Roddy Ricch - Tip Toe (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) [Official Music Video]

Roddy Ricch - Tip Toe (feat. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)
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  1. Roddy Ricch

    Roddy RicchPřed 2 měsíci

    Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial: Tour:

  2. nacosha Edwards

    nacosha EdwardsPřed 5 dny

    i like i like 😍

  3. nacosha Edwards

    nacosha EdwardsPřed 5 dny

    i like like 😊

  4. Bandman Dee

    Bandman DeePřed 6 dny

    Roddy Ricch Please take to the time to check me out 🙏🏾🖤 I promise you won’t be disappointed and this just the beginning 🔥🔥🐐 Like and comment if you fwm 💯🤟🏾

  5. FaZe_Uexa-_-

    FaZe_Uexa-_-Před 6 hodinami

    Wait wait wait did he just stick up the ring finger? 2:42

  6. don cheadle

    don cheadlePřed 6 hodinami

    When Boogie's lips went ☑️⬆️↗️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↖️↕️↔️ I felt that

  7. S shauni

    S shauniPřed 7 hodinami

    How many n*ggas you put on Roddy ?

  8. Vince Matthew Burce

    Vince Matthew BurcePřed 8 hodinami

  9. Lorenzo Thomas

    Lorenzo ThomasPřed 15 hodinami

    Ma nigga

  10. A and W Fam

    A and W FamPřed 15 hodinami

    2:04 parents try to naenae

  11. GoodDays

    GoodDaysPřed 16 hodinami

    Sipping on this codeine, a nigga better speak his mind mmm mm mmm🔥

  12. Kaotic sapreme emcee

    Kaotic sapreme emceePřed 16 hodinami

    This shit is 🔥🔥🔥

  13. Asia Pena

    Asia PenaPřed 18 hodinami

    One of the hardest songs 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. TimTheTaki RPG

    TimTheTaki RPGPřed 19 hodinami


  15. Crash. Playz

    Crash. PlayzPřed 22 hodinami

    Nobody gonna talk about how he put up the ring finger at 2:41

  16. Cheese Balls

    Cheese BallsPřed dnem

    This is what the rap game needed

  17. Neal Patel

    Neal PatelPřed dnem

    eww roddy and boogie 2020 szn...

  18. Tristan B

    Tristan BPřed dnem

    i have no idea how many dicks were sucked in order to obtain this beat but it must have been a ridiculous number

  19. Abdoulaye Diallo

    Abdoulaye DialloPřed dnem

    Corey Finesse is that you?🤔😭😭

  20. Jacy Rodriguez

    Jacy RodriguezPřed dnem

    Shit go hard

  21. Yo Boi

    Yo BoiPřed dnem

    Tip toe eee rrr is there a think going on lol I think I’m high rn so don’t mind my grammar

  22. YouTube Inferno

    YouTube InfernoPřed dnem

    Why question why is Roddy nipples so hard man but no homo

  23. D.

    D.Před dnem

    I like how the car part filled with liquid is from the no drinking and driving commercial.

  24. ij_n

    ij_nPřed dnem

    2:15 is it just me or did I JUST notice theres a girl in background when you pause there

  25. 在Kakashi

    在KakashiPřed dnem

    *Jewerly Has Left the Chat*

  26. Curio

    CurioPřed dnem

    🔥Just posted A Boogie type beat. Would appreciate if y’all checked it out.🔥

  27. LyricalT

    LyricalTPřed dnem

    Roses are red Violates are blue I like this song So do 392k other people

  28. Cab

    CabPřed dnem

    fat nigga mcdonald's sponsorship

  29. Sledger Don

    Sledger DonPřed 2 dny

    My favorite song on the album glad he made a video for this. 💯🔥🔥

  30. Ro Elite

    Ro ElitePřed 2 dny

    I feel rich when i hear this muzic but im rich whaaat

  31. Ernest Ihens

    Ernest IhensPřed 2 dny


  32. Kayla Swarn

    Kayla SwarnPřed 2 dny

    Why is roddy flicking up the ring finger

  33. Silver Lion

    Silver LionPřed 2 dny

    Good to see two young rappers collab in a great song/video.

  34. JK

    JKPřed 2 dny

    A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is damaging Roddy's reputation.

  35. Martha Pratt

    Martha PrattPřed 2 dny

    bruh a boogie part went hard asfuck and his lil dance got a hook lol

  36. TNE Cypher

    TNE CypherPřed 2 dny

    bro that mmm tho is fire

  37. Joseph Dha Boss

    Joseph Dha BossPřed 2 dny

    Roddy gonna be in this game for a while dude is talented 💯🔥🔥🔥

  38. Jade May

    Jade MayPřed 2 dny

    I feel like I'm the only person who noticed he didn't put up his middle finger

  39. don cheadle

    don cheadlePřed 6 hodinami

    Both of them did

  40. Talan Smith

    Talan SmithPřed 2 dny

    “Rose gold Rollie, on a nigga put the whole damn hood on.” Shit hits hard tho

  41. A and W Fam

    A and W FamPřed 2 dny

    Edits is lit

  42. Armando Ortega

    Armando OrtegaPřed 2 dny

    I can't be the only one thinking Boogie ruined the song

  43. Kai McIver

    Kai McIverPřed 2 dny

    Roddy Ricch is consistent stay wit them🔥 and A Boovie kilt his verse too

  44. Mr JuJu

    Mr JuJuPřed 2 dny

    *Who came back after Numbers?*

  45. Tristan B

    Tristan BPřed 2 dny


  46. B0T SUPR3M3

    B0T SUPR3M3Před 2 dny

    "she looking at the patek like some skittles" dam Roddy

  47. TTG Moody

    TTG MoodyPřed 3 dny

    Whoever doesn’t fuck w this is wifing on a flip hoe 🤣🤣🤞🏼

  48. Alexandra

    AlexandraPřed 3 dny


  49. sos banun

    sos banunPřed 3 dny

    we really need a roddy x a boogie collab album, 15 songs at least

  50. CoKillz

    CoKillzPřed 3 dny

    This beat from fire boy and water girl

  51. Help me get to 500 subs plz

    Help me get to 500 subs plzPřed 3 dny

    Ee urrr,

  52. Been Cxzy

    Been CxzyPřed 3 dny

    I fucks w bougie bitche$, fuck a hood hoe !

  53. vshdws

    vshdwsPřed 3 dny

    Low-key flippin people off with the wrong finger at the end on the video

  54. theL33Tm4ster

    theL33Tm4sterPřed 3 dny

    Are we gonna talk about the fact that Boogie apparently knows how to do magic?

  55. Busaio

    BusaioPřed 3 dny

    Take a shot every time Boogie says nigga.

  56. Alagie Jallow

    Alagie JallowPřed 4 dny

    That nigga mouth balance

  57. late night vib3sss

    late night vib3sssPřed 4 dny

    Ask me how many niggas I done put on

  58. Jackson Smith

    Jackson SmithPřed 4 dny

    A boogies lips are funny

  59. oli holmes

    oli holmesPřed 4 dny

    I’m sittin here seeing this mans metaphorical vision, he talks about ‘serving junkies out the window’ yet at the end of said video, sir Roddy Ricch closes by a zoom out shot of him outside said window. Which leaves me with said question, is Roddy Ricch the junkie? Or am I the junkie?

  60. Mïrrà_Mïrrã

    Mïrrà_MïrrãPřed 2 dny

    oli holmes no foreshadowing the box 📦

  61. Infamous

    InfamousPřed 4 dny

    Roddy next up.

  62. Enforced Purifier

    Enforced PurifierPřed 4 dny

    I don't see how this song wast better to ppl than "the box" I personally liked this alot more.


    MONEY TIGERPřed 4 dny


  64. Woodie Tinch

    Woodie TinchPřed 4 dny

    When a boogie said thats for rat niggaz it made my body sink

  65. Isaac Mendez

    Isaac MendezPřed 4 dny

    In my opinion best Roddy Ricch song out now