Galaxy S20 Ultra vs iPhone 11 Pro Max - Ultimate Camera Comparison!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max - Camera Test Comparison! This Camera test and comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Galaxy S20 Ultra compares photo and video quality between the Apple vs Samsung smartphones. Is the Galaxy S20 Ultra better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max?
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  1. Dom Esposito

    Dom EspositoPřed měsícem

    YO! I was already on the latest update when I made this video, not pre-release software. I am on the improved update that includes the March security patch. Just so you know. One thing I didn't mention, the S20 Ultra in Super Steady mode is limited to 1080p, but the stabilization is CRAZY good! Worth the trade-off? Also be sure to check out my "Best Galaxy S20 / Ultra & Plus Cases + Accessories!" video here:

  2. Dariel

    DarielPřed měsícem

    Thanks for clarifying super steady mode is limited to 1080p, knew something was up. I am glad to have the option though.

  3. GJNA

    GJNAPřed měsícem

    @Sonic Not anymore

  4. GJNA

    GJNAPřed měsícem

    Was there something wrong with the microphone on your S20? Seemed very dimmed. Not really like previous Samsung models at all.

  5. BalthazarTheGreat

    BalthazarTheGreatPřed měsícem

    Wish I was a popular CSgosr and got my s20 ultra before pre orders went live. Like wtf why do these guys get special treatment? Only marketing Samsung needs is their keynote and a few media outlets bit every single CSgos person on the planet there goes all their inventory gone. Now I have to wait for another week...

  6. Alan Miller

    Alan MillerPřed měsícem

    @Sonic Some situations yes, but check the ending with low light ultra-wide video. Ultra is leagues ahead in that situation

  7. Meer Bamz

    Meer BamzPřed 5 dny

    Hi may i know the s20 ultra u tested it on using the exynos 990 or snapdragon 865 chipset?


    YOU WERE BORN TO SING - With The GUITARPřed 9 dny

    wow video job man....

  9. James Herrera

    James HerreraPřed 25 dny

    Here’s the difference between the iPhone and Samsung to iPhone video looks more natural colors look natural and the Samsung the colors look saturated and don’t look natural and the volume on the voice sounds deeper in the iPhone sounds more clearer and better .

  10. James Herrera

    James HerreraPřed 25 dny

    iPhone 📱 you can hear 👂🏻 better and more clearly compared to s20.. good video man.

  11. Vincent Mallari

    Vincent MallariPřed 26 dny

    I prefer the iphome 11 pro max

  12. Vostorg

    VostorgPřed 27 dny

    Where is low light / night video tests? This is not "Ultimate Camera Comparison!" - this is SHIT!

  13. The Burning Ice

    The Burning IcePřed měsícem

    Super awesome comparison....

  14. Leon Nessan Kouakou

    Leon Nessan KouakouPřed měsícem

    Personally I think S20 + is better...more details. Etc....

  15. waddup

    waddupPřed měsícem

    11 Pro

  16. pawsryanTV

    pawsryanTVPřed měsícem

    Why does the iPhone 11 Pro Max microphone sound pretty grainy?

  17. bagshitass

    bagshitassPřed měsícem

    iPhone was much better in most clips.

  18. nuyou21

    nuyou21Před měsícem

    Wow! I'm shocked the cameras on the spec'd out S20 Ultra look washed out and the focus is terrible compared to last years iPhone 11 Pro Max. Now imagine this years all-new iPhone 12's with improved cameras. 💯

  19. Akash deep

    Akash deepPřed měsícem

    Love for iPhone

  20. 豚ポップ人間の黙示録

    豚ポップ人間の黙示録Před měsícem

    So many salty iphone kids in the comments

  21. mido ahmed

    mido ahmedPřed měsícem

    Iphone is better at : audio quality front camera Samsung is better at : stabilisation more realistic colour

  22. pet sematary

    pet semataryPřed měsícem

    iphone is more natural and S20 is too bright but good in zooming but i chose iphone for camera usage

  23. redlightrunner

    redlightrunnerPřed měsícem


  24. Coley 808

    Coley 808Před měsícem

    Its awesome but who really takes videos while running? Just curious

  25. Yifei Ren

    Yifei RenPřed měsícem

    So many noises on iPhone's Mic.

  26. Kevin Lemley

    Kevin LemleyPřed měsícem

    The mic situation is really odd. The iPhone doesn't seem to change regardless of which way you hold the phone. The Ultra, however, is noticeably ducked on the MHFs with the front facing camera, but is much more full, especially in the low-ends, than the iPhone when using the rear camera.

  27. Ujggt Gzutj

    Ujggt GzutjPřed měsícem

    Samsung is much better

  28. GJNA

    GJNAPřed měsícem

    Sounds like your finger was on the microphone of the S20 at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="105">1:45</a>

  29. TheBoyJenius

    TheBoyJeniusPřed měsícem

    Stabilization is crazy on the S20. You can barely tell he’s running, if you even can tell he’s running. Don’t know if that a good thing or bad thing. Certain situations you want to give a sense of something to the viewer. Still though super steady on S20. Interesting though, When he was running with the iPhone you could tell he was running unlike with the S20 but when he did the wobble with both phones the iPhone maintained composure and you can tell he was wiggling with the S20. Interesting 🤔.

  30. Tenzin Tseeang

    Tenzin TseeangPřed měsícem

    Galaxy is better

  31. Ahmed Almarzouki

    Ahmed AlmarzoukiPřed měsícem

    The mic on the iPhone sounds better to me

  32. Ashish Jain

    Ashish JainPřed měsícem

    exynos or snapdragon?

  33. bigmaxcc

    bigmaxccPřed měsícem

    Ashish Jain snapdragon

  34. Ganesh Saud

    Ganesh SaudPřed měsícem

    IPhone camera video test best👍💯

  35. Nigel choy

    Nigel choyPřed měsícem

    Both of these phones are awesome but I love the s20

  36. Rodrigox Renata

    Rodrigox RenataPřed měsícem

    Capitação de áudio dos dois estão ótima , mas o galaxy s20 ultra está mais alto o som . E a estabilização está ótima nos dois

  37. Dr M.D

    Dr M.DPřed měsícem

    me watching this video on 360p 🤦‍♂️

  38. Adam Z

    Adam ZPřed měsícem

    I dont like the night mode on the iphone as much for the same reason I dont really like the one on the pixel. It's clear, but it doesnt make it look like night. While the galaxy s20 brightens your pictures, you can still tell that the photos were taken at night which I REALLY like!!!

  39. Raghuram Somanchi

    Raghuram SomanchiPřed měsícem

    Is your hat 🧢 Grey or Black? It looks black on Iphone and greyish on 20 Ultra? Which is accurate?

  40. Ángel

    ÁngelPřed měsícem

    Lamentable lo de Samsung. Está claro que no sabe ni va a saber procesar las fotografías y los vídeos. Mucho sensor de 108 megapíxeles y mucho zoom 100×, y un Iphone 11 Pro que salió hace seis meses le pasa el trapo por la cara en vídeo y en la mayoría de las situaciones de fotografía. Qué vergüenza. Samsung, aprende a post procesar, o si no, no pidas 1600 dólares por un S20 Ultra 🤦🏻‍♂️

  41. Asad

    AsadPřed měsícem

    Samsung zoom is janky. Makes it look like a cheap phone.

  42. Kadri Venkatesh

    Kadri VenkateshPřed měsícem

    iPhone seems better

  43. Dark Dawn

    Dark DawnPřed měsícem

    You cant even watch 1440 videos on iphone..What a Joke Pro

  44. Dark Dawn

    Dark DawnPřed měsícem

    @Bunga Atleast Ultra does have video stabilization called Steady Mode its does work fine BUT iPhone 11pro Doesn't have the Option At All to watch 1440 videos...🤣

  45. Bunga

    BungaPřed měsícem

    Dark Dawn $1399 but still have lacks stabilization on video. What a Joke Ultra

  46. Gilberto Arita

    Gilberto AritaPřed měsícem

    Iphone 11 = Like Samsung S20 = Comment

  47. Aerodynamic 1

    Aerodynamic 1Před měsícem

    S20 Ultra

  48. Ujggt Gzutj

    Ujggt GzutjPřed měsícem

    S20 Ultra is the best phone

  49. el kaptin

    el kaptinPřed měsícem


  50. KEN BEE

    KEN BEEPřed měsícem

    Gilberto Arita No

  51. megajeremy3000

    megajeremy3000Před měsícem

    I thought the colors looked better on the iPhone. And I own a note 🤷‍♂️

  52. Jose Arellano

    Jose ArellanoPřed měsícem

    Now Samsung looks like iPhone

  53. Hosni Guiling

    Hosni GuilingPřed měsícem

    Hmmm. Again, the only edge of the S20 are the zoom capability which is meh and steady mode (it’s not like I’ll be taking videos while running) 🤣. Plus, have you noticed how muffled the sound of the S20 videos? Still iPhone for me.

  54. Mommy

    MommyPřed měsícem

    Bruh. It's all personal preference. And he was covering the mic on accident. Check other reviews the s20 has a better mic

  55. Jessie Birax

    Jessie BiraxPřed měsícem

    S20 Ultra beast

  56. largon 03

    largon 03Před měsícem

    I'm an iPhone 11 Pro user and I have to say the video on iPhone looks really good in comparison. iPhone's camera still competing with the new S20 Ultra so I can imagine what apple with bring to the table with the new iPhone 12 pro..

  57. Hein M Aung

    Hein M AungPřed měsícem

    Nobody can beat pixel nightsight so far

  58. Khan Piesse

    Khan PiessePřed měsícem

    The videos on the S20 were clearer than the iphone, but the colours were cooler rather than warmer. It’s completely up to personal preference, but if you warmed the video a little bit I guarantee everyone would prefer the video from the samsung. However the microphones on the iphones pick up a lot of treble but no bass, opposite for the samsung. The iphone needs to get better at picking up low tones as it sounds too sharp, and the samsung sounds too soft.

  59. gleb .t

    gleb .tPřed měsícem

    He provably covered the mic with his hand at some point because in other comparison videos the mic on the s20 ultra sounded way better tha in this video.

  60. Michael Hayes

    Michael HayesPřed měsícem

    I'd have to give it to the S20 Ultra in all but the low light selfie video, the focusing issue

  61. Nick Motsarsky

    Nick MotsarskyPřed měsícem

    S20 U does 4x optical + crop, not 10x optical.

  62. Will Newcomb

    Will NewcombPřed měsícem

    I've watched Lots of comparisons between these two and most show the S20 to be streets ahead of the iPhone. But not on your video. Sure the zoom and the video stabilisation are in another league in the S20 but I prefer most of the iPhone shots. Often the S20 appeared overexposed. IPhone has it for me.

  63. Will Newcomb

    Will NewcombPřed měsícem

    @Dom Esposito Appreciated! Thank you!

  64. Dom Esposito

    Dom EspositoPřed měsícem

    Honestly, I think that’s because most of the other comparisons are far more calculated than mine. I took the phone outside I Snapchat photos I didn’t take time to set anything up, I took photos and video like any normal person buying this phone would do. This is definitely way more of a real world test, then lining up things specifically and making sure that all of the details are in place. That’s not how people take photos, most of them just pull up the phone and snap a photo or video and be done with it

  65. Jei Jun

    Jei JunPřed měsícem

    Love your reviews ! Please check the new update of today for AF of S20 Ultra. It improved.

  66. Dom Esposito

    Dom EspositoPřed měsícem

    I am on the latest update. I am not using pre-release software, I have the update with the March security patch already. This is that update.

  67. iam me

    iam mePřed měsícem

    He clearly doesn't know how to use the cameras on s20 ultra.

  68. Dom Esposito

    Dom EspositoPřed měsícem

    I clearly don’t know how to use any cameras, nor do I make a living on CSgos reviewing smart phones. I don’t know what I’m doing at all actually. I’m just making this up as I go along! But thanks for watching.

  69. Sasa Maljkovic

    Sasa MaljkovicPřed měsícem

    iphone 💪

  70. Sammy Del Refugio

    Sammy Del RefugioPřed měsícem

    They both good

  71. Hiro Miya

    Hiro MiyaPřed měsícem

    Without a doubt, iPhone are so much better..

  72. Peizxcv

    PeizxcvPřed měsícem

    I think S20 Ultra actually loses to Note 10 Plus because Samsung haven't figured out how to optimize the new sensors unlike Note 10's old 12mp sensor which Samsung is very familiar with.

  73. nameischarles

    nameischarlesPřed měsícem

    The S20 Ultra colours looked washed out, overblown, and the mic seems muffled, I've noticed this on some other S20 Ultra review's as well. But maybe it's not the final software and this can be fixed via an update.

  74. Zuby A

    Zuby APřed měsícem

    I hate how the voice sounds slightly muffled on the S20. Otherwise, it seems to be a great camera.

  75. Vladx35

    Vladx35Před měsícem

    Photos are very close, both are excellent. Samsung of course has a better zoom clarity. iPhone has much better video quality, as well as sound. Video is not as detailed, and you sound muffled on the S20. Great comparison. Both devices are excellent. iPhone is iPhone, and the S20 is the best Android available.

  76. Matute

    MatutePřed měsícem

    Audio in videos is wayyy better on the ultra

  77. Tryz F3bz

    Tryz F3bzPřed měsícem

    The software updates on s20 will tell much later

  78. Tryz F3bz

    Tryz F3bzPřed měsícem

    @Dom Esposito yes but still too early. I'm s10 user.. and the camera perform and features today 500% solid than when it came out. The iphone released 5 months ago s20 don't even release yet. I like you video btw. Nice review

  79. Dom Esposito

    Dom EspositoPřed měsícem

    I have it already. I have the new update with the March security patch lol

  80. Michael Hazell

    Michael HazellPřed měsícem

    Galaxy has a smoothing problem. iPhone is more accurate

  81. DarkStoneCastle

    DarkStoneCastlePřed měsícem

    I thought you were gonna say, 'Look at that, that's actually a glitch on the S20 camera' when panning at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="35">0:35</a>

  82. Ultrasound Music

    Ultrasound MusicPřed měsícem

    Both Phones are great, I am a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User. I like the way the iPhone handles overall image quality ( especially the skies ) compared to the S20 ultra. The Picture Quality on S20 ultra is way better. I'll still give the iPhone video crown. I believe Samsung can improve the Ultra with some few software updated to make it even better than it is. It sure has a lot of potential packed in itself, a lot of that power need to be unlocked with software twiks and AI.

  83. Gandek

    GandekPřed měsícem

    The mic sounds really bad on the S20 like it's muffled. Hopefully that's just a software update fix away.

  84. Mommy

    MommyPřed měsícem

    Nah think he was covering mic, watch other reviews

  85. yesthatislife

    yesthatislifePřed měsícem

    For all of you samsung s20 mic is miles better than i phones, he had it covered or ... watch comparisons on other chanels on you tube !!!!

  86. Radoslav Víglaský

    Radoslav VíglaskýPřed měsícem


  87. wiezewee

    wiezeweePřed měsícem

    The S20 Ultra's microphone sounded muddy. I've watched other videos and it's sounded good. Wonder if he has a bad unit. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  88. Marcus Paterson

    Marcus PatersonPřed měsícem

    Prob will take 3 or 4 updates to get good just like the s10

  89. Marcus Paterson

    Marcus PatersonPřed měsícem

    Try the pro video mode it's way better

  90. tony okoro

    tony okoroPřed měsícem

    Ultra always with the brighter exposure at the expense of some clipped highlights but I prefer that to the under exposed subjects of the iPhone. iPhones always tries to balance the lighting but that often leads to an under exposed subject. Google and apple need to stop pretending that smartphones aren't smartphones with limited dynamic range. Need to stop with the aggression with hdr. The subject is the subject and should not be under exposed to save the highlights.

  91. foetor

    foetorPřed měsícem

    iPhone wins!

  92. Jayson Leavelle

    Jayson LeavellePřed měsícem

    The only advantage the S20 has is with zoom ! EVERYTHING else in this comparison goes to iPhone

  93. Akim Nubi

    Akim NubiPřed měsícem

    iPhone is the king 👑 of camera in video and photos thanks✌️🏾🏁🏁🤣

  94. Radoslav Víglaský

    Radoslav VíglaskýPřed měsícem

    I have now older samsung but i must say iphone 11 pro its still better then s20 + and ultra :D .... Iphone have still Better videos , better camera....what came with iphone 12 pro ?

  95. Jaskeerat Sandhu

    Jaskeerat SandhuPřed měsícem

    No iPhone are for poor people

  96. D- Sean

    D- SeanPřed měsícem

    Photos : Galaxy Video : iphone Selfie: Galaxy Vlog: iPhone Mic: iPhone Stabilization: Galaxy Low light: Galaxy

  97. Azzwang Ko

    Azzwang KoPřed měsícem

    The s20 ultra HDR sucks in this video but in other comparisons its very amazing. Are they using different software or sensors for different regions? Like.... omg.

  98. Azlan Lan

    Azlan LanPřed měsícem

    S20 Ultra of course

  99. TheFortniteDiamondFilms

    TheFortniteDiamondFilmsPřed měsícem

    The S20 seems a little muffled

  100. TheFortniteDiamondFilms

    TheFortniteDiamondFilmsPřed měsícem

    Like for the 11 pro max reply for the s20

  101. Jeremy Perry

    Jeremy PerryPřed měsícem

    Apple doesn’t throw a filter on the pictures so that part is really up to the user. I like to play with Lightroom after and make my pics look how I want. iPhone video still is king in quality. Still can not figure out why you would need to take a picture of something from a great distance on your phone unless you’re being creepy.


    ELITE D VALEPřed měsícem