Advent: God’s Holy Mountain

Friends, as we begin the Advent season, here are some reflections on the second chapter of the prophet Isaiah. The Church proposes his great image of God’s holy mountain as a spiritual challenge and point of meditation.


  1. William Yosef

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  2. Coretta Ha

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    These videos really give me something to look forward to. They help me when I feel isolated in the faith. Thank you.

  3. ScHott DeatH

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    A Haiku: I climbed the Mountain... Early to see the sunrise... A Trout caught the Son...

  4. Vincent James

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    I found a video of yours from nine years ago. Though the following does not relate to your posted video, above, I'm posting it now because I see you're still active here. You can PM if you want to answer... My background: I'm an ex Catholic & a convert to Judaism. At one time I used to attend Defending the Faith conferences at Fran-U in Steubenville. I was a Catholic apologist. Anyway, here's the elephant in the room: JC was conceived without a biological father. X-tians & Catholics will quote their bibles on this Yet, in Judaism, back then and as it is today, tribal lines are passed on only through a Jewish biological father. This is indisputably outlined in Numbers Chapter 1; and specifically, v 18. It is also shown again in Numbers Ch 36 when resolving the inheritance of Zelophehad's daughters. I didn't put these chapters into your bibles. They're already in there. Since JC has no biological Jewish father, he is - at conception - disqualified from being Mashiach Since he is not Mashiach, anything regarding his life as being such is, Biblically, false Prove me wrong using Tanakh. Speaking of prophesies, here's an interesting one from Zechariah Chapter 8, verse 23: "So said the Lord of Hosts: In those days, when ten men of all the languages of the nations shall take hold of the skirt of a Jewish man, saying, 'Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.'"

  5. Matheus Naves

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    Thank you bishop, God bless you and Mary take care your life!

  6. Matthew Bateman

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    My prayer this Advent, before having ever watched this was: "Lord, let my greatest joy be complete resignation to Your will; then, let me feel the joy that comes from this."

  7. LINDA Venditti

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    Thank enlightening as usual. God be with you.

  8. bobicabayo

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    Thank you bishop

  9. Eric Fudurich

    Eric FudurichPřed 5 dny

    When I hear you speak it does inspire me to look into the Catholic faith, being raised an atheist. I appreciate your education and well thought out discussions. However, when I listen to your younger peers, I just hear harsh opinions, and much more abrasive stances. It makes me want to explore other options. How is the Jewish or Muslim faith any less valid?

  10. Vítor Fonseca

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    How you doing, bro? I'm happy to know you're loooking into the Catholic faith. I hope you find what you're looking for! If I may give you some suggestions, you should check some other CSgos Catholic channels that are worthwhile... There is the Matt Fradd show (which is great and very funny, it's a talk show hosted by this Australian dude), the Ascension Presents channel with Fr. Mike Schmitz, Fr. John Hollowell's channel... They are very profound, sincere about their faith and very relatable... Good folk! You should check them out sometime! Anyway... I'm praying for you from waaay south, down here in the tropics, in Brazil. God bless!

  11. Clay Steadman

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    Hi WOF gang, thank you for all that you do! In the beginning of this BRB asks us to read through Isaiah and says “you might want to find good commentary on it.” Where do you recommend “finding food commentary” I am not just not sure

  12. Judi Wiktor

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    Your talks are great! Thank you.

  13. MoralSingularity

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    I suppose it is no surprise that the corrupt new york bishop is one of the bishops who has put a hold on the beatification of the venerable Fulton Sheen. There is so much corruption in the catholic hierarchy that it is extremely discouraging.

  14. Mr. Classic

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    What does catholicism say about yoga?

  15. Patricia Tada

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    A for effort but you really are a windbag . Thank God that we have the direct word of God

  16. Vy Collet

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    Thank you so much for your "spiritual context"...........

  17. Anne C

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    For me going to Holy Mass is going to the Highest Mountain to Christ - the Eucharist the source and summit of the Christian life...

  18. Steve Gust

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    Great wisdom. Thank you

  19. optimusimperat

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    i noticed, why does the clergy put the pectoral cross in a pocket? They are ashamed of Jesus Christ. No wonder the Catholic Church is fucked up

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    optimusimperat what a stupid comment. Way to go

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    Who on earth dislikes this? Craziness.

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    What could be your goal in providing this link here? Normally no one uses the Comments section of *'Bishop Robert Barron Channel'* for anything other than *COMMENTS* strictly related to the content of each video as and when they appear.

  24. TheRealAquaman 90

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    Thank you Robert Although I do not believe in God at the moment, I hope that thru watching u, I can experience divine revelation throughout the duration of this podcasts. My husband and I listen to your podcast often. Sometimes we like to include the kids too!!!!! They love you so much Robert. Edit: Your’e gæ

  25. Mary Pinakat

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    Could you please explain what is #postnotifiationsquad? Just curious. (Saw it in another profile with the same name, here in this video)

  26. Matt L

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    God as the Highest Value... House in order... Jordan Peterson, is that you?

  27. Luis Blanco

    Luis BlancoPřed 8 dny

    Thank you for all the work you do but that was a very poor meditation. You never give a reason as to why should we think of those verses in a spiritual sense.

  28. Mary Pinakat

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    @Luis Blanco *"... You never give a reason as to why we should think of those verses in a spiritual sense."* (your words to Bishop Barron) E - systems measuring 'SPIRITUAL SENSE'.

  29. Luis Blanco

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    @Mary Pinakat ??? I dont think I am low IQ. I hope I am not. I design electric systems that power houses and plants in the US. If I am low IQ, you should be careful when you turn your light switch on, the system might have been designed by me. Hahaha.

  30. Mary Pinakat

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    @Luis Blanco Wish your comment was worth complaining about. Just surprised at your BLINDNESS. If you are low on IQ at least could have not made a public display of it.

  31. Luis Blanco

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    @Mary Pinakat I dont follow your questions. Are you complaining about my comments? I made a reasonable case for my comments.

  32. Mary Pinakat

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    @Luis Blanco What are you at? What do you think Bishop is talking about?

  33. Celina Rose

    Celina RosePřed 8 dny

    God's Will is the highest point for me. This is my center. So everything I will do I will always have His Will in mind.

  34. Jah Cello

    Jah CelloPřed 9 dny

    Wow, that was a deep sermon. Like the mystics. Reminded me of Interior Castle by Teresa of ávila. Very well said.

  35. Joerg Kohl

    Joerg KohlPřed 9 dny

    The universe is a system through which Re concludes or back closes the existence to itself. This universal system has a whole host of features. Through this there it is and it works. In each sequence of this video series - starting from 001 Data - each one of these features is presented and discussed. Since everything in the universe and his system is based on logic, the reason of God and the world is in principle understandable. Thus, all previous models of faith and cosmogony theories are unnecessary

  36. Collins Anosike

    Collins AnosikePřed 9 dny

    Where are the German Catholics? Why did the devil make many German Catholics abandon the Church? The news from Germany is disturbing. Where are the priests in Germany? Thank you Bishop Barron for being a shining light and inspiring voice to our faith.

  37. Stephanie L

    Stephanie LPřed 9 dny

    Thank you father

  38. Tim McDroyd

    Tim McDroydPřed 9 dny

    I hope your values are based on Jesus example and words he spoke..We are in it and dont need anyone to fluff the word to gain favor with demonized woke people..These need a strong image of God to respect and fear..

  39. Mary Pinakat

    Mary PinakatPřed 9 dny

    No one is pleading for respect and fear here. Did someone ask you to come here?

  40. Taka Yama

    Taka YamaPřed 9 dny

    Thank you again for the Word of the Lord for us.

  41. M.A.C

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    Maranatha 🕊️

  42. Raverraver9999

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  43. Ireneusz Czech

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    Thank you Bishop. Happy Advent!

  44. V Grof

    V GrofPřed 9 dny

    This guy seems like such a smart man. You'd think he wouldn't be prone to so much contrivance. It's just too bad that these theologians just can't resist endless foolish contrivance. Christian theologians have been at it for 2000 years now. Enough!

  45. Mary Pinakat

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    V Grof, What's your purpose here? Why not engage in something that eventually will benefit your own self?

  46. Mary Pinakat

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    @Wicked Henderson I wouldn't think that he deserves any medal. In truth he disqualifies to be here.

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    Second dumbest comment I’ve seen today. Sorry, you only get the silver medal grof

  48. Bishop Robert Barron

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    Um...for example?

  49. Ryan Kehoe

    Ryan KehoePřed 9 dny

    @bishoprobertbarron Could you speak to the connection between Isaiah and the book of Revelation? I sensed the undertones of this throughout the video, but I would appreciate knowing your thoughts on specific connections between the two books.

  50. My OpenMind

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    You really think he’s coming back?

  51. Mary Pinakat

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    @My OpenMind There's not only ONE writer who have written about the same subject. Keeping that aside, are you Christian/Catholic, also are you honestly seeking?

  52. My OpenMind

    My OpenMindPřed 7 dny

    Mary Pinakat we don’t know who wrote the gospels. Why would we believe them and what would we believe. Why would you not believe the Book of Mormon, or the quaran or the stories told about the Hindu or even the Greek gods?

  53. My OpenMind

    My OpenMindPřed 7 dny

    Mary Pinakat what??

  54. Mary Pinakat

    Mary PinakatPřed 7 dny

    @My OpenMind Bear with me if I am mistaken, is it Bishop that you are referring to as *'this poor man'?*

  55. Mary Pinakat

    Mary PinakatPřed 7 dny

    @My OpenMind How could the Gospel writers could be eyewitnesses to something that is in future? If they had a mistaken notion, that needn't eliminate the possibility. There cannot be a connection.

  56. Susann Hartwig

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    Hope your right arm is healing quickly.

  57. Bishop Robert Barron

    Bishop Robert BarronPřed 8 dny

    What? I'm holding the Bible in it throughout the video.

  58. Abishek Nekkanti

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    Thanks bishop for this

  59. Jong Ricafort

    Jong RicafortPřed 10 dny

    The Garden of Eden is the First Holy Mountain of God. God placed Lucifer in that garden to guard it and he defiled it. Next, God placed Adam in the garden to not just guard it but also keep it, and he also failed and defiled the Holy Mountain of God. So, now who can ascend the Holy Mountain of God? There is only one way, and Jesus had shown us the Way...? What is the way? it is called the "Way of the Cross", but we cannot climb it alone, even Jesus did not climb it alone. God had given Her a Mother...and so Jesus At the Foot of the Cross, fulfilled his promise, I will not leave you orphan...Jesus gave us the most precious gift, He entrusted our journey to the Holy Mountain to His beloved Mother..."Son, Behold your Mother." See you all in the Holy Mountain of God with rosary in our hands.

  60. David Crandall

    David CrandallPřed 10 dny

    Great perspective for all Christians. It's good to hear about Catholicism from something other than exorcism movies...

  61. ivan brewer

    ivan brewerPřed 9 dny

    David Crandall for sure. Lots of good Catholic youtube channels.. this one, ascension presents ! God bless!