Giving People The iPhone 11 IF They Shave Their Head...

I went around a college campus with different prizes asking people to do crazy challenges for them, someone let me SHAVE THEIR HEAD for the new iPhone 11!

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If you read this far down the description I love you


  1. Yarek Molina

    Yarek MolinaPřed 11 hodinami

    That look like sh***

  2. Yarek Molina

    Yarek MolinaPřed 11 hodinami

    I will f***ing do it for free

  3. XxseanproxX Xxx

    XxseanproxX XxxPřed dnem

    shave mine now pls v🙏😂

  4. Kale huntley

    Kale huntleyPřed 2 dny

    i would decapitate my self for an iphone 11

  5. Jeremiah Py

    Jeremiah PyPřed 2 dny

    copy right

  6. Aliba Khalid

    Aliba KhalidPřed 3 dny

    I've never tried them I live in England

  7. Aliba Khalid

    Aliba KhalidPřed 3 dny

    I would only let you cut a bit not alot

  8. noura600

    noura600Před 3 dny

    I love you

  9. Guyfromstreet 69

    Guyfromstreet 69Před 3 dny

    I already have a better one huawei P30 lite

  10. Christian Gum

    Christian GumPřed 4 dny

    Would give it away

  11. Maria Polvos

    Maria PolvosPřed 4 dny

    Wow you don’t like black

  12. samsungalaxyxd

    samsungalaxyxdPřed 4 dny

    you could shave my head but iphone 11 is shit

  13. Extreme Gamer

    Extreme GamerPřed 5 dny


  14. Yasin Bennani

    Yasin BennaniPřed 5 dny

    No I would never

  15. Kentrell Glasper

    Kentrell GlasperPřed 6 dny

    The lebron James meme doe

  16. Kevin Zapetero

    Kevin ZapeteroPřed 6 dny

    Faze rug slleive my hier

  17. Rj Thompson

    Rj ThompsonPřed 8 dny

    I would I have always had an Android be my mom can't afford an iPhone for me I'm only 15 and I can't have a regular job but yeah

  18. Ayan Rudra

    Ayan RudraPřed 10 dny

    I wouldn't shave it

  19. Johnny Stone

    Johnny StonePřed 10 dny

    I actually like black licorice. I think it’s pretty good 😋

  20. helenisaws 2

    helenisaws 2Před 10 dny

    is rug wareing mack up no hate btw

  21. Olivia yang Do stuff

    Olivia yang Do stuffPřed 11 dny

    No I hate black-licorice

  22. Joseph Iaccarino

    Joseph IaccarinoPřed 11 dny

    black licorice is a vibe

  23. Matt Lloyd

    Matt LloydPřed 11 dny

    I would

  24. SxmplyRxses

    SxmplyRxsesPřed 12 dny

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="174">2:54</a> hilariouss loll

  25. Fort Knight

    Fort KnightPřed 12 dny

    That girl was good at singin

  26. Fort Knight

    Fort KnightPřed 12 dny

    You can shave my head for an AirPods


    THE CHILL PANDAPřed 12 dny

    He is basically faze version of Mrbeast

  28. Aiyana Saunders

    Aiyana SaundersPřed 14 dny

    We pop out at your party am with the gane and it going to robbery so tuck your chain

  29. Donal Ryan

    Donal RyanPřed 14 dny

    I would save my hair for a iphone11

  30. Ghost Dragon

    Ghost DragonPřed 14 dny

    Worst challenge ever Why do youtubers have to be so dumb about challenge it could be stupid ruin people’s lives if they participate and it can be very dangerous

  31. Khamen Gill

    Khamen GillPřed 15 dny


  32. Gk Simon

    Gk SimonPřed 15 dny

    Favorite of all time is baby by fucking Justin bitch

  33. Roblox. Vmg

    Roblox. VmgPřed 16 dny

    Me! Come to my house lol

  34. K Plant

    K PlantPřed 18 dny

    I would let you

  35. Ansh Talwar

    Ansh TalwarPřed 18 dny


  36. Cristine Chickadel

    Cristine ChickadelPřed 18 dny

    Black licresh SUCKS

  37. Cristine Chickadel

    Cristine ChickadelPřed 18 dny


  38. Manglembi Mainam

    Manglembi MainamPřed 18 dny

    I really feel envy 😥😥

  39. Manglembi Mainam

    Manglembi MainamPřed 18 dny

    Okay can you please come in India 😂😂😭😭

  40. rase#1883

    rase#1883Před 19 dny

    Hairs feel good

  41. Chance Hawkins

    Chance HawkinsPřed 19 dny

    I love black licorice

  42. Jayli Rients

    Jayli RientsPřed 19 dny

    I ❤️ black licorice

  43. Mohnishwaraan Mohnish

    Mohnishwaraan MohnishPřed 20 dny


  44. Guided Wolf

    Guided WolfPřed 20 dny

    Ask indians about the state name they will answer in like 5sec

  45. Kawat Adam

    Kawat AdamPřed 20 dny

    Even if that wase iPhone millions I would not shave my hair😂😂

  46. faris sarwar

    faris sarwarPřed 21 dnem

    fuck u i will never shave my hair for even a million dollar

  47. Jay

    JayPřed 21 dnem

    Does anyone know what kind of case rug has on his phone?

  48. Void_itanim2

    Void_itanim2Před 21 dnem

    Me I love black

  49. Reda Daher

    Reda DaherPřed 22 dny


  50. Tius Turitt

    Tius TurittPřed 23 dny

    i would not

  51. Samuel Zarbaugh

    Samuel ZarbaughPřed 23 dny

    Black liquorish slaps

  52. Baylee Jones

    Baylee JonesPřed 23 dny

    love that girl who sang! so confident! so beautiful! amazing love her!!

  53. Angel socool

    Angel socoolPřed 24 dny

    Kinda racist rug only gave the black guys 100 dollars and he had to do the hareder than other people

  54. Brendan Ryan

    Brendan RyanPřed 25 dny

    I have a 11 so no

  55. Addie Kraayvanger

    Addie KraayvangerPřed 25 dny

    i like it

  56. Kayliyah Valdez

    Kayliyah ValdezPřed 25 dny

    Well no I wouldn’t shave my head because I have the iPhone 11 already

  57. Haley Frank

    Haley FrankPřed 26 dny

    I love black licrish.

  58. kamilFTW

    kamilFTWPřed 26 dny

    Why does henny look like Roddy richh

  59. Amy Jiang

    Amy JiangPřed 26 dny

    I never try

  60. Paco paco

    Paco pacoPřed 27 dny

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="618">10:18</a> I love this guy lol

  61. Priyesh Keshav

    Priyesh KeshavPřed 27 dny

    you're the best

  62. Axie Gamer

    Axie GamerPřed 27 dny

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="360">6:00</a> that girl was lit bruh😍

  63. Reem Harb

    Reem HarbPřed 29 dny

    I like it

  64. zach hinners

    zach hinnersPřed 29 dny

    You could shave my hair for a Samsung Galaxy s20 phone


    AMITAI DADONPřed měsícem


  66. Abdulrahman Alazeezi

    Abdulrahman AlazeeziPřed měsícem


  67. Ki Kam

    Ki KamPřed měsícem

    FaZe: Tell me your biggest secret. Guys: HAHA I HAVE SEX.

  68. FlameFN

    FlameFNPřed měsícem

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="193">3:13</a> Look at Noah's shirt

  69. Brody Jeffs

    Brody JeffsPřed měsícem

    i like black lickorish

  70. aliya altaie

    aliya altaiePřed měsícem

    The guy who shaved his head looks like Denver from la casa de papel

  71. Mø Jamal

    Mø JamalPřed měsícem


  72. alisxhh Garcia torres

    alisxhh Garcia torresPřed měsícem


  73. Lauramia Perez

    Lauramia PerezPřed měsícem

    umm i would never shave my hair

  74. Deku Cake

    Deku CakePřed měsícem

    I will not I already have one

  75. venom XL

    venom XLPřed měsícem

    No if it was the s 20 or razer phone 2 I would but I have the razer phone 2 because apple phone have had the same specs for 6 years

  76. fAsE LIKE

    fAsE LIKEPřed měsícem


  77. Atomic Auden

    Atomic AudenPřed měsícem

    I live in Delaware, the home of the Blue Hens.

  78. Galaxy SnipEz

    Galaxy SnipEzPřed měsícem

    God that so cringe when rug said fosho much love tho bro 😂🤟🏽

  79. Isaiah Ramirez

    Isaiah RamirezPřed měsícem

    my dad likes black vines

  80. Daniel Kang

    Daniel KangPřed měsícem

    bro john is a legend for that