Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Sophie Muller
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You promised the world and I fell for it
I put you first and you adored it
You set fires to my forest
And you let it burn
Sang off key in my chorus
Cause it wasn’t yours
I saw the signs and I ignored it
Rose colored glasses all distorted
You set fire to my purpose
And I let it burn
You got off on the hurtin’
When it wasn’t yours
We’d always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dancing was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
I needed to lose you to love me
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
I needed to lose you to love me
I gave my all and they all know it
You tore me down and now it’s showing
In two months you replaced us
Like it was easy
Made me think I deserved it
In the thick of healing
We’d always go into it blindly
I needed to lose you to find me
This dancing was killing me softly
I needed to hate you to love me
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
I needed to lose you to love me
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
I needed to lose you to love me
You promised the world and I fell for it
I put you first and you adored it
You set fires to my forest
And you let it burn
Sang off key in my chorus-
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
I needed to hate you to love me
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
I needed to lose you to love me
To love love yeah
To love love yeah
To love yeah
And now the chapter is closed and done
And now it’s goodbye
It’s goodbye for us
Music video by Selena Gomez performing Lose You To Love Me. © 2019 Interscope Records


  1. SelenaGomezVEVO

    SelenaGomezVEVOPřed 7 měsíci

    This song was inspired by many things that have happened in my life since releasing my last album. I want people to feel hope and to know you will come out the other side stronger and a better version of yourself.

  2. blakturno

    blakturnoPřed 7 dny


  3. Celebrity Times

    Celebrity TimesPřed měsícem


  4. Inan Saleh Bsa

    Inan Saleh BsaPřed měsícem


  5. Sude E.

    Sude E.Před měsícem

    We love you girl

  6. Carol yazmin Castillo Garcia

    Carol yazmin Castillo GarciaPřed měsícem


  7. لميس علاء

    لميس علاءPřed 5 hodinami


  8. Daniiel 98

    Daniiel 98Před 6 hodinami

    camera ip 11?vidioclips

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  10. Nancy Quintero

    Nancy QuinteroPřed 6 hodinami

    You Are Wonderful #SelenaGomez Regards From Panama.

  11. Aidah Alsmry

    Aidah AlsmryPřed 6 hodinami


  12. Aidah Alsmry

    Aidah AlsmryPřed 6 hodinami


  13. Tee Fp

    Tee FpPřed 6 hodinami

    Beautiful song

  14. Jorge Almeida

    Jorge AlmeidaPřed 7 hodinami

    So amazing

  15. cristy :3

    cristy :3Před 7 hodinami

    Se que tal vez no entiendas español, Pero quiero agradecerte por haber escrito y haber cantado esta canción , Significa mucho para mi , Ya que me siento identificada con la canción , Pase por momentos difíciles y ahora que la escucho me siento más fuerte y comprendí que primero debo amarme a mi , Para volver a amar. Me siento nueva ❤ Gracias Selena gomez ❤✨🌈

  16. Nelly Maria

    Nelly MariaPřed 7 hodinami


  17. Leslie Lechuga

    Leslie LechugaPřed 7 hodinami

    Escucho esta cancion con mis audifonos y a todo volumen, se entristece mi alma pero miro al cielo, sonrio, y siento una paz interior increíble. Gracias.

  18. Merary Castillo

    Merary CastilloPřed 8 hodinami

    I love this song I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years until I said no more and I closed that chapter and started focusing on my self and loving my self and out of no where I met this amazing human being that now is my husband. we have been together 3 years and we are still going strong. Never give up on yourself and never give up on love

  19. 20cher09

    20cher09Před 9 hodinami

    Cooks Do Not get Anything!!!

  20. 20cher09

    20cher09Před 9 hodinami

    Campbells Do Not get Anything!!!

  21. Ceez Jayzz

    Ceez JayzzPřed 9 hodinami

    ❤️💯🔥 Breeana Lynn Campbell ❤️ Jerome Sonny Cook💖

  22. Carlton Doorman

    Carlton DoormanPřed 9 hodinami

    I love nobody Just myself, my body People love me Because I’m beautiful, have money They like my smile, my teeth Whiter than an angel, I don’t tease Never I will know what is real Love For that we must not to be egoistic, but it my choice This world doesn’t give me a chance To be real, to see the live like a dance We are animal, nothing more If we don’t show how we are good we are bore I can’t lose my soul in your eyes Because I’m afraid to what it implies I prefer focus on money Its normal we are programmed by our country To Love it and nothing else Look who is sit on the big chair Mirror of us Take a bus Run away, but you will find same No love, even here, don’t came Music in my head shake what I am Better to think to eat, to spam Looking everywhere and all is empty What I feel so unhappy To see this World without Love Because No answer, no though It’s bad to follow Looking me in mirror Don’t make me who we are I’m conscious I can’t change nothing For that we need to have no sin Who I am? A singer, actress, who care Just a human with her scare Even if I run in Lamborghini or a Jet The Love is away from me, I’m upset Never I will find it Even if I search for the eternity, even if I make 1000 hits Just what I can do is to buy all With my money, even if it’s a wall I can’t destroy it, it’s my life I know I can’t survive When I will older, I will look my life And like majority of humans no Love, no fire Something big, but empty Sadly We can believe in God Thinking its Love

  23. Mimato Nimiana

    Mimato NimianaPřed 9 hodinami

    It's hard to love someone a long time and wish to be yours but at the end it will never be yours.... She will live all her life hidden this pain and smile in front of everyone as if nothing happened and saying it's ok Be strong selena ♡♡

  24. Acikk .566

    Acikk .566Před 9 hodinami

    I know everybody dont know about this, This music videos was made by Iphone 11. Me:Yoo WTF thats so crazy tho.

  25. Anita Ramlal-Fraser

    Anita Ramlal-FraserPřed 11 hodinami

    Ilove this song😢

  26. Faustin Kagesera

    Faustin KageseraPřed 12 hodinami

    I love the song selena gomez it a good song

  27. mariah gomez

    mariah gomezPřed 13 hodinami

  28. Andrew Andy

    Andrew AndyPřed 13 hodinami

    Hi Selena! Congrats on you're song, and I really loved you're song. also you are amazing grace, and God Blessed of our hearts. Love You Selena Gomez.

  29. Angela Trigo

    Angela TrigoPřed 13 hodinami

    Dont worry selena we are still here for you Please dont be sad

  30. Roxann Rutherford

    Roxann RutherfordPřed 13 hodinami

    you have done your best lena, what can you do but be patient, you are a role model to most ppl out there. You should understand that you make us feel like we have other things to live for. you inspire us to get up after we have fallen. I AM PROUD OF YOU.

  31. Ghun Ghun Media

    Ghun Ghun MediaPřed 13 hodinami

    Girl vs boy

  32. LatinoMex01

    LatinoMex01Před 14 hodinami

    She is Half Mexican and Half Italian the prefect mix also Humble in every way know that! Gringos :) i know you dont like it when people say it but Oh welllll idiotas know that White woman prefer us Hispanics more then any other ethnicity,race this is an example and because of everything we do Work,Love and are Blessed Viva los Latinos por todo el Mundo LatinoAmerica es mas Grande que todo el Mundo pero Dios es el Rey de Reyes el quien es nos hizo aqui en esta tierra btw I Hope Selena ur seeing this message someway somehow I still hope you can still make Amends,Peace and be friends or Best friends still with Demi Lovato because one of the Greatest things we have as human beings is Forgiveness to be able to do that never lose that Okay Amen.

  33. Ilsa Mughal

    Ilsa MughalPřed 15 hodinami

    Record of the year - Lose you to love me_ Selena Gomez

  34. Buse Asel

    Buse AselPřed 15 hodinami

    2020 Turkey 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  35. Jaida Franzen

    Jaida FranzenPřed 16 hodinami

    Sorry selena, I also sang of key in ur chorus

  36. JLW Poetry Knight

    JLW Poetry KnightPřed 16 hodinami

  37. Leonie - Lena

    Leonie - LenaPřed 16 hodinami

    Love the song

  38. Krispy Dee

    Krispy DeePřed 16 hodinami

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">1:32</a> the harmoniessss 😍😍😍

  39. Anna Emelyanova

    Anna EmelyanovaPřed 17 hodinami

    Let’s just believe for a moment that true mutual love exist

  40. Hemambika Pilli

    Hemambika PilliPřed 18 hodinami

    It's better to be alone than being with people who always makes you feel alone 🙂🙂

  41. Hemambika Pilli

    Hemambika PilliPřed 18 hodinami

    After watching this song and hearing all this comments🙄🙄.... I think so it's better to be single😐😐😐

  42. Ольга Чугунова

    Ольга ЧугуноваPřed 18 hodinami

    Девушки, любите себя

  43. Masha Mostofi

    Masha MostofiPřed 18 hodinami

    Deseves a grammy atleast

  44. Natural Sounds

    Natural SoundsPřed 19 hodinami

    Videos para relajarte

  45. Ariana Rawat

    Ariana RawatPřed 19 hodinami

    People need to stop bringing Justin's name in the comments they both moved on. I am not a Justin fan but imagine how hurt Hailey must whenever she sees people saying she is not beautiful and that 'selena is better'. I MEAN JUST STOP.

  46. Kaveri Bhalerao

    Kaveri BhaleraoPřed 21 hodinou

    I feel like this is the best song of Selena Gomez.

  47. For ever I am here

    For ever I am herePřed 21 hodinou

    Some people are just trying to make the queen Selena down but they can't cuz she the best as a person and as a singer no one can be like her she try to make people feel hope and people try to hurt her fuck them all selenaaaa ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😘😘

  48. Nora Kammou

    Nora KammouPřed 23 hodinami

    the best song i'v ever heard in my life, it's soooo deep.

  49. Nancy Anang

    Nancy AnangPřed 23 hodinami

    This song is emotional, where is Justin

  50. Nancy Anang

    Nancy AnangPřed 23 hodinami

    This song is emotional, where is Justin

  51. Tejeshwar Yadav

    Tejeshwar YadavPřed 16 hodinami

    Enjoying life with his wife

  52. Daniela Leone

    Daniela LeonePřed 23 hodinami


  53. rayane rano

    rayane ranoPřed 23 hodinami

    You are priceless don’t need anyone selena this is the best song of the year

  54. Ortal Miunov

    Ortal MiunovPřed dnem

    Amazing still hair 2020

  55. AlwaysThere x3

    AlwaysThere x3Před dnem

    This song has the most real FACTS 💯

  56. Hope Kholo

    Hope KholoPřed dnem

    I am u biggest fan Selena cause you are not afraid to express your emotions. And you are inspire others.

  57. Ines Rosa

    Ines RosaPřed dnem

    This song is so good! But also have a history and a message so true and so important 👑

  58. Ines Rosa

    Ines RosaPřed dnem

    This song have to be nominated on Grammy for “song of the year” and must to win!!!

  59. Tanya Agarwal

    Tanya AgarwalPřed dnem

    Beautiful ❤❤❤

  60. mamino algerie

    mamino algeriePřed dnem

    There is no doubt that Justin hears this song and cries with burning💔

  61. Diana

    DianaPřed 14 hodinami

    Lmao Justin move on

  62. Tejeshwar Yadav

    Tejeshwar YadavPřed 16 hodinami

    Lmao keep dreaming

  63. Keremet Kalygulova

    Keremet KalygulovaPřed dnem




    Who is better? Like: *Selena Gomez* Comment: *Justin Bieber*

  65. becky manjarres

    becky manjarresPřed 17 hodinami

    Shut up dawg

  66. Biscuit Lol

    Biscuit LolPřed 18 hodinami

    stfu and leave comments like this needs bo be banned

  67. Mayra Gupta

    Mayra GuptaPřed 19 hodinami

    @danone morango You're comment is so true . I started laughing so hard

  68. Ariana Rawat

    Ariana RawatPřed 20 hodinami


  69. Aden P

    Aden PPřed 21 hodinou

    Why is this still a comment it’s obviously Selena or else you shouldn’t be here listening to her and let’s stop complaining about them to quote Selena “the chapter is closed and done, and now it’s goodbye it’s goodbye for us” PERIODT

  70. 김혁진

    김혁진Před dnem

    자기 자신보다 그를 너무 사랑했었고, 오직 그것만이 삶의 이유였던 셀레나 삶의 전부인줄 알았던 그가 떠나고 나서, 자신을 되찾아가는 것 같아 너무 아프지만 애틋하고, 쓸쓸하지만 벅차올라요.

  71. AllYellowJosh

    AllYellowJoshPřed dnem

    Selena Gomez Has Officially Surpassed Beyoncé On Spotify And Is Now The 6th Female Artist In HISTORY To Gather Over 12 BILLION Streams On Spotify, Congratulations !!!!!!

  72. Ardi Walkers

    Ardi WalkersPřed dnem

    Now chapter Closed and Done ... #GoodBye

  73. bad blood

    bad bloodPřed dnem

    Trust me now you're winner

  74. 제제

    제제Před dnem

    이 뮤비속 셀레나의 표정은 정말 미련 하나없이 후련해 보이는 게 온전히 느껴진다 이제는 스스로를 더 사랑하게 된 셀레나가 상처받지 말고 예쁜 사랑만 했으면

  75. Valentyne Crazy Player

    Valentyne Crazy PlayerPřed dnem

    The Selenators should be ashamed for letting this and "Look at her now" go SO fast out of style. Now the fu**in "Yummy" has more views than this. What a disappointment >:( PS. And most views of "Yoummy" must be bought or autogenerated with Authentichits bots I would bet.

  76. Diana

    DianaPřed 14 hodinami

    @Tejeshwar Yadav Beliebers never LOSE😘 we are strong lmao

  77. Tejeshwar Yadav

    Tejeshwar YadavPřed 16 hodinami

    Maybe if you stream her trash songs and stop bringing Justin's name things would be different

  78. Yenny Sudjana

    Yenny SudjanaPřed dnem

    Sy seneng lagu lagu ny

  79. алексей корчажников

    алексей корчажниковPřed dnem

    похожа на открытие Альфа -центавра...но селена кинула бибера , а теперь бессится бибер будет летать вокруг Солнце ...а ты малышка ....

  80. Victor Vieira

    Victor VieiraPřed dnem

    selenaa her voice is amazing

  81. وردة ديسمبر

    وردة ديسمبرPřed dnem

    I love you selena

  82. Brandon Guevara

    Brandon GuevaraPřed dnem

    Who Sees It In Quarantine❤️🍃

  83. Rj Robles

    Rj RoblesPřed dnem

    This song deserves everything this is just such a beautiful song that you must of worked hard on and I feel the hurt in the song

  84. Elias Stadler

    Elias StadlerPřed dnem


  85. Elias Stadler

    Elias StadlerPřed dnem

    Amo demais essa música 🖤

  86. Elias Stadler

    Elias StadlerPřed dnem

    Selena Gomez maravilhosa 💕

  87. Elias Stadler

    Elias StadlerPřed dnem

    Selena Gomez linda 💖

  88. monique cowart

    monique cowartPřed dnem

    I felt this song I'm a ♋ just like her I needed to lose ppl to love me.

  89. edith Lopez

    edith LopezPřed dnem


  90. HR VY

    HR VYPřed dnem


  91. Catriani L.V.Rumbiak

    Catriani L.V.RumbiakPřed dnem

    I love u Selena 🌌,i listen this song and maybe what i think about ur condition right know was the fact 😌keep going 🙏 forget everything who was always make u cheer down 💢 ♥️U

  92. Lilian Tan

    Lilian TanPřed dnem

    Lose her to love yourself, hell yeah!!!

  93. Anita

    AnitaPřed dnem

    Such a beautiful song...❤🥺

  94. myamoe thawthaw

    myamoe thawthawPřed dnem

    From “the heart wants what it’s wants” to “lose you to love me”. So proud of the new Selena and I’ve never even been in a relationship.

  95. GachaGamerGirl 290

    GachaGamerGirl 290Před dnem

    I think is for Bieber (Justin Bieber)