Gayle King Has Accepted Snoop Dogg's Apology

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  1. CAPO

    CAPOPřed 15 dny

    Snoop you a fucking sellout pussy

  2. xabun

    xabunPřed 24 dny

    should be other way around .. but just shows how great snoop is

  3. Kody Crittenden

    Kody CrittendenPřed měsícem

    Snoop lost my respect apologizing I think he was in the right

  4. DiiGiiTAL. exe

    DiiGiiTAL. exePřed měsícem

    Wendy Williams is a cunt.

  5. Guyron Barnes

    Guyron BarnesPřed měsícem

    🖕 Gayle King and Snoop get ya' balls back dawg !

  6. Manny Wilder

    Manny WilderPřed měsícem

    Angela and Charla beefin

  7. norman marbley

    norman marbleyPřed měsícem

    I might forgive Gayle that she go out and buy a brand-new damn wig. I'm tired of that old frizzy ass wig on Good Morning America.

  8. norman marbley

    norman marbleyPřed měsícem

    Snoop Dogg you getting real soft in your age.

  9. Ronni Martin

    Ronni MartinPřed měsícem

    My opinion and I respect yours..... THANK YOU WENDY WILLIAMS!! However, I was surprised because she seemed to be one of the biggest supporters of the gay community.

  10. Milton Franklin

    Milton FranklinPřed měsícem

    Gayle King I still haven't heard your apology. I don't want to hear about Snoop apologizing no more!! Where you at with that apology #GayletheGargoyle !!?

  11. krazikashh

    krazikashhPřed měsícem

    Yes Wendy lool & Snoop was good for sayin sorry

  12. CharliesAngel Jonnson

    CharliesAngel JonnsonPřed měsícem


  13. Storm

    StormPřed měsícem

    Snoop doesn't have Oprah's money so yes he apologized.

  14. back flip

    back flipPřed měsícem

    Do you people know that kobe did actually settle out of court and somewhat admit wrongdoing in the rape case ? There are transcripts you can read ... and anyone standing for snoop against gayle ? Have you listened to the guys songs over the years lol ... murder, rape , abusing women etc... take it easy internet warriors lmao

  15. Natalie Harris

    Natalie HarrisPřed měsícem

    That's the realest shit she ever said

  16. Rafaela Tulfa

    Rafaela TulfaPřed měsícem

    Everybody is fake. ...Jerry Lewis is the only one I saw his tears is real.😢

  17. Secret Encounter

    Secret EncounterPřed měsícem

    They Never tell a man he can “chill out” when he’s trying to make his coins.

  18. Secret Encounter

    Secret EncounterPřed měsícem

    They Never tell a man he can “chill out” when he’s trying to make his coins.

  19. Emmanuel Lagace

    Emmanuel LagacePřed měsícem

    Interesting that I as a Homosexual MAN have NO desire to be nor wear Women’s clothing. Why? Because I’m a MAN, period. This stereotype of Homosexual Men is ridiculous, because most Homosexual Men are more masculine then Heterosexual Men. FACT!!! Also, Wendy is jealous that Homosexual Men look better then her dressed as Women. HA! HA! HA! Finally, she’s only apologizing because she was called out, and that the LGBTQ+ community makes up her audience along with the Black community. P.S; She’s a wilfully ignorant cunt. That’s another FACT.

  20. Asaun Johnson

    Asaun JohnsonPřed měsícem

    I alwayz knew snoop was a BUSTA

  21. Scarson Lashans

    Scarson LashansPřed měsícem

    Why on my instagram I post my opinion about and you don’t like it Snoop posted that crap gayle king 💩 mess as hell .... BS .... gayle king is sssooo full of shit ... I have a opinion and I don’t have to apologize for what I think are feel..... Piss off ... Snoop respect his mother she told him he could have vented a little better.. not he was wrong in his opinion

  22. Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIA

    Another Day Another Dollar DC Maryland & VIRGINIAPřed měsícem

    Fat ass Oprah told snoop dogg to apologize and he did it for his grandma oprah

  23. The Movie Brotha

    The Movie BrothaPřed měsícem

    Rihanna on a roll!!!

  24. samantha198607

    samantha198607Před měsícem

    Who runs the world 🌎...Girls

  25. Rowdy1

    Rowdy1Před měsícem

    Gayle aain’t doin journalism if her questioning is one sided

  26. třûěĺýf 🙏

    třûěĺýf 🙏Před měsícem

    Dj envy Morning everybody Ctgod hahahahahaha

  27. Bus Town BC

    Bus Town BCPřed měsícem

    She accepted it because Snoop has his own issues that he hasn't addressed that the fact that he wears french tips nails like a female 🤣😂 and the fact that he has paperwork about snitching to the police on Suge was even out on the d.p.g. 2002 album I think..and everybody just acts like it never happened they all don't talk about it..and also the fact that his son quit football to wear woman's clothes ..just last week his son was taking pics in a dress with make up and a flower Some one please get to the bottom of this..I can't listen to Snoop like that any more ..and the funny thing is he did a Vlad tv interview a year or two ago about rappers wearing 👗 holding machine guns..he said he doesn't understand it..but yet he is doing the same thing..and also snitching...stop playing soft ball and get to the real questions

  28. Lydia Renee

    Lydia ReneePřed měsícem

    I’m not made at Rihanna. I know everyone want a album but she way more money w/ Fenty then music lol. I’ll probably do the same thing if I was her lol. I’ll drop a album on my own time. That Fenty bag is priority

  29. Eddie B

    Eddie BPřed měsícem

    I actually agree with Wendy. But I know this kind of thinking is frowned upon in today's world.

  30. Kofi Daeshaun

    Kofi DaeshaunPřed měsícem

    Weak men.

  31. alwaysbusiness4

    alwaysbusiness4Před měsícem

    Gail needs her Ass whooped with : 1.)Extension cord 2.)Switches from out front of the house 3.) Your sons Hot wheel tracks 4.)Fanbelt off a old car

  32. Thabo Mashiloane

    Thabo MashiloanePřed měsícem

    Well, Wendy is 100% on point. I mean........LOL.

  33. Goldenboy 214

    Goldenboy 214Před měsícem

    Now all of a sudden Snoop son got gay pics up

  34. Phil Leary

    Phil LearyPřed měsícem

    Ah, I used to think li'l Snoop was hard (or at least he liked to think he was) before this charade. Bein' hard requires more than expletives. It REQUIRES Resolve, which he proves to be lacking. Now running from and hiding behind a stank skirt! Come on Bruh ... You lose your man card for that. This is real-time Man code; and man code is NOT negotiable (that's what girls do). Real men lose respect for you now - respect you can't GET back.

  35. A1 KANE

    A1 KANEPřed měsícem

    Snoop a clown for wasnt his mama its was the higher ups i will bet my last dollar

  36. jacob anthony pereyra

    jacob anthony pereyraPřed měsícem

    Simp simp hooray


    DARIN SMITHPřed měsícem

    All these apologies have Gayle apologize???🤬

  38. Nigel Mutepfa

    Nigel MutepfaPřed měsícem

    Ther is sexual tension between Dog and Gale.

  39. Diana L Evans

    Diana L EvansPřed měsícem

    I usually don't roll with Wendy but I'm not mad at her.

  40. Fernando Garcia

    Fernando GarciaPřed měsícem

    Who’s the man with the beard?? Let him talk more!!

  41. Malae Foki

    Malae FokiPřed měsícem

    Smh I'm sorry,respect 2 luv from my side,straight up who ever they need 2 fix it.dont agree n it's 10toes with us y'all owe the Bryant family apology real talk expeditionly.

  42. Andre Brown

    Andre BrownPřed měsícem

    I kno one thing now that gayle got goons

  43. #Cinderella 23Queen

    #Cinderella 23QueenPřed měsícem

    I wouldn't apologize

  44. Sphakamiso Zondi

    Sphakamiso ZondiPřed měsícem

    It's the thought that counts? 🤔🤔. Nah the 2 of ya'll shld be worried about his thoughts. FR!

  45. Marshan Thomas

    Marshan ThomasPřed měsícem

    did they really have to mention d chocolate candy tmi


    NORTH MEMPHISPřed měsícem

    *FK! GAY! ASS! GAYLE!*


    NORTH MEMPHISPřed měsícem

    and Oprah

  48. Angel Lexington

    Angel LexingtonPřed měsícem

    Gawd I can't stand this fucking tacky ass show. Gossip and garbage.

  49. Teddy Meen

    Teddy MeenPřed měsícem


  50. Eric M

    Eric MPřed měsícem

    This doesn't say that she apologized it says she accepted his apology

  51. Dinah Charles

    Dinah CharlesPřed měsícem

    I think Snoop should have apologized for only calling Gayle out of her name he has a mother. When a person apologizes they do so because they said or did something out of pain and anger. Snoop said some things publicly I knew he would want to take back later. He was hurting and so was I but I’m not famous and I cussed her until I got tired but I don’t blame white people for what any black person say or do. Some people are bringing to much black and white hate into this. Some black people sit back and expect the rich and famous to help make changes and to fight for some things they won’t fight for themselves. Nipsey got killed for trying to help his community.

  52. ManMan 2017

    ManMan 2017Před měsícem

    Wait....... but her best friend is a transwomen.....smh this country is so hypocritical

  53. ManMan 2017

    ManMan 2017Před měsícem

    Anything for clout

  54. Philippians 4:8 RekaFaye

    Philippians 4:8 RekaFayePřed měsícem

    Wendy wasnt wrong

  55. MrMelgibstein

    MrMelgibsteinPřed měsícem

    Gayle and Oprah have been betrayed by blackmen.Gayle caught her husband in bed with her best friend and Oprah conceived her son Canaan with her uncle.

  56. ceceryder38

    ceceryder38Před měsícem

    Who gives a ahit, this horse face fool should be apologizing to Kobe's family with her skunky ass.

  57. Louise Gross

    Louise GrossPřed měsícem

    Galye. Take your ass back to oprah hide your face in her ass thats where you been living

  58. Louis Jones

    Louis JonesPřed měsícem

    Snoop too old for that.

  59. Craig

    CraigPřed měsícem

    She said the truth!

  60. King Storm718

    King Storm718Před měsícem

    Punk ass Snoop apologize cuz he can't risk losing everything

  61. sequerity

    sequerityPřed měsícem

    "accept" his apology?!? She doesn't realize how this works.

  62. Asisipho Guga

    Asisipho GugaPřed měsícem

    Gayle king is a King Y’ll MFs should bow down

  63. Greg Greer

    Greg GreerPřed měsícem

    Gayle: I apologize for pretending like the woman who accused Kobe was an ordinary woman. I purposely failed to add the details of the case which make it clear that the woman wasn't respectable. While Kobe has positively inspired thousands of youths and encouraged countless adults..Like many women I got carried away... Ok. I said that. Not Gail😒

  64. koolmatts

    koolmattsPřed měsícem

    "Why do we need Male activist..u guys don't have struggles" *Point to Gayle and Johnny Deep ex-wife Amber doing f**k shxt but liberal news isn't covering a lot of the truth nor the breakfast club*

  65. peter bynoe

    peter bynoePřed měsícem

    Agree wendy born man wear pants

  66. Just Kim

    Just KimPřed měsícem

    Bruh what Wendy went in, that was so unnecessary wth

  67. Barbara Smalls

    Barbara SmallsPřed měsícem

    We all are human! Applause you Snoop for apologizing! It's all about respecting each other! Now Gayle apologize to the citizens you did ask to much! I respect you being a reporter have a little more compassion on stories!

  68. kerizmaent

    kerizmaentPřed měsícem

    Chalagay be getting on my nerves. He sound and act like a pervert. If you gay just come on out. Eny who is you to tell people when to stop making music. How long you been a DJ and been on the radio would you want people to tell you to get off the radio and stop being a DJ because your success in real estate. You and Chalagay just irritated my soul in this clip. Fr

  69. Dump Turds

    Dump TurdsPřed měsícem

    Snoops son was out here looking suspect in those pics, probably doesn't want Gayle to go after him 🤷🏾‍♂️

  70. chario TwoFilthy

    chario TwoFilthyPřed měsícem

    Hi edagdwg thanks for sharing this sad showing of talking about people that you think are trying to get laughs about think before you play with people feelings sad Linda j peace

  71. D.M.V Life

    D.M.V LifePřed měsícem

    Big shout-out to my boo RiRi 💯

  72. BrownzAllStarGang G.P.C tV

    BrownzAllStarGang G.P.C tVPřed měsícem

    I agree with Wendy Williams for the first time in my life

  73. MrYoung11

    MrYoung11Před měsícem

    🖕🏽 u Gayle

  74. Sylvie Desgroseilliers

    Sylvie DesgroseilliersPřed měsícem

    Did they go after JFK's affairs 2 weeks after he got brutally murdered?!? I don't think so... Gayle King is a grown ass intelligent woman... she knew what she was doing.

  75. latistall

    latistallPřed měsícem

    Gayle did NOT apologize

  76. shamal Jack-Quinton

    shamal Jack-QuintonPřed měsícem

    Shit something that Wendell finally said that i agree with

  77. Born 2befr33

    Born 2befr33Před měsícem

    Who gives a shit

  78. Julian Harvey

    Julian HarveyPřed měsícem

    One time i agree with wendy Williams

  79. Nes Policy

    Nes PolicyPřed měsícem

    Snoop is a b*tch for apologizing to a sellout for calling her a "sellout". Have some dignity.

  80. Derrick Tyler

    Derrick TylerPřed měsícem

    This why I don't like this show. When did Gayle Apologize?

  81. Datsizer

    DatsizerPřed měsícem

    🤦🏽‍♂️ Brothers need to be precise and Unapologetic about they sentiments. Mercy!! Black Boogie Man strikes again Smfh

  82. my lock

    my lockPřed měsícem

    Real shit wendy tell them niggas