Dame Dash On Expanding His Brand, Dismissing Whack Energy + More

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  1. BzyTaughtMe

    BzyTaughtMePřed 18 hodinami

    Nigga says he does everything from movies, tv, streaming services, etc. But has anybody ever seen this shit 🤔

  2. Miller Miller

    Miller MillerPřed 3 dny

    Dame just making sure no one fucks him over again💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  3. Hydra Mula

    Hydra MulaPřed 5 dny


  4. D. Jackson II

    D. Jackson IIPřed 5 dny

    is Angela Yee still part of the show?

  5. Hasade O

    Hasade OPřed 6 dny

    So interesting an interview. A genius. He's a fuqing liar though for real lol

  6. Cartier -

    Cartier -Před 7 dny

    Diff energy

  7. Smizzeyb Smizzeyb

    Smizzeyb SmizzeybPřed 8 dny

    Dame Dash still got that knowledge I have something I want to introduce to him instead of shooting for shark tank if he’s interested anyone has his contact direct me to a link

  8. Tt Fff

    Tt FffPřed 9 dny

    Ppl on here praising and quoting him like he a prophet. I respect his ability to make money, but he is an egotistical, toxic and confrontational person. If he moved like Jay he’d be a billionaire by now.... Also this talks in conditional absolutes, which shows his narrow mindedness.

  9. GudBeatz Ent

    GudBeatz EntPřed 10 dny

    This man made me open my eyez

  10. Ramy Tube

    Ramy TubePřed 10 dny


  11. Ramy Tube

    Ramy TubePřed 10 dny

    I FUK WIT DAME DASH .. 💪🏽💪🏽

  12. Luis Heredia

    Luis HerediaPřed 11 dny

    Arrogance, Arrogance, Arrogance is what destroyed this guy. Everyone hates arrogance. Jay Z ran from his arrogance. Friends & family ran from his arrogance. Even his money ran from his arrogance.

  13. Solja Boy

    Solja BoyPřed 13 dny

    Dame dash--all about being your own boss

  14. Victoria Wilson

    Victoria WilsonPřed 15 dny

    He just lying they all tryna rob me. Thats what you get Dash. Thats a toxic nigga trying capitalize.

  15. Jennifer Williams

    Jennifer WilliamsPřed 15 dny

    Hmm....Dame Dash has an elephant snout and elephant ears....Depopulate

  16. Jonathan Keith

    Jonathan KeithPřed 16 dny

    I respect what he said at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="2269">37:49</a> because I be preaching stuff like that all the time.

  17. Dob Bodds

    Dob BoddsPřed 17 dny


  18. Buck Jame

    Buck JamePřed 21 dnem

    Damon is a stand up dude for his people like ODB, Harlem Dipstet etc he stands up for his people. I wish him the best! I remember him on paid in full and I want to see more!

  19. jose L

    jose LPřed 22 dny

    huge respect to dame dash, i thought i would dislike him cuz of his persona decades ago, hes a very thoughtful person, super smart

  20. Mclovin 2018

    Mclovin 2018Před 22 dny

    Its amazing reading the comments. However not all people are intimidated by broke bullies who talk loud. Jay z sure as S__ wasnt.

  21. Mclovin 2018

    Mclovin 2018Před 22 dny

    Nobodys overcompensating. Your a CLOWN SHOW. In 2018 you had a estimated net worth of 2018 . You went to jail for not paying child supporting and your running around telling the courts you only have a net worth of 10k. TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. So the states attorney is watching this thinking hes a liar or hes a liar. And do a google review 99.9 of the reviews of your network says its a con its trash and your own subcribers where threating a class action law suit against you. So the B club is just a big of a bunch of clowns for bringing you up here and giving you a platform to sit up and lie and talk out of your a__. And acting like your the first person to comment on the current state of school curriculum ? Shit up and go read back to lying about the dead sea scrolls which all bet every dollar i have if they would have asked you to quote one thing you would have got up and left. LIAR.

  22. Ace Boogie

    Ace BoogiePřed 22 dny

    Someone point me to that guy next to dame plug cause he on another planet 🥴

  23. Alize Ridin

    Alize RidinPřed 22 dny

    Dudes full of shit. All he does is sale how good he is doing. Dude he brought Dame trying to make money off of him. Anyone on top doesn’t have to prove they on top. If that little percentage of Rachael Roy dries up. He in the gutter.

  24. DeMetrius Foote

    DeMetrius FootePřed 23 dny


  25. DeMetrius Foote

    DeMetrius FootePřed 23 dny


  26. Brian Last

    Brian LastPřed 23 dny

    Dame says livi g in a 1 bedroom apartment with 3 kids propme doing it wrong wrong.....owing 400k in chold support ypur kids bashing u on social media saying u are abusive and calling tour son stupid sounds lime your dping it wrong . your a bum handle your business clown.. Nobody in the industry likes u .

  27. Brian Last

    Brian LastPřed 23 dny

    Excuse the typos . this dude needs a dirt nap

  28. Tiara McRoy

    Tiara McRoyPřed 23 dny

    Damn, I feel bad that Rocky lost her baby.

  29. Raymond Harris

    Raymond HarrisPřed 24 dny

    Dame Dash's first interview is the greatest breakfast club interview of all time

  30. Brandon Cook

    Brandon CookPřed 18 dny

    agreed. that and the kanye interviews.

  31. Cristen C.

    Cristen C.Před 26 dny

    “That bubble gum shit” lol

  32. KingYT01

    KingYT01Před 26 dny

    Jay won

  33. Marc. Burr

    Marc. BurrPřed 27 dny

    Much better interview than the first one lol


    FULANO MENGANOPřed 27 dny


  35. hammerhead1

    hammerhead1Před 28 dny

    I quit my job after listening to Dames advice! Now I'm my own Boss .....don't have a job or any money! But nobody is telling me what to do!

  36. P. Oastman

    P. OastmanPřed 28 dny

    #👟 solezoneva.com

  37. Inga Mancotywa

    Inga MancotywaPřed 28 dny

    I see all the ignorant comments on here about Jay. Theres a reason why Dame always gets asked about jay but Jay hardly ever gets a Q about Dame. He's got a lot more going on

  38. TheKinoEye

    TheKinoEyePřed 29 dny

    "People who have bad taste have bad taste in everything. Just look at the way they dress. Just look at their lawyers. I know he eats Popeye's Chicken!"

  39. yusuf718

    yusuf718Před 29 dny

    Definitely appreciate the gems Dame was dropping during this interview and you can see where he’s grown as person not just mentally but spiritually and physically as well but one thing that stuck out with me and his last interview was when he said he rather be around women and I get where’s he coming from as a business perspective but wouldn’t it been more empowering for the culture if he said black women. I love and respect all women but none compares to the black woman and his message would of been(atleast to me) more influential and showed the unity and importance of are culture sticking together and how you can be successful and build with a black queen

  40. hear fan

    hear fanPřed 29 dny

    ...I don't cheat on my girl, where's Angela Yee??? lol.

  41. nelson velazquez

    nelson velazquezPřed 29 dny

    Dame pull up like where my money 😂😂😂😂

  42. QueenxofxthexBurbs

    QueenxofxthexBurbsPřed měsícem

    Dusko Poppington....

  43. Shana Gillikin

    Shana GillikinPřed měsícem

    Really good ... except his volume being all over the place 😄

  44. Fefe Azania

    Fefe AzaniaPřed měsícem

    Yall brought him back?!!! I can't help but stan!

  45. Pretty Brown

    Pretty BrownPřed měsícem

    This man is so wise....somewhat therapeutic!!

  46. Isaia Jimenez

    Isaia JimenezPřed měsícem

    Damn this nigga spoke some shit starting from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="433">7:13</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="483">8:03</a> some of the realest shit I’ve heard in a min

  47. Maxwell Truesdale Jr

    Maxwell Truesdale JrPřed měsícem

    Dame doesn’t get the recognition that I believe he deserves. Dude is really insightful

  48. LaRon Taylor

    LaRon TaylorPřed měsícem

    I love this guy!!!! We need more guys like him!!!@

  49. A Munro

    A MunroPřed měsícem

    Honor Up reviews reveal what kind of director you are

  50. A Munro

    A MunroPřed měsícem

    These men are undereducated and over opinionated and don’t understand erudition for its own merit. It’s all about making money. Totally material way of looking at knowledge and education. The curriculums weren’t made for street hustlers.

  51. A Munro

    A MunroPřed měsícem

    Best guitarist in the world 🤦🏼‍♂️

  52. Pretty Allah V NamastiQue

    Pretty Allah V NamastiQuePřed měsícem

    His guitarist looks like Lenny Kravitz.

  53. Victor Lawrence

    Victor LawrencePřed měsícem

    Last of a dying breed!

  54. Ron's Opinion

    Ron's OpinionPřed měsícem

    The Energy is low when you around low energy people “Dame drop jewels 💎 “💯

  55. Ron's Opinion

    Ron's OpinionPřed měsícem

    99% need to stick together bc the 1% needs us 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💯

  56. Luci nln

    Luci nlnPřed měsícem

    The miscarriage he's talking about @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="624">10:24</a> is it recent? I read his girlfriend was pregnant a few months ago, but I don't know if he's referring to that pregnancy or a previous one.

  57. girardbcp

    girardbcpPřed měsícem

    He doesn’t sound like a man with a $10,000 net worth. I’m so confused

  58. yomoxy

    yomoxyPřed měsícem

    This man has discovered everyone, is a jack of all trades master of none he should be a billionaire by now. He’s so perfect according to him yet he calls his son “your a girl your too sensitive quit disrespecting me, a daughter who wrote a disposition for her sister so she wouldn’t be subjected to this man, even losing a child he conquerors it all they go to Hawaii to show others how to deal wow what a man 🤮🤮🤮 he is smart educated but does he walk on water NO he doesn’t have empathy a true narcissistic Plus jay z does exist that’s why his name is still in your vocabulary. He compromised with Aaliyah did he defend her against R.Kelley

  59. Babs Bee

    Babs BeePřed měsícem

    To see him happy and smiling through it all should encourage anybody! He is a true light even if he is brutally honest. We need that so we can aspire to vibrate at higher levels. Salute to Rachel and him for being vulnerable and showing others how to deal with loss. All of this was positive as he had always been. #Respect!

  60. Tab B

    Tab BPřed měsícem

    csgos.info/video/wruko5yZfoat4Kc.html Dame dash daughter caught on CSgos......check it out

  61. Oscar Fiallo

    Oscar FialloPřed měsícem

    MEN DON'T GO TO COURT! Lolllll I almost lost it

  62. K S

    K SPřed měsícem

    Dame suing the Show his Ex-wife EVERYBODY. Dame seemed to be the trigger for his son. Like his son say - he is NEVER WRONG. If his son is under that kind of stress he needs to get off the Show. He’s been trying to get money from his ex-wife business for years. He tried to get his daughter to get his ex to get him a partial percentage of her business. DAME talk quick but if you watch the Show he BROKE. He is about to have a baby and NOW he needs $$$...His oldest daughter told the court (wrote a letter) that Dame shldnt be around his younger daughter. He doesn’t get along with his son or daughter. He can’t get along with his kids. WHO THE PROBLEM????

  63. Brian Last

    Brian LastPřed měsícem

    Lame dash

  64. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WaynePřed měsícem

    “I’m not cheating on my girl but if you can convince her we’ll do it together” 🤣🤣

  65. M WIS

    M WISPřed měsícem

    I said that before in his last interview if people just block out how things are sais and just take from what is said the world would be a better place. People are too sensitive these days

  66. M WIS

    M WISPřed 22 dny

    @Vinte Red I can't believe you just said that shit. how you say something(meaning tone not punctuation) is part of characteristics within a person has nothing to do with what you're saying, they teach you that s*** in high schoolI don't know what you talkin about but my comment was very clear and simple .if people stop worrying so much about how something was said opposed to what was said the world would be a better place. ??? do you need an example? someone calls you a fat b**** you can get mad that they called you a b**** but will you be real with yourself and look in the mirror like damn I am fat I need to change this, ???

  67. Vinte Red

    Vinte RedPřed 22 dny

    M WIS How you say something is a part of communication though, so you have to take that into consideration. What someone says is only a part of the message.

  68. Old Music

    Old MusicPřed měsícem

    Dame wiggin 😂

  69. James Stinnette

    James StinnettePřed měsícem

    Dame Dash can't pay his fucking child support and yall act like he's Moses.


    COBALT iLLADELPHPřed měsícem

    Dame says he frontman for rock group Breakfast club just straight ignores

  71. 1& ONLY

    1& ONLYPřed měsícem

    Gang Leaders could be HUGE politically but they don't get it

  72. 513zd

    513zdPřed měsícem


  73. Khalilah Johnson

    Khalilah JohnsonPřed měsícem

    Dame dash is a money hungry butthead

  74. Khalilah Johnson

    Khalilah JohnsonPřed měsícem

    I hate damon dash and pray for his downfall

  75. locofrazo

    locofrazoPřed měsícem

    *why this dude talk about how he owns everything, ain’t nothing he can’t do in the world etc etc etc* ......... And his net worth only 10 racks


    LINCOLN PARKERPřed měsícem

    He's Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception. He creates drama to reinforce these imaginary battles that he doesn't realize only exists in his head. Come back to reality, Dom

  77. Jay MGTOW

    Jay MGTOWPřed měsícem

    My nigga

  78. the eye in the sky

    the eye in the skyPřed měsícem

    🤔Might have the skills but ...there is a big line AHEAD of him in the best guitarist field 😂 try another field dude! EDDIE VAN HALEN is not dead yet IDIOT!!!

  79. Jackson Netshisaulu

    Jackson NetshisauluPřed měsícem

    This man is wise

  80. Urassnface 1

    Urassnface 1Před měsícem

    Love this. Damn Dame I never thought of or viewed him in the light or respect that I've started to now as more information and things are becoming available for me from various people that have airtime to speak and promote. I was a young kid pretty much through the Rocafella heights and being from the South...well that type of hip hop wasn't really a thing that many of us were that in tune with. Opening my worldview and doing research now as an adult about specific things pertaining to us and our culture inside entertainment and arts, I've realized that a lot of this fuckery was planned on super early. They were making bids on who would "look" victorious once my generation got in their late 20s/early 30s. All these things are related by some small degree of separation that eventually brings us to the same point: there is a real agenda to destroy, discredit and completely invalidate us as a people. It's progressing at a rapid rate now because of the explosion the Internet has caused and the fact that white kids (throughout the world) are heavily influenced in their own way by a majority of things that we have been able to accomplish at a high level with few resources and support. It's a weird wild feeling that kind of pisses you off initially but also such a wonderful time to be alive to see that the tide is turning. Becoming righteous to yourself and others really is not a hard task to accomplish. Love is all it takes. Damn near unconditional but absolute love will ultimately win out against these wicked forces. And don't pay attention to these trolls in these comments that attempt to spread dischord if you're talking about having pride as a community. A troll is nothing more than a demon's retard cousin that doesn't realize no one actually fears a mini-me.

  81. Rob DaBender

    Rob DaBenderPřed měsícem

    Dame has really changed. Good for you og

  82. Cody Roberts

    Cody RobertsPřed měsícem

    Biggest sucker who should be rich as j z

  83. Ki Put

    Ki PutPřed měsícem

    his ego is, was, and always will be his downfall, at the end he's drowning in debt and most his businesses are failing but he will not go down easy

  84. signor pops

    signor popsPřed měsícem

    Ki Put bro he has place in life

  85. BEAT MAN

    BEAT MANPřed měsícem

    Dame thanks for choosing my track 🔥🔥🔥🔥