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What I Wore: Jens Lehmann
  1. Kaif Shaikh

    Kaif ShaikhPřed dnem

    But one question why wwe aloud ufc to use that theme

  2. YungGuillermo

    YungGuillermoPřed dnem

    what people have failed to realize and if i’m correct joe rogan pointed out that this is an act by covington. this patriot bs.

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Hugh G. RectionPřed dnem

    Wonderboy’s dad wiping the blood from Jorge’s nose is the biggest sign of respect. The Thompson’s are the nmf’s

  4. mz204455

    mz204455Před dnem

    He gassed walking up to the treadmill.

  5. 곽민서

    곽민서Před dnem

    Drew Mcintyre Wrestlemania 36 Main Event Let’s Go!

  6. Alec Bennett

    Alec BennettPřed dnem


  7. Jahid Samed

    Jahid SamedPřed dnem

    this guy is a legend as well as khabib, doing charity well done

  8. Love25 Lim

    Love25 LimPřed dnem

    Hahahha.stupid and crazy tony hahahha

  9. SmokYHawtD BruceE

    SmokYHawtD BruceEPřed dnem

    Legs are worth 8 billions dollars

  10. Andres Garabito

    Andres GarabitoPřed dnem

    Brazilian players play against each other all over that place. And they have 5 world cups same with Italy Spain Germany France.

  11. Andres Garabito

    Andres GarabitoPřed dnem

    The golden generation never succeeded because English football is a joke.

  12. DDog52

    DDog52Před dnem

    8:57 - Skip.

  13. Jose Rodrigues

    Jose RodriguesPřed dnem

    Masvidal needs to fight Nate again

  14. Patty T

    Patty TPřed dnem

    On this day Mcgregor FAST program was born

  15. Neil Dickson

    Neil DicksonPřed dnem

    so if the season is nul void do we start next season with a transfer ban and no Zeiyech

  16. Carlos Santana

    Carlos SantanaPřed dnem

    KHABİB 👍

  17. Alexander Campbell

    Alexander CampbellPřed dnem

    Highlights start at 5:00

  18. abdi libaax

    abdi libaaxPřed dnem

    If FIFA keeps making 100s of flash back SBC cards at least make a Adriano.

  19. Justin Sullivan

    Justin SullivanPřed dnem

    I need that mask tho

  20. Norman Stansfield

    Norman StansfieldPřed dnem

    His power in everything he done was unbelievable

  21. The Cameron Roach Show

    The Cameron Roach ShowPřed dnem

    I wish Bruce Buffer would learn what undisputed means.

  22. Zach Thurston

    Zach ThurstonPřed dnem

    Who ever thought Dustin was winning that fight are idiots did u see his leg blood was streaming out of his eye and his leg was massively swollen wile Justin had just a bit of a red face maybe I tiny bit of blood dribbling down his cheek it is just Dustin has a great fight iQ and knew what to throw at the right time and at the end of the fight caught him with a good hook I think it was that rocked Justin but I think if herb dean would of let it go a tiny bit longer Justin would of recovered and in the last round Finnish it or let it go to a decision anyway great fight 😅

  23. Muhammad Abdul Mateen

    Muhammad Abdul MateenPřed dnem

    All the moves is from Ali. Lol tryin be a white ali . Cn nvr be

  24. Samir Kundic

    Samir KundicPřed dnem

    Hes gonna smash your boy.

  25. Dwaipayan Smith

    Dwaipayan SmithPřed dnem

    Messi: I need to just laugh when every1 is laughing!

  26. Vinay Joshi

    Vinay JoshiPřed dnem

    Khabhib changed his attitude 😆

  27. Ben04

    Ben04Před dnem

    Lol every champion lost their belts here

  28. Joseph Wallace

    Joseph WallacePřed dnem

    Thought he did well in the fight bare in mind he was a drunken arrogant mess, mcgregor 100% focused like vs Alvarez is a much closer fight I could see him KO’ing khabib in that shape/mental state

  29. Edgar m

    Edgar mPřed dnem


  30. Flavius Belisarius

    Flavius BelisariusPřed dnem

    Lol, jumpy buffer. Can reas him like a book. 1 minute he feeds off the crowd, next he blocks them out and focuses on the fighter.. Also, he wants to give back to the fans, so he charges them 99 dollars on Christmas (December). And the almighty admission (id have to charge them) 😂 cool guy. But americas greed and fame is a hell off sting on personality 😂😩👙

  31. El Defensor de Youtube Thefender

    El Defensor de Youtube ThefenderPřed dnem

    WTF ...😂😂😂✊ CUBA

  32. Danilo Ungurjanovic

    Danilo UngurjanovicPřed dnem


  33. LJW

    LJWPřed dnem

    At that time Celtic reserves were bigger than them

  34. NateyBeast

    NateyBeastPřed dnem

    As soon as Coronavirus was made no team in the UCL have been in a final

  35. Hassaan Naveed

    Hassaan NaveedPřed dnem

    How have Tottenham not won any trophies?They are so unlucky

  36. Mohammad Riasat

    Mohammad RiasatPřed dnem

    Brock lessner is laughing seeing all these to get beaten

  37. Shueb Mujab

    Shueb MujabPřed dnem

    It’s all business my friend 😎

  38. Brasil Livre

    Brasil LivrePřed dnem

    Anderson Silva is a girl sissy

  39. Jerry Chibueze

    Jerry ChibuezePřed dnem

    Underwall shots are not the easiest of shots to save, well done kyle great job.

  40. Smart FOX

    Smart FOXPřed dnem

    Khabib sent him the right location to Halal chicken farm.

  41. Deanz Beber

    Deanz BeberPřed dnem

    The fact he didn't even get surgery is insane. Lucky sports science has improved. Sad to see talents get wasted

  42. Shug1910

    Shug1910Před dnem

    McCoist is so false with that laugh, both clubs are Scotland's shame, and we'd be better off without them both, they belong in each of Ireland's leagues, cos England will never take either

  43. Rickey Daniels

    Rickey DanielsPřed dnem

    Was Ali not heavy weight? Or mike?

  44. Shug1910

    Shug1910Před dnem

    Both Scotland's shame

  45. AP X

    AP XPřed dnem

    Bad decision No way its unanimous. Split maybe but that could have been either guy winning

  46. Teh Termite

    Teh TermitePřed dnem

    Who’s here after realising this is the last fight Jon Jones will be in for the next 3 years minimum if he ever fights again since it’s not 100%

  47. chuchu2301

    chuchu2301Před dnem

    Every fibre of my being....hmmm 🤔

  48. pablo pablo

    pablo pabloPřed dnem

    Have hanother drink connor lol

  49. khalil clubiste

    khalil clubistePřed dnem

    اتمنى ان يصبح الجميع مثل حبيب

  50. khalil clubiste

    khalil clubistePřed dnem

    Conor a matha facker

  51. liamdor

    liamdorPřed dnem

    This shows that Khabib has great defense too

  52. Zoro

    ZoroPřed dnem

    nobody: khabib : u look lajk klawn

  53. Zoro

    ZoroPřed dnem

    the funniest thing about this is i dont think khabib understood wtf conor was saying which knda make conor look stupid

  54. khaled Alsheiba

    khaled AlsheibaPřed dnem

    البلانتي مش صحيح Suarez on penalty . Not really ✔️

  55. mr haze

    mr hazePřed dnem

    Terrible list ....shocking

  56. gatordonttakenoshiat

    gatordonttakenoshiatPřed dnem

    Awesome player but far too one footed to ever be a world class striker. The amount of chances he would miss trying to work it onto his left

  57. GameTime

    GameTimePřed dnem

    Yea he’s losing

  58. Remon Mee

    Remon MeePřed dnem

    They were in the same room for almost 5 years in westham, and now's like totally stranger

  59. Panda Monium

    Panda MoniumPřed dnem

    Fan of both fighters they're great ggg won though

  60. James Phillips

    James PhillipsPřed dnem

    The weather in Milan is terrible . He's a bin dipper enough said.

  61. My penis is unbelievably small, but

    My penis is unbelievably small, butPřed dnem

    00:17 Modric really DOES have great vision ;)

  62. ALPUNX

    ALPUNXPřed dnem

    It's a shame not gonna happen...Tony got under his skin big time...Mental warfare

  63. Nizam Azhar

    Nizam AzharPřed dnem

    MMA is respect each other.

  64. charcolew

    charcolewPřed dnem

    "genuine European heavyweights", the commentator summed up Bayern. So Chelsea are either not genuine European heavyweights, or else they are genuine European lightweights (or maybe light-middleweights).

  65. Abz M

    Abz MPřed dnem

    His your friend dammit

  66. Daybone PTG

    Daybone PTGPřed dnem

    Fury is a f cheater

  67. jeff Hussain

    jeff HussainPřed dnem

    Tony Ferguson breakfast kabib

  68. Joseph Richards

    Joseph RichardsPřed dnem

    22 mins of highlights? Yes please

  69. Paradise

    ParadisePřed dnem

    I am a super fan of ZhangWeili, But I have to say I really like Jessica, she lost but she took it really well, no bitterness, such a positive martial artist.

  70. Arnaud Marlier

    Arnaud MarlierPřed dnem

    de ligts header was a missile

  71. Vladimir Noskov

    Vladimir NoskovPřed dnem


  72. traore Demba

    traore DembaPřed dnem

    Kahbib's boy

  73. Michael

    MichaelPřed dnem

    4:16 - 5:08 pure torture

  74. Rami Abdulwahab

    Rami AbdulwahabPřed dnem

    Can someone translate what they Said in Spanish


    CHUCHI VLOGSPřed dnem

    Not the best platform to talk about the Illuminati’s and the mk ultra plans.

  76. Jason Sheikh

    Jason SheikhPřed dnem

    Wilder got schooled! Robbery of the decade!

  77. Vladimir Noskov

    Vladimir NoskovPřed dnem

    R,M,D best attacking trio

  78. Bernhard Sonn

    Bernhard SonnPřed dnem

    Haha son all the time Yeah Yeah Yeah

  79. Mario

    MarioPřed dnem

    Yeah like if Derick Lewis did them tests 😂

  80. DunKnoThaMySpace

    DunKnoThaMySpacePřed dnem

    Tbh this could’ve been full of Messi and Ronaldo

  81. Syro Bleaching

    Syro BleachingPřed dnem

    This is how pedophiles should be dealt with, every single one, 5 rounds with a top UFC fighter then the jail sentence to serve afterwards. It would be more satisfying justice.

  82. fifagd gos

    fifagd gosPřed dnem

    Spurs fans is kane better than lewa just admit it he isn’t

  83. Richard Blocker

    Richard BlockerPřed dnem

    All that fancy equipment and ya still can't win

  84. Andrei Doanca

    Andrei DoancaPřed dnem

    Looks to me that Pep didn't really wanna do this interview. sometimes managers have to do them because of press and what-not, specially in these times when there's no matches the clubs have to come up with new things to keep fans and people interested. Somehow I can see on Peps face that he'd rather do something else. And another thing, this interview is quite short compared to the others in "what I wore" that just goes to show he did it 'cos the club said so. fair enough, I still enjoyed it.

  85. Warren Greenfield

    Warren GreenfieldPřed dnem

    Never tire of watching this fight, surely part 2 to follow at some point 👍

  86. Alzaani Chowdhury

    Alzaani ChowdhuryPřed dnem

    This looks like a movie tbh

  87. Wolf

    WolfPřed dnem

    Sounds like soldiers having a song during the war lol cant hear anything?? Subtitles wont even work. Nothing exciting bt sport.

  88. mark thuo

    mark thuoPřed dnem

    Sergio ramos be like;wish i could break ur other arm

  89. Tony Bennett

    Tony BennettPřed dnem

    Outstanding 👌👌😂😂

  90. Marc Moik

    Marc MoikPřed dnem

    i believe Adrian fixed this game,.after all the hard work his team put through and for him to commit such silly mistakes and concedes such weak goals when his team needed him the most to put in a shift. no way, i dont buy in to his performance. something was up with this guy.

  91. Jonathan Rice

    Jonathan RicePřed dnem

    Its good to see the American Badass is back. Best Undertaker theme of all.

  92. H Kgames

    H KgamesPřed dnem

    What a good save by Carrick ?

  93. Kerry McDowell

    Kerry McDowellPřed dnem

    I did something similar in my boxing days , but i dont think i wad that good 🤣🤣

  94. DougTheDon

    DougTheDonPřed dnem

    Who was the actor playing Drew's mentor in this? Feel like I recognise him from something

  95. Scrumpyjim16

    Scrumpyjim16Před dnem

    Not being harsh or out but his tattoo probably is really important to him but it should be covered into a sleeve

  96. Benjakid 97

    Benjakid 97Před dnem

    Best UCL Comeback Of All time , right up there with barcelona vs psg anyway

  97. Clifford Farley

    Clifford FarleyPřed dnem

    No offense to Nate but Jorge should be fighting for the belt.

  98. Royston 8791

    Royston 8791Před dnem

    Most young players don't give a toss, have no ambition. Why would they, there millionaires before they kick a ball. I'd be happy getting 10-20g a week sitting on my arse.

  99. Terab Ali

    Terab AliPřed dnem

    Man was my fave striker at the time with brazil ronaldo. Had everything. When his dad died, his passion for the game went. Had a short career at the top. Would easily be a 2-3 time balon dor winner. Sad.