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Finally! Hippy's cousin is getting married! All the Hippo Pepa town is waiting for this wedding planner. But the wedding party with a wonderful bride and a handsome groom will be a little bit later. Now the wedding preparation is in a full swing. It is time to visit a wedding shop, choose dresses, do a make-up, and, of course, to find the most beautiful flowers for the most amazing bouquet. It means new interesting games for girls and an astonishing wedding, the wedding of your dreams, are waiting for you!
A new game contains of the best elements from the games for girls. Hippo Pepa wedding planner is not only exciting dress up games and astonishing wedding dresses, not only an amazing fashion make up and a big party. Interesting adventures are waiting for us! These adventures begin from the very morning. Wedding preparation is not just a game, but a very serious task. The party is going to be amazing! Before plucking flowers for the wedding bouquet, Hippy should take care of herself. Take a shower, have a breakfast, play dress up games and let the game start. Before going to a wedding shop, we will visit a flower farm and grow up the most beautiful flowers. Then we will visit a flower shop to decorate our bouquet. But not all the tasks will be easy. On our way there will be a lot of obstacles, funny situations and interesting tasks. Let the game begin! An astonishing party and the wedding of your dream are waiting for you! Bride and groom personally invite you to the party.
Download Wedding party. Games for Girls
Pepa Hippo wedding party as well as all our games for girls, is absolutely for free! Have a great time preparing to the wedding. Stay tuned, stay with us and spend time with your children, playing with them our free educational games. .
Hippo Pepa - the good and cute children's cartoon, that will not leave anyone indifferent kid ... He reveals #family relationships and teach the child to communicate with the outside world. Together with his younger brother ji #HippoPepa every day makes new discoveries. You will learn a lot of positive, if you watch all the series Hippo Pepa in a row watching the shorts adventures online. After all, the world around is amazing, full of secrets and mysteries. Arrivals whether the tooth fairy for her fallen teeth? And what would happen if a fat pig vtisnetsya dad in a small house on a tree? Did Grandma and grandpa can properly take care of your favorite fish? These questions do not leave a curious mind a little pig for a minute.
But not only Pepa fun wallowing in muddy puddles, but it's her favorite thing. In all series in a row Hippo Pepa learns to make friends and help adults free, take care of yourself, plus doing good just to everyone around was nice.
In many countries, Pepa is very popular among kids. And adults find the chance to watch the Hippo Pepa and her non-stop series of informative, because there is no break play on a number of important situations. Come to us again and again, and we delight new series of the animated series of games and applications.
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