All About...Advent!

What is Advent? What makes the season of advent special? Why do we see the color purple and use the advent wreath? This short video can help!


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    i LiKe FoRTnIte aNd MiNeCrAft eDucAtIon EdUCaTiOn

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    Daniel Da silva u r a loser

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    Well done! Thank you!! God bless you!!!

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    2:39 Spelling Mistake.

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    C A R E

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    thanks for this! I teach religion and was struggling to find the right sequence to present the big ideas of advent to my 6th graders. This gave me a good outline :)

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    Find out about medjugorje!❤️Thank you!

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    TY i needed this fur my Exam tomorrow!!!

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    I really like the explanation. This will help me "Alot" for my test tomorrow. Thank you

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    Sound quality is not good

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    Beware Catholics follow the pope not Christ

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    nicole marie are you a protestant? Where in the bible does it teach sola scriptura? Ask God for wisdom, may He show you the truth. His church was founded 2000 years ago, not 500.

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    Advent is false . Christmas not in the bible. If you are redeemed by Christ blood we are to walk as he walked... Christmas is a tradition of man that celebrates the Tummuz, Saturnalia and winter solstice... Christ celebrated the feast in leviticus23.

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    Christmas is NOT in the bible, it is a pagan celebration worshipping tammuz,saturnalia and the winter solstice. So folks making up stuff about ADvent. The tree is prohibited in Jeremiah 10. God commanded his holy days in Leviticus 23. We are warned by Christ to not follow man's traditions as commandments of God Mark 7:8-9.. the children of Israel tried to worship in a feast they made to God see exodus 32:1-5. Catholics beware isn't following Christ but the pope..

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    7:05 i don’t have a family. 😭 that hurted

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    @TheBeybladeSport CARE

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    Jesus is a part of your family :) The Angels, Saints and Millions of Holy Men and Women in Heaven and on Earth

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    You spelled bith at 2:36 by the way

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    Yeah i noticed it too

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    well done Allison low

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    Jesus what!!!!

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    the house of gingerbread, ginger-the 4th magical spice

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    Thank you that’s a very helpful video for me to learn about Advent.

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    This video has lots of good information but is so hard to hear! could you upload a louder version?

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    The bith of Jesus

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    Excellent, thanks and God Bless you.

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    This is very helpful and useful in understanding what the season of advent is all about. God bless you!

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    go suck a nut noobs

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    Alison, me and you we have something in common. God bless you! :)

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    Thanks ! I need this for my church school

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    There is a spelling error on one of the scenes---Birth of Christ..... it is spelled Birth

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    Nice work Allie!

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    Very good explaination! Thanks.

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    What’s the song

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    Dear Allison, may I ask permission to show this to children and parents in our catechisms and faith formation sessions? thanks

  42. Allison Low

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    E McMac Absolutely feel free to share this! Hope everyone finds this video helpful! (There is a small error in one part. I hope to have a corrected version out soon.)

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    Advent is one of my favorite liturgical seasons. It gives me the hope and opportunity to renounce my evil ways and stay close to God.

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    Very Good! Do you have more video? Thank you!

  46. Allison Low

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    Hanh Vu Thank you! Yes there are others. Go to and look under Catholic Videos.

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    She is a false teacher

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    Thank you! ...and a blessed Advent and merry Christmas to you also