Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G camera hands-on and unboxing

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the S20 Ultra 5G's cameras at a glance! We also do a quick unboxing so we don't miss any details that make this phone special.
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  1. GSMArena Official

    GSMArena OfficialPřed 23 dny

    Our full Galaxy S20 Ultra camera review is now up:

  2. Sanu Sahikh

    Sanu SahikhPřed 27 dny

    Marketing of camera

  3. jassenjj

    jassenjjPřed 27 dny

    "The full 108MP resolution [...] takes time [...] while the file size is enormous"... Seriously? Do you have any tech background or you just saw a camera and decided to kill 292 seconds from the life of 250k viewers?

  4. amknaggs83

    amknaggs83Před měsícem

    S20 ultra: i'm the most 108mp perfect camera Sony xperia 1 mark 2:hold my zeiss alpha camera

  5. Malin Lääkkö

    Malin LääkköPřed měsícem

    Ok, its all about a new camra.

  6. Andrew Lines

    Andrew LinesPřed 27 dny

    I don't like the phone at all lol ...

  7. El Omro

    El OmroPřed měsícem

    Why thay empty box ? I think samsung forgot to put the Smart Switch data transfer adapter in there.

  8. Jobin Joseph

    Jobin JosephPřed měsícem

    Samsung is the best camera phone ever 2020 really?

  9. quasii7

    quasii7Před měsícem

    Why is there no jack?? Are gone mad Samsung? You were mocking Apple for the same thing a few years ago.

  10. Brandon Lawson

    Brandon LawsonPřed měsícem

    Sounds good I just preordered mine. I have the S 10 + now I hope with system upgrades they bring slow mo back to video recording. Does it have virtual shot?

  11. Gooo !!!

    Gooo !!!Před měsícem

    👍Thank you!

  12. Geoffrey Dunn

    Geoffrey DunnPřed měsícem

    In the other unboxing vids there was no free case. Do you know if everyone will get a case in theirs?

  13. Anz Anim

    Anz AnimPřed měsícem

    When you zoom in you are required to change the aperture to higher or you have to lower down the ISO. So as you have to take care of your shutter to faster or get a tripod.

  14. Joel Fox

    Joel FoxPřed měsícem

    Why am I being spoken to like a 5 year old?

  15. Azm Rehman

    Azm RehmanPřed měsícem

    what's the advantage of space zoom? the worst camera ever...

  16. airupthur ML23

    airupthur ML23Před měsícem

    I didn't know Marilyn Manson was a tech guru😂😂

  17. link nelson

    link nelsonPřed měsícem

    So no slowmo??

  18. Steven Ocasio

    Steven OcasioPřed měsícem

    Are we going to ignore the dangerous driver at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a>?

  19. Ron Terlitsky

    Ron TerlitskyPřed měsícem

    I'll keep my Note 8 and save $1000+. Because for my use as a Truck driver I don't care about the camera only the screen real estate and quality. So far neither of these S9, S10 or this unit is worth it.

  20. Not MainManMané hth

    Not MainManMané hthPřed měsícem

    Must be annoying getting called Cusco from Star Labs under every video you do

  21. Michael Jared

    Michael JaredPřed měsícem

    Why there is a confidential sticker?

  22. sprint3R Arellano

    sprint3R ArellanoPřed měsícem


  23. Tech n Gamez'

    Tech n Gamez'Před měsícem

    Add some subtitles, please. Specifically sub for Indonesia language. Thankyou.



    Since a while ago I don't see any innovation in Samsung or Apple, this camera upgrades don't worth that money for a decent walking people... I still with my S9+ 😅

  25. rooney19761

    rooney19761Před měsícem

    10 years with Apple and just preordered my first ever Samsung phone and the ultra.... nervous but excited😬

  26. vijesh prasad

    vijesh prasadPřed měsícem

    is this guy greta thurnberg male version

  27. Matthew Henry

    Matthew HenryPřed měsícem

    What the fuck Cisco?

  28. Night Parade

    Night ParadePřed měsícem

    i'm still waiting for a rich and beautiful woman generous enough to give me an s20 ultra.. just to tell me that the world still shine bright like a diamond..

  29. Megan Sullins

    Megan SullinsPřed měsícem

    Okay the camera seems pretty good but did anyone else notice the major lag when he would move the camera around?

  30. Zeetee v1

    Zeetee v1Před měsícem

    His voice is sooo clean

  31. Diti Diti

    Diti DitiPřed měsícem

    This guy:what's up guys??? My wallet:bye bye guys

  32. Cenk ales

    Cenk alesPřed měsícem

    Same3 shitty whit others

  33. Cuttest Pomeranian Simba Friends

    Cuttest Pomeranian Simba FriendsPřed měsícem

    'design looks nice but I would not call it flagship' '---> wtf .. friken review is annoying.....


    ĐIAMONĐPřed měsícem

    Theres only a 3 min difference between 25w and 45w.

  35. Emad Ahmed

    Emad AhmedPřed měsícem

    Where is Angie?

  36. Steven Attila

    Steven AttilaPřed měsícem

    I am kinda disappointed honestly. For example the Huawei P30 from last year has 5x optical zoom, and this has 4x, and yet you pay 1400 $ for it! OK, I get it has 100x digital zoom, but who would use this feature when the object zoomed at will be very blurry? Maybe you would use it a few times, but what is more important is optical zoom. The rumors says the P40 will have 10x optical zoom(not 10x hybrid zoom, there is a difference). I hope this Huawei ban will be lifted, because it is pointless to buy the P40 Pro outside of China.

  37. Алекс Йорданов

    Алекс ЙордановPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="237">3:57</a> this is in Bulgaria studetntski grad wtf hahahahhaha

  38. oofficer

    oofficerPřed měsícem


  39. Kimmy B

    Kimmy BPřed měsícem

    Shame there is no auto focus and stabilization for all camera's

  40. Patrick Ang

    Patrick AngPřed měsícem

    Is it just me or His voice is always like prerecorded


    ASHEN AND ANJALOPřed měsícem

    I am in sri lanka. Please give me a smart phone

  42. Mickey Angelo

    Mickey AngeloPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="26">0:26</a> *HEFTY AND THICC*

  43. Rabid Kitten Apocalypse

    Rabid Kitten ApocalypsePřed 24 dny

    The way it should be.

  44. Ohitsmryang

    OhitsmryangPřed měsícem

    Hmm is the additional case a new thing added? Cause all the other u box videos shows no case.

  45. Hassan H

    Hassan HPřed měsícem

    I'd rather honestly get an iphone 11 the camera seems way better

  46. Dogrzz

    DogrzzPřed měsícem

    Still waiting for the endurance results ;D

  47. kim jongun

    kim jongunPřed měsícem

    Have we gone back to the Sony Erickson cybershot era ? We may aswel stick with 4g and are current phones and spend that 13000 on weed ,beer, food and the casino!!!

  48. MEGA NZ

    MEGA NZPřed měsícem

    great video thanks GSM love your stuff. There was almost an accident check it out (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a>) crazay driver. lol -- for almost 1700 dollars. I will pass.. thanks for the review

  49. Bond-Potter-Morriarti

    Bond-Potter-MorriartiPřed měsícem

    Hmm...the 100x zoom looks a bit different from the one in the official ad somehow....can't put my finger on it...

  50. Alexander Frank

    Alexander FrankPřed měsícem

    Fake phone

  51. Elvis Dimitrov

    Elvis DimitrovPřed měsícem

    Sofia, Bulgaria?

  52. Dontbescaredhomie92

    Dontbescaredhomie92Před měsícem

    Got this on pre-order to future proof for 5G. Should last me 4 years but that price is still insane.

  53. Lui Chu

    Lui ChuPřed měsícem

    I thought this phone would be better than Huawei's recent phones. Biggest disappointment. You zoom in on a huawei phone n the picture is still Chrystal clear.

  54. newnew390

    newnew390Před měsícem

    why u talking like that 😭😭

  55. user73o1u 81716

    user73o1u 81716Před měsícem

    what's wrong with it?

  56. Mohammad alghazali

    Mohammad alghazaliPřed měsícem

    Pls do s20+

  57. Kaffee SG

    Kaffee SGPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">04:40</a> Always wanted to know how they do that.....

  58. user73o1u 81716

    user73o1u 81716Před měsícem

    easy, they detach his arm, reattach later

  59. JW

    JWPřed měsícem

    you are supposed to be a professional presenter I presume... so if you are, then why the hell are you using those cheap, cheesy and sleazy, amateur intros that every goddamned yay-hoo on CSgos uses? "hey what's-up guys..." Not exactly inspiring and not convincing at all about being a professional. I quit watching after only 4 seconds when those first words came out of your mouth. You immediately started ranting in a run-on sentence without so much as a pause. Far too goddamned many presenters takes this same damned useless and unconvincing approach, and have the audacity to call themselves professionals... I hate those cheap and sleazy introductions. And what's worse, I hate constant run-on sentences and run-on speakers who only pause for a fraction of a second to gasp a quick breath... it doesn't sound good and is NOT professional!!!

  60. Devon Blea

    Devon BleaPřed měsícem

    You don't need four cameras

  61. Turtle Power

    Turtle PowerPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> amazing potato quality

  62. dlast Ronin

    dlast RoninPřed měsícem

    Samsung phone is just a hype.. nothing special

  63. idrctbh

    idrctbhPřed měsícem

    Will looks like a human teenage mutant ninja turtle

  64. Dimitri Karunaratne

    Dimitri KarunaratnePřed měsícem

    What you need to do is compare the S20+ with the Ulta (camera comparison) no one has some it but this is what every Samsung user needs to decide which phone they want to buy .

  65. One Piece Episoden

    One Piece EpisodenPřed měsícem

    Is there really a case with the box? I asked the Samsung Support and they told me that there will be no case with the box..

  66. Mohd Khalid Mohd Yusop

    Mohd Khalid Mohd YusopPřed měsícem


  67. Stephan J

    Stephan JPřed měsícem

    It's pronounced "Jifs".

  68. REGAL Black

    REGAL BlackPřed měsícem

    He says there is no superslow mo i think it has

  69. MegaBojan1993

    MegaBojan1993Před měsícem

    Why no low light test :(

  70. Michael Hardy

    Michael HardyPřed měsícem

    Great no earphones jack old history

  71. Keith Wong

    Keith WongPřed měsícem

    Ultra expensive 😅😅

  72. Husni Adil Makmur

    Husni Adil MakmurPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="291">4:51</a> I thought she's @sacha_stevenson

  73. Juni3

    Juni3Před měsícem

    So you can't use the 108 megapixel camera for 8K video? If it's cropping in, its using the telephoto lens like the S20 and S20+ or am I missing something?

  74. John Kenneth Rubio

    John Kenneth RubioPřed měsícem

    S20 no longer supports heart rate and Spo2 sensor 😪

  75. Talden Vader

    Talden VaderPřed měsícem

    Im surprised they included a case for this flagship phone. You mostly see cases in midrange smartphones these days

  76. Jetventures 03

    Jetventures 03Před měsícem

    Contented on my Note 10 Plus

  77. G-Kaiser

    G-KaiserPřed měsícem

    A $1000+ phone without autofocus on the Ultrawide. Pathetic

  78. Derek Harris

    Derek HarrisPřed měsícem

    You didn't show much.

  79. MasterCart

    MasterCartPřed měsícem

    for best offers on Samsung Galaxy S20 click here


    MIRZA MEHRABPřed měsícem

    The camera bump can look more sexy if it was placed like mate20 or mate30 the center.

  81. Gill Carra

    Gill CarraPřed měsícem

    Will the screen burn after a few months?for that price :v

  82. amknaggs83

    amknaggs83Před měsícem

    Yeah burn as usual hahaha😂

  83. Padid AZG.

    Padid AZG.Před měsícem

    Even your channel's full review is so much shorter than other's hands-on video.

  84. Spiritual Gangster

    Spiritual GangsterPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> that's what she said

  85. I'm just Reach

    I'm just ReachPřed měsícem


  86. Noob Player

    Noob PlayerPřed měsícem

    Now drones will be equipped with Samsung S20 Ultra

  87. Noob Player

    Noob PlayerPřed měsícem

    My mind : Samsung s20 My heart : Samsung s20 ultra My pocket : Samsung guru

  88. Nesie Rewoh

    Nesie RewohPřed měsícem

    my wallet : Samsung A10s