Ben Askren || Funny UFC Moments
  1. J heff

    J heffPřed 6 hodinami

    Yawn 😴

  2. Incredible Tom

    Incredible TomPřed 6 hodinami

    So they blast the weeknd when brawling I see, m'kay.

  3. spiralout72

    spiralout72Před 6 hodinami

    That fuckin slob doesn’t even look like he should be fighting

  4. Morad DMC

    Morad DMCPřed 6 hodinami

    Quelle merde ce Dana White, il va finir par faire détester le mma avec ses magouilles

  5. D low

    D lowPřed 6 hodinami

    Seefood diet haha same my boy same lol

  6. Aaron Ramen

    Aaron RamenPřed 6 hodinami

    Ben looks like he woke up that day with a hangover 😂💀

  7. John Tiswell

    John TiswellPřed 6 hodinami

    Dana played the psychology game perfect . Dana : Conors to small for Masvidal Conor : arrives back a few months later with wings growing out of his body ready for a season of fighting Dana : got em :)

  8. Karate-1

    Karate-1Před 7 hodinami

    Gamebread is a fighter. Very savvy and intellect towards fighting.

  9. Xl topz

    Xl topzPřed 7 hodinami

    we lhove u cohnor... and its noht foony...

  10. Chris Topher

    Chris TopherPřed 7 hodinami

    I like Colby and usman

  11. Lukas Gruber

    Lukas GruberPřed 7 hodinami

    20:30 who invited Jack Black?

  12. josh Stafford

    josh StaffordPřed 7 hodinami

    Petr is a douchebag

  13. Aaron

    AaronPřed 7 hodinami

    It's cool to see him add a new kick to his arsenal. Still will never beat Khabib, honestly lost both times to Nate, literally saved by the bell in the second one. I dont know why people either love or hate Conor.

  14. Aaron

    AaronPřed 7 hodinami

    Khaib beat some humility into him.

  15. 4g63GSX

    4g63GSXPřed 7 hodinami

    This dude wants to be Conor so bad

  16. Adam

    AdamPřed 7 hodinami

    I knew he wouldn't fight in the UFC haha, stick to boxing.. can't handle the real animals that know every facet of fighting, not just punching

  17. J-ProdZ D

    J-ProdZ DPřed 7 hodinami

    Dont even know 3 fighters name in the ufc ?! Who the fuck are you ? ...(he is boring)

  18. Dillyn Lakey

    Dillyn LakeyPřed 7 hodinami

    Paulie won the first three rounds in my book

  19. George Lap

    George LapPřed 7 hodinami

    Working out with “Often”(Music) is really cool. Try it.

  20. Brian

    BrianPřed 7 hodinami

    i didnt know this fight was happening untill after it happened. good job ESPN..

  21. Rahmat Hassan

    Rahmat HassanPřed 7 hodinami

    My opinion: this was all fixed! Cowboy just standing there doing nothing, no defense whatsoever! Not exchanging punches. He already got paid behind closed door to get defeated!

  22. Haider Javed

    Haider JavedPřed 7 hodinami

    Dont worry fury the UFC judges don't understand the ufc point system either LOL

  23. Rooster217

    Rooster217Před 7 hodinami

    Thanks for exploding my ear drums with the intro

  24. riverdale67th

    riverdale67thPřed 8 hodinami

    Usman scared straight.

  25. Aew Nxt

    Aew NxtPřed 8 hodinami

    Fight was so staged cowboy didn't even try to fight back when he was going down are clinched are push him away but nate Diaz did. and he eye contact Connor McGregor to swing the kick

  26. Jeffrey Supit

    Jeffrey SupitPřed 8 hodinami

    I'm not a vegan but seems pattern start to emerge among world class athletes, claiming that they improved their cardio "unrealistically." I can only imagine if Conor change his diet into pure plant based, would he becomes a "perfect" fighter? We all know he got excellent reflexes, knockout power, sniper like accuracy, distance management, high fight IQ, very tough, he almost have everything except cardio. His endurance is really the only problem he has when comes to fighting. I never understand why he's not tempted to even think about it after 1st Diaz fight. At least do some researches, or do it in secret or something.

  27. 2 pac

    2 pacPřed 8 hodinami

    He wouldnt like afight with boreing khabib on the floor sniffing his ass🤣

  28. Petit Européen

    Petit EuropéenPřed 8 hodinami

    The moment Conor McGregor got told off for putting his arms around Putin is all of us right after getting rejected by a girl... xxDD

  29. Austin

    AustinPřed 8 hodinami

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to play the intro as his walk out song

  30. 420 M

    420 MPřed 8 hodinami

    Fury is all talk and has no power lol

  31. G G

    G GPřed 8 hodinami

    Just admitting he wants to milk the fuck out of it LOL

  32. Sara Paunovic

    Sara PaunovicPřed 8 hodinami

    Damn connor looks like a fucking beast

  33. DLogically Nasty

    DLogically NastyPřed 8 hodinami

    Never seen this before the Mountain is a natural born beast 😂

  34. Mr Random Wtf

    Mr Random WtfPřed 8 hodinami

    I only liked the fight between him and Covington.. besides all that I don't like him.

  35. ?,?,

    ?,?,Před 8 hodinami

    Conor is talking like he beat fedor in his prime . Cowboy has lost the 6 of his last 10 fights .

  36. Sébastien

    SébastienPřed 9 hodinami

    Tony the Type of the guy of the Type of they of they Type of the guy of the Type

  37. Rick Rascon

    Rick RasconPřed 9 hodinami

    Jorge. -Vs -owl

  38. camaro

    camaroPřed 9 hodinami

    Im not a nate diaz fan but i would love a rematch where nate fucks him up.

  39. Rick Rascon

    Rick RasconPřed 9 hodinami

    Who the guy that's going to beat your ass

  40. TG1982

    TG1982Před 9 hodinami

    Lowkicks to the liver hahaha

  41. Shane Bogum

    Shane BogumPřed 9 hodinami

    The KING is BACK motherfuckers😍😍😍😍😍 The NOTORIOUS......

  42. Gareth

    GarethPřed 9 hodinami

    Could this interviewer be any more over-dressed? lmao

  43. Rick Rascon

    Rick RasconPřed 9 hodinami

    You want some privacy by yourself that's how you hurt your hand

  44. Ramesh Volgago

    Ramesh VolgagoPřed 9 hodinami

    2:50 who is that hot girl?

  45. Dorin Rerici

    Dorin RericiPřed 9 hodinami

    The puck was intended to Connor's jaw.

  46. Jah Eerie

    Jah EeriePřed 9 hodinami

    "Stipe....I don't know his first name!" Good man Tyson.

  47. John S

    John SPřed 9 hodinami

    What a big mouth knowitall.

  48. John S

    John SPřed 9 hodinami

    Why don’t you go into bare knuckle fighting?

  49. John S

    John SPřed 9 hodinami

    McGregor said he doesn’t know Tyson Fury.

  50. John S

    John SPřed 9 hodinami

    McGregor said in interview he never spoke to Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury is a publicity hound. He never shuts up. Overexposure.

  51. Mike Mcmonahan

    Mike McmonahanPřed 9 hodinami

    Did she say 40 seconds at :03?

  52. Jack Yar

    Jack YarPřed 9 hodinami

    After he did his job in 40 seconds

  53. Apple Pie

    Apple PiePřed 9 hodinami

    There is no logical reason for all the hate usman gets. Great fighter represents himself well. If his complexion different his public perception would be different! People saying he's boring did they not see the Cobly Usman fight shit was epic. And if you believe masvidal would beat him put some money on it.!

  54. saty yad

    saty yadPřed 10 hodinami

    This conor wud kil kabib in first round.

  55. Lane Ritter

    Lane RitterPřed 10 hodinami

    Who alls here after Conor took apart cowboy in 40 seconds

  56. South Paw

    South PawPřed 10 hodinami


  57. Cory Hackworth

    Cory HackworthPřed 10 hodinami

    Song at 2:30 is Bisset-over night !!

  58. Jeromy Zwiers

    Jeromy ZwiersPřed 10 hodinami

    Connor has matured as a person. He is a better man therefore I am a fan of his again. Keep up the good work Connor. God Bless, Let Freedom Reign/Trump 2020 KAG

  59. ReaR Naked BlokE

    ReaR Naked BlokEPřed 10 hodinami

    How soon very predictable first time on your crap Channel shows everybody but Masvidal being interviewed 😆 Conor SCARED & doesn't want to get killed...little phony ass DRUNK

  60. Bulsara Bardot

    Bulsara BardotPřed 10 hodinami

    Mystic Mac.

  61. Χαλήλ Μεσρήν

    Χαλήλ ΜεσρήνPřed 10 hodinami

    μεγάλε άρχοντα Ντιαζ.....

  62. Tyro Cyr

    Tyro CyrPřed 10 hodinami

    1:27 LOL 😂😂😂

  63. Kiko Holo

    Kiko HoloPřed 10 hodinami

    Conor mc 💩

  64. Don Legend

    Don LegendPřed 10 hodinami

    Conor is still the arrogant self. That’s why God makes him lose, arrogance is never blessed

  65. Jason Armstrong

    Jason ArmstrongPřed 10 hodinami

    Tyson should do stand up comedy. Guy is hillorous

  66. Izaias Lima

    Izaias LimaPřed 10 hodinami

    Cristiano se fosse lutador seria o melhor pq o cara é muito esforçado

  67. swbyrd

    swbyrdPřed 11 hodinami

    Love that dude and always have. Three piece and a soda.

  68. Fernando Lopez

    Fernando LopezPřed 11 hodinami

    Un verdadero artista marcial, en realidad será una buena pelea con kabit o como se escriba, el espectáculo lo va a Poner Tonny xq kabit en verdad no es completo y si es bueno pero aburre tanta pelea en el piso , va a pelear de pie y al ver q no tiene oportunidad , se va al piso .

  69. putra kendawangan kal-bar

    putra kendawangan kal-barPřed 11 hodinami

    Besar omong 😂🤣😂 kalau ketemu khabib bru nyahok lo 🤣🤣 bakal ketemu batu nya lagi ni semprul 😂🤣

  70. Ignacio Arteaga

    Ignacio ArteagaPřed 11 hodinami

    Whooosman,? Manager suggested he put a cast, so he doesn’t have to fight Mazvidal.🤣💯🤣💯🤣Now he’s over here chasing🤔🤣

  71. wasim akram

    wasim akramPřed 11 hodinami

    Joker of the century..

  72. Andrew Lowry

    Andrew LowryPřed 11 hodinami

    How you carrying around a fake belt?

  73. Angel Langarica

    Angel LangaricaPřed 11 hodinami

    I work for the community 😂😂😂

  74. raul benitez

    raul benitezPřed 11 hodinami

    Mack t agarra money y caga a piñas vende humo

  75. Dzek Trbosjek

    Dzek TrbosjekPřed 11 hodinami

    1:53 head movement, head movement. 😅

  76. Ismail Abdukadir

    Ismail AbdukadirPřed 11 hodinami

    Insulting someone’s wife, father and religion is what lowlife trash did and Masvidal is sarcastic about the double standards of so called media that they did not shame the garbage Conor on that but they were cheering him with laughs

  77. Kim-André Berg

    Kim-André BergPřed 11 hodinami

    Thanks for that intro. I really needed my earwax cleaned out

  78. MrLightningyellow

    MrLightningyellowPřed 12 hodinami

    The only way Conor would win in an actual fight would be to be to land a good shot to his chin

  79. Bulldog Badger

    Bulldog BadgerPřed 12 hodinami

    3 mins in and had to shut it off, this guy bores me! Can’t wait for Masvidal to kick this guys ass

  80. Aaron Novakovic

    Aaron NovakovicPřed 12 hodinami

    Him standing next to Chara LOL

  81. Ala Kazaam

    Ala KazaamPřed 12 hodinami

    Steve Robinson should be next

  82. Famon Dunbar

    Famon DunbarPřed 12 hodinami


  83. Famon Dunbar

    Famon DunbarPřed 12 hodinami


  84. raul benitez

    raul benitezPřed 12 hodinami

    K pavadas mack gregor vendehumo

  85. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniPřed 12 hodinami

    Hey guys, can this be reuploaded with subtitles? Lost my hearing during the intro, thanks

  86. Peter K

    Peter KPřed 12 hodinami

    He looks like he could snap him in half if he wanted

  87. Jj Smith

    Jj SmithPřed 12 hodinami

    That old geriatric ass whoop your ass haha. This kid sucks haha. Tough guy on the mic. But don’t have nothing to back it up.

  88. D Hazzard

    D HazzardPřed 12 hodinami

    My ears got busted faster then Donald

  89. D Hazzard

    D HazzardPřed 12 hodinami

    My ears got busted faster then Donald

  90. bssni touir

    bssni touirPřed 12 hodinami

    13:59 he handled that question perfectly. This whole interview was gold. RECUERDO LOL

  91. Ricardo Bastos

    Ricardo BastosPřed 12 hodinami

    Thx God Connor leave the cocaine for cobow fight

  92. MrAxeman293

    MrAxeman293Před 12 hodinami

    Why is he saying cowboy has 11 fights in the last year

  93. Frotax Frotax

    Frotax FrotaxPřed 12 hodinami

    This is a jack off lube commercial

  94. blitz

    blitzPřed 13 hodinami

    conor wins another pussy fight

  95. Joseph Shields

    Joseph ShieldsPřed 13 hodinami

    You was begging on Saturday by the look of it for the fight , but you have Jorge next let's see how that plays out 🥊

  96. Kyaw Min Tun

    Kyaw Min TunPřed 13 hodinami

    This is usman 🤓 talks too much shit 😂😂

  97. Keith Beckett

    Keith BeckettPřed 13 hodinami


  98. Victor Rogozovsky

    Victor RogozovskyPřed 13 hodinami

    Very impressive show of self reflection and maturity. I didn't think I would feel this way about this man after listening to this interview. I do. Very impressed.

  99. InfinityWard

    InfinityWardPřed 13 hodinami

    This guy is cringe af

  100. InfinityWard

    InfinityWardPřed 13 hodinami

    Conor would smash this idiot