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Large barrel shaped hippos,
with stubby legs, can be found in Africa.
Hippos bodies are mainly hairless, apart from some scratchy whiskers on their noses.
They are the 3rd largest land mammal.
Behind elephants and rhinos that is!
The name hippo, is short for hippopotamus, which means “River Horse”.
This is because, hippos love to spend lots of time wallowing in water.
Here’s one… keeping her head cool under the water.
Don’t forget to breath.
These hungry hippos are munching on some yummy river plants.
Munch Munch Munch
Hippos are herbivores.
That means they eat lots of plants, and graze on grass, when on land.
Wow, that was a big yawn.
Open wide Mr Hippo!
Hippos have huge mouths.
Look. We can see the impressive front incisor teeth.
Male use these to fight.
While hippos might look cuddly. They are actually very dangerous.
Did you know?
A male hippo is called a bull.
A female is called a cow.
A baby hippo is called a calf.
And… they can run faster than a human.
I didn’t expect that!
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