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    I guessed Mulan and Moana

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    Its just super scary

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    Imagine all the hype and he doesn’t even appear in the Star Wars film That coming next week

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    Rick shanchez verses bill cipher make it happen

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    So what if this is the last specimen of Yoda`s species and was hidden by a member so when found it would be taken care by....Jedi maybe? I mean his a child, Jedi train all as infants, it was even told in the comics and how all were babies when they were brought to the Jedi Academy in Courasant...Are we dealing with a new Force wielder? a new Jedi generation? or maybe the revival of an extinct specie?

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    There is nothing wrong with Baby Yoda. I have spoken.

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    But if baby yoda is about 1 years old at 50. Wouldnt yoda then be 18 years at 900???

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    i hope it's a p i c k l e rick tattoo 0:52

  10. DOMEPEACE420

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    I disagree. I think the shooting of Murray did happen. It's the one extreme violence in the movie that had consequences for Arthur. He was arrested. One of exactly 6 times he should have been. Thereby a tool the director used to show us that this genuinely happened. My evidence for this is that bruce Wayne's parents are genuinely dead.

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    I don’t like this intro it just makes me not wanna be here

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    plottwist: its a bird

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    Answer to this question : Nick Fury

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    came back after watching the series. best opening sequence ever

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    I love when fanboys try to rational analyze a ficcional story. Plot twist: you’re the problem

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    Didn't work cause there was no gangbang like the books real ritual 😂

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    Squep from monsters vs aliens had around 4 quadrillion dollars on earth

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    First instinct was too dislike

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    10 FT

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    Well wouldn’t there just be another universe where it’s the same but our Rick and morty don’t hop into that universe??

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    11:28 look Earny

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    Neo is the one according to the movies.

  23. Victor Charles a.k.a. VicGChad07

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    In conclusion: The Film Theorists are full of bullshit. I rest my case. The verdict is in. The Film Theorists are guilty of ASSHOLISM.

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    nice video!!!!!111!1!!!1

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    Their brains will decay so all they have to do is go down to the Winchester have a cold pint and wait for all this to blow over

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    i am OBSESSED with rick and morty!!!!😍😍😍

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    That’s why Rey is a Mary Sue

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    Whan that coms i am goin be one of tne pro players xD

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    This video deserves a like just for the beginning song alone

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    I’ve been in frog rain when I lived in Indonesia

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    very good theory, i think you nailed it...why else would it be called rise of skywalker when Kylo is really the only skywalker left. if he becomes good there must be another big bad and who other could it be than Rey

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    Spider-Man: Homebound legit sounds like a really good idea.

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    I learn more in one of your videos than a weeks worth of science class

  34. Miss Abra

    Miss AbraPřed 40 minutami

    I would love to see a part 2 of this, but due to COPPA, I'm worried we never will. If that's the case, then I wanted to share my own personal theory: You mentioned that as the series gets farther and farther into the episodes, the Garden becomes more distorted and less peaceful, and becomes more scary and more overwhelmed with monsters. My personal theory is that the Garden represents denial or a coping mechanism that Mary uses to escape her anxiety, depression, regret, and self-loathing. And as you said, the Garden soon becomes distorted and begins to break down. When you mentioned the possible final monster, I believe that this monster may have to do with this Garden. I don't know exactly what type of trigger this would represent, but it should have to be something that would cause the Garden to break down and weaken like that. However, since I said that the Garden could represent denial, the final monster could be the Garden itself. Mary uses it as a distraction from the house she's trapped in, but not facing your fears can be harmful if you ignore them for too long. If the Garden is breaking down like that, then Mary has obviously been retreating there for too long. So my theory in a nutshell is that the Garden is either denial, a distraction, or a coping mechanism. And this final monster is either the Garden itself, or a trigger that would cause the Garden to break down. I don't know if you'll see this, or if the second part would ever be made because of COPPA, but I just wanted to share it. (Also, just wanted to mention that this was only my second time watching this, but the first time I watched it, I immediately put together that theory I mentioned. Just wanted to put that out there)

  35. Catalina Mudgett

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    Thanks for this Matpat! I’m taking my OSHA certification and this is a part of my ‘studying’ 😄

  36. Victor Charles a.k.a. VicGChad07

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    That being said, The Film Theorists have no supporters aside from those dozen in the video. Therefore, before playing back a clip of The Film Theorists, I preface the clip with the phrase "And then there's THIS asshole..." or "And then there are THESE assholes..."

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    If you are going to talk about economics better do it right, in the actual world if that happen where everyone gets pretty much a 50% increase in salary the food and the houses and everything would go upper in price and its called inflation my dudeski, love the videos btw!

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    I am a lion roar

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    I call his hand so I can sell his finger prints

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    I can switch between yanny and laurel.

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    But I don’t have a soul

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    You’re wrong

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    Great Scott! You may be onto something!

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    Part 2 please she has Twitter to And I feel like these two people are connected

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    But this contradicts "Film Theory: Rey's Parents SOLVED!" where you say Rey is Layas daughter so which one it it ??? WHICH ONE !!!!!!!!

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    Love the Starbucks and federation symbols 😂

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    She could be a clone combined from Anakine and Palpatine.

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    This comment section is on crack

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    13 really is the most unlucky number.

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    11:16 cue nightmares around Evil Barney

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    Lol I heer it as brain needle and green needle

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    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Frozen ll: I’m about to end this mans whole theory

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    2019 kids! :D (almost 2020)

  55. Victor Charles a.k.a. VicGChad07

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    Exhibit A: The Film Theorists are liars and quacks who make dirty money by peddling lies and scamming viewers. Penn & Teller can't call them that because if they did, they'd get sued for defamation (conversely, I can call The Film Theorists such names and not get sued). Rather, P&T circumvent this by calling The Film Theorists more colorful language -- namely, ASSHOLES and MOTHERFUCKERS who peddle BULLSHIT. So, forgive P&T's bullshit language; they're trying to talk about the truth without spending the rest of their lives in court because of these litigious motherfuckers.

  56. Andrew Playsz

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    Because I watch the Japanese version of the anime, hearing the English counterpart was soooo wierd. Like Deku when he commented on the limbs exploding off, in the Japanese he says 'They... WHAT?!' if memory serves right. Yet in the English dub he just says 'Seriously?!' Also in the same scene, all might says in the Japanese anime: 'You limbs would explode off!' and in the English dub he said: 'You arms and legs surely would fly off!' Which I know for a fact is different. There you go matpat, have fun reading an over the top comparison of the Japanese and English dub versions of the anime. (This wasn't needed was it?)

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    I’m a Dino geek 🤓

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    Sloppy outro

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    WTH are you talking about? That much magnetism and gravity used for bend water is will couse to move other objects either as like iron or dust. And in other side phase shape is easy that is Bose-Einstein condensates

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    And you will DEFINITELY be diabetic

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    so spam callers can Defeat IT you learn something new every day

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    I watched this because why not and that ending was perfectly timed because one side of my headphones just died lol.

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    Hello I am figured out why baby yoda is 50 year old I figured well why is baby yoda 50 years older than a normal child that is 5 year old and that goes for yoda as well a normal old person could possibly live 90 year I realized those number were ÷ by 10 so one yoda year is 10 human year if you find this movie theory than please talk about my theory and remember that's just a theory a yoda they LOL #Baby Yoda #mandolrian

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    Admit it you just made this video to show off your toddler

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    I fell ya. WALL-E's ma all-time fav PIXAR movie. The Iron Giant is my first over all.

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    This is incorrect, in cars 2 there is a scene where a hood I popped and you can clearly see an engine going deep into the car

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    The crime is slandering Harry Friedman: the sentence is life in prison with no opportunity of parole. The Film Theorists have no right to remain silent; everything they say will be taken down as evidence and used against them in a court of law. The Film Theorists have no right to attorneys or phone calls, because liars do not have such rights. The Film Theorists are now under arrest.

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    Whill Yoda and baby Yoda's species is called a whill

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    Honestly, after the Little Mermaid cartoon's "Red Tide" episode, I had a similar fear of algae, so you're not alone there. lol

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    There is no problem... *casually waves his hand*

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    do a vid on how kong could fight godzilla cos in 2020 in upcoming movie theyre supposed to

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    Mat”They don’t even look for an answer “ Elsa in frozen 2 “they were looking for answers “

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    Star wars the last jedi is fucked up

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    Mattpat: Were just gonna have to wait for the next broadcast of Local 58 Alastor: Stay tuned

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    I can’t watch past the first 30 seconds

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    They aren't related. her and Kylo.

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    This video was kind of useless

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    this video wasn’t necessary , I thought mat was going to talk about his origin 🗿

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    Ah yes just in time on december 11th

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    The Purge only works as a story, as a reality it doesn't work for the simple reason that people aren't going to forget or be able to forget what happened and take revenge, legal or not.

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    -Teenager Yoda: Phase it is not, this who am I really are. .Parent Yoda: 100 years had been, Phase?, more like a reign. (I know, My yoda imitation sucks)

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    I think that since all might uses way more of one for all then deku his body needs to muscle up as a result to the quirk having that much power. If deku did use one million percent, his body must have not been able to grow with only one punch. Think about it, all might uses a lot of one for all and knows he is going to use it a lot. Deku has a 5 percent limit and knows it. His body knows it. This is why he doesn’t muscle up. Going back to the million percent punch, deku didn’t know he had to use it and couldn’t prep his body up for it.

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    He used 1000,000 and he still remains the same...oh he mentioned it.