The Advent & Industrialyzer | Chateau Techno, Ahoy DJ Set | DanceTrippin


At Chateau Techno party in Rotterdam The Advent and Industrialyzer delivered an hour of highly energetic stripped down techno beats. The powerful duo took their audience on a real techno journey filled with unexpected twists and strong buildups.

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If you are curious about the music and video equipment mainly used in our videos, check out the list below?
If you are curious about the music and video equipment we mainly use in our videos:
==DJ/Producer Music Gear==
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- Sony a7s:
- Canon 5D M-IV:
- Sony SEL 28-70 (28-70 mm, F3.5-5.6)
- Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD:
- Canon 50mm F.14 USM:
==Action cameras==
- Sony FDR-X3000R 4k Action Cam:
- GoPro Hero 7:
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- Zoom H6 Audio Recorder:
- Ronin S:
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- Sony RX100 IV:
- Osmo Pocket:
- Osmo Pocket Wireless extension kit:
- Insta360:
- Wiralcam:
- Joby gorillapod:
- Manfrotto Magic arm:


  1. coopjammin

    coopjamminPřed 19 dny

    Oklahomaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!ii I saw this scanky bastard for new years eve 1995, club loco, bristol. glad to see he's still got it, despite us both now havin grey beards.. .. tbe energy at club loco was more chemical/emergetic, the eay i like it even now. god bless x

  2. PedroFFrr

    PedroFFrrPřed 2 měsíci

    Queeee carcassadaaaaaa

  3. Brandonbraun

    BrandonbraunPřed 7 měsíci

    20:14 techno sonics

  4. Konstaranix

    KonstaranixPřed 8 měsíci

    Ich bete zu den Göttern, dass ich es heute (23.03.2019) in die "Kantine" in Wals-Siezenheim bei Salzburg schaffe!!!

  5. Nadia Nikolova

    Nadia NikolovaPřed 10 měsíci


  6. Musix

    MusixPřed 10 měsíci

    Very great duo. I love this set😍🎵

  7. High hopes

    High hopesPřed rokem

    La verdad que cada vez esta peor la musica

  8. David BM

    David BMPřed rokem

    Esta session es la ostia!!!!!

  9. Rodimus Prime

    Rodimus PrimePřed rokem

    that girl with the drink is really going all out lol

  10. BlackSilenceMetal

    BlackSilenceMetalPřed rokem

    @leonraes 😎

  11. Alex Robinson

    Alex RobinsonPřed rokem

    Big thanks

  12. Hocherlauchter Magus

    Hocherlauchter MagusPřed rokem

    Good old techno. nice. Not this new shit

  13. Charelle Hempel

    Charelle HempelPřed rokem

    I want Chateau back!!!

  14. Csekő Norbert

    Csekő NorbertPřed rokem

    uuuuuur isteeeeeeen! Kár hogy idén HYPER-en csak egyedűl volt!

  15. djnuffcups

    djnuffcupsPřed rokem

    Probably one of the best sounds iv heard this year.. ..... keep it techno 👌👍

  16. Robert Schomers

    Robert SchomersPřed rokem

    pure techno...!

  17. Angus Rose

    Angus RosePřed rokem


  18. sosna 85 s

    sosna 85 sPřed rokem

    To jest balanga

  19. MiniFSK 82

    MiniFSK 82Před rokem

    This live is right now my favorite!!! its amazing , what a basses OMFG

  20. Steven Hajema

    Steven HajemaPřed rokem


  21. Miguel Cortez

    Miguel CortezPřed rokem

    Portugal Flag at the begining we the best

  22. Vasco Pires

    Vasco PiresPřed rokem

    3:41 luz na boca de dançarino será alien

  23. Ste Brown

    Ste BrownPřed rokem

    Damnnnn. These mo fo's know wat they doin!

  24. Rich puf

    Rich pufPřed 2 lety

    16:07 TOP 🔥🔥🔥

  25. DJ LaMotte

    DJ LaMottePřed 2 lety

    not a dj set ! its them live and awesome advent is the god of techno for me!

  26. Facility Bemuse

    Facility BemusePřed 2 lety


  27. Mary buck

    Mary buckPřed 2 lety


  28. legoman911

    legoman911Před 2 lety

    50:00:00 - 54:00:00 - mad! Some of the best modern live 303 I've heard. Good to see the Advent still rockin it. Have not listened to them since I had elements of life in my crate - 1995!

  29. Luis_Dan R. Popocatl

    Luis_Dan R. PopocatlPřed 2 lety

    Que bueno suena

  30. biffex

    biffexPřed 2 lety

    47:24 The One and Only... guess who? :D

  31. nevergone

    nevergonePřed 11 měsíci

    Wow good catch

  32. Ady555

    Ady555Před 2 lety

    Jeff Mils!

  33. Andreas Hansson

    Andreas HanssonPřed 2 lety

    Why I like The Advent & Industrilazer is because they use a lot of interactions, effects and different rhythms. Many techno artists are far too monotonous in their music. Allows the same from beginning to end. They take techno to a completely different level

  34. adrian lennox

    adrian lennoxPřed 2 lety

    where are vinyls!!!!!!!!!!! i m dj adrian lennox vinyl defender my dj name was dj nox u can listening me with tape dj nox techno mix part 1 or 2 or 3 to 5.... on u tube i m in the dark because of wrong picture adjustment !! sorry for my englih i m french...

  35. željko milićević

    željko milićevićPřed 2 lety

    jebo te šta je ovo,ovo je ludnica,bravo momci,ooooo fuck ooo fuck

  36. Crispy Bits

    Crispy BitsPřed 2 lety

    Great tunes, quality actually. It's just a shame that they filmed it like 'The Hitman and Her'. Yes there are some lush girls on view but seriously don't watch this just listen.

  37. Michał Jaguś

    Michał JaguśPřed 2 lety

    track id 19 min ?

  38. sharkwater

    sharkwaterPřed 2 lety

    Detroit MFS

  39. Hando Crow

    Hando CrowPřed 2 lety


  40. Verti Phon

    Verti PhonPřed 2 lety

    The Advent - Time Trap To Trinity mix:

  41. angelito rg

    angelito rgPřed 2 lety

    Track min 25 please!?



    track id 22:00 ??????

  43. nick vaessens

    nick vaessensPřed 3 měsíci

    You found it yet?