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Born in the time of love
Facing the winds of fate
Storms brewing up above
I was breaking
I was begging
Just to raise you up
From the grave of your mistakes
Pleasure is a kind of pain
Have I had enough?
Cause I keep wrestling with snakes
Sick of all the slippery stuff
Are you Jekyll and Hyde-ing me?
I can’t see in the dark
Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
Where’s my mind?
I can’t sleep in the dark
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Did i make it up?
I was yesterday’s regret
But today I woke up in your bed
Have I had enough?
Oh have I had enough?
Sick of all the slippery, slippery stuff
Red apple
Cherry on your lips
Killing me with every kiss
Are you Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
I can’t see in the dark
Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
Where’s my mind?
I can’t sleep in the dark
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Sweet and then you’re sour
Changes by the hour
Never know which one I’ll taste
Hot and then you’re freezing
Different every evening
Baby you drive me insane
Are you Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
I can’t see in the dark
Are you Jekyll or Hyde this time?
Where’s my mind?
I can’t sleep in the dark
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me
Jekyll-and-Hyde-ing me

Music video by Bishop Briggs performing JEKYLL & HIDE. © 2019 blissmagicjoylove, LLC, under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    The fight of addiction is REAL. Addicts, such as myself suffer and fight every day to ignore the siren calls of our drug/s of choice. In which, if I choose the Darkside, the drug, then I will return to Hyde. Hyde, who can become violent in an instant, without warning. My addiction is Hyde.So do I chose to HIDE or CONFRONT? Today I chose to CONFRONT!!! The lyrics of this song are thought-provoking. Every time I listen to the song and read its lyrics, a new message is provoked within me. #Battling my demons on a daily basis. The BATTLE of ADDICTION....

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    0:43 Coraline movie !! OMG my childhood ;)

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