. doctor peper

    doctor peperPřed hodinou

    Mexico leaked this yesterday

  80. Getting Ghetto

    Getting GhettoPřed hodinou

    I swear to god if Arturo isn't the hostage I'm uninstalling

  81. Tanner Schrad

    Tanner SchradPřed hodinou

    What if UBI was doing this to raise money for the development of Payday 3 because the developing studio of Payday and Payday 2 is broke? Gaming communities sticking together?? (Insert Thor's: Because That's What Heroes Do)

  82. Mr. Cheeki Breeki

    Mr. Cheeki BreekiPřed hodinou

    I fucking LOVE this show and this game goddamn I was about to kill my self guess imma hold back until the 25th

  83. Airwipe

    AirwipePřed hodinou

    Loved that, and this is the LAST thing I expected

  84. vrone

    vronePřed hodinou

    I don’t care at alllllllllllllll I am lost

  85. Lugubriously

    LugubriouslyPřed hodinou

    Oh god. 13:56 hit me hard. I got some bad head injuries and some PTSD and I don’t even understand it and it’s just; it’s terrifying to not only not know about what’s going on but it’s even scarier when you can’t explain it all away to your loved ones. There is no answer sometimes. It just is. Maybe it’s just me but all the books and the and the advice literature don’t really help sometimes. It jus makes me wonder more. I can’t walk to the store anymore along the busy roads. I can’t perceive light the same way I did. The literature doesn’t help and when his dad tried to give him that shirt back and he just couldn’t take it. I understood. Trauma changes people. I’m not the man I was nor is he. And it sucks. I’m still coping.

  86. Pomkin, your worst nightmare

    Pomkin, your worst nightmarePřed hodinou

    Payday 3? Damn looking pretty nice imo

  87. Nepi

    NepiPřed hodinou

    so, is this a 1v1 hibana vs vigil? 5 hibanas vs 5 vigil? how does this work?

  88. Sanjay Balakrishnan

    Sanjay BalakrishnanPřed hodinou


  89. Person

    PersonPřed hodinou

    Yay more micro transactions

  90. A. Nonny Mouse

    A. Nonny MousePřed hodinou

    Man, the new payday 2 DLC looks sick!

  91. Slav Master

    Slav MasterPřed hodinou

    It should be a skins for mira and jackal.

  92. Billy Bones

    Billy BonesPřed hodinou

    Я на рассвете уйду с отрядом Гарибальдийских партизан! Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Bella Ciao И ждут фашистов в горах засады Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao И будут биться со мною рядом мои друзья и друзья из разных стран. Bella Ciao, Bella Ciao Bella Ciao

  93. Exo

    ExoPřed hodinou

    This really age restricted?

  94. TenseYT

    TenseYTPřed hodinou

    Play it now on the 20th *ITS THE 19th*

  95. TenseYT

    TenseYTPřed hodinou

    Out off all of the crossovers they could do this one will probably be the weirdest

  96. Revolution

    RevolutionPřed hodinou

    The song is called Bella ciao

  97. LukeFurno

    LukeFurnoPřed hodinou

    Well......this came out of left field...don’t know what to say really

  98. Kasper Dobel

    Kasper DobelPřed hodinou

    Payday 3

  99. loservt

    loservtPřed hodinou

    New Payday is sick

  100. Y҉T҉ i҉Q҉u҉i҉K҉z҉

    Y҉T҉ i҉Q҉u҉i҉K҉z҉Před hodinou

    A huevo perros!