Advent Carol Service 2012 - Trinity College Chapel

The 2013 Advent Carol Service can be found here:
Video as webcast live on Sunday 25 November 2012 from Trinity College Chapel (
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Prelude on Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen (Brahms) [0:00]
The Advent Matins Responsory (Richard Marlow) [3:12]
Creator of the stars of night (Plainsong) [7:35]
Hymn: Of the Father's heart begotten (arr Willcocks) [10:28]
Hymn: Come, thou Redeemer of the earth (arr Willcocks) [16:27]
There is no rose (Anon arr Stevens) [22:37]
Hymn: O come, O come, Emmanuel (arr Willcocks) [25:35]
Salve Regina (Poulenc) [31:57]
O Emmanuel (Ešenvalds) [36:34]
Hymn: On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry (arr Ledger) [41:16]
Wachet auf! (Nicolai arr Bach) [46:12]
E'en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come (Paul Manz) [51:56]
Hymn: Come, thou long-expected Jesus [54:27]
Benedicamus Domino (Warlock) [56:55]
Hymn: Lo, he comes with clouds descending [1:00:29]
Puer natus est (Plainsong) [1:05:46]
Brich an, o schönes Morgenlicht (Bach) [1:06:58]
Organ voluntary: Dieu parmi nous (Messiaen) [1:08:06]
Trinity College Choir
Conductor: Stephen Layton
Organ Scholars: Jeremy Cole and Eleanor Kornas
For more information about the choir, please visit


  1. Robert Stephens

    Robert StephensPřed měsícem

    At the end....Bach then Messiaen... fantastic!

  2. Romy Ilano

    Romy IlanoPřed 3 měsíci

    This is another beautiful event that could inspire some great miniature dollhouses with matching English choral singer 👨‍🎤 doll sets.

  3. Brook Eggleston

    Brook EgglestonPřed rokem

    Why anyone found it necessary to take perfectly valid hymns and change the words is beyond me! I'd like to blame it on old boomers, but I am one of many of them who aren't buying it! Changing things, just so you can say that you've changed something, must cease!!!

  4. Thomas Redman

    Thomas RedmanPřed rokem

    Lovely music...sorry, but too many women.

  5. Brian Peterson

    Brian PetersonPřed rokem

    Who gives this beautiful music a "thumbs down"?

  6. lacase111

    lacase111Před rokem

    What an outstanding service and it was really enjoyable. It is a real pity that awful volintary was played at the end. It is just dreadful and all I can equate it to is noise!!

  7. lacase111

    lacase111Před rokem

    @Brook Eggleston Many Happy returns and every good Wish for 2019. I will give your suggestion a try and see how I get on.

  8. Brook Eggleston

    Brook EgglestonPřed rokem

    Messiaeh can be jolting, if you've never heard his music! Try turning the volume down a bit, and listen to the piece a couple of times. Once you experienced it a few times, (let yourself have a break between hearings) I think you'll find it's not nearly as objectionable as it first was! My mentor studied with Messiaen in Paris. The man was a genius. Not all acts of genius are, at first, easy to listen to. Give yourself a chance to hear the picture he paints!!! A Happy Christmas to you, and all possible blessings!!! 🔥💜🔥

  9. Alyx Coe

    Alyx CoePřed rokem

    Those Anglicans sure know how to sing a hymn.

  10. Christopher Godfrey

    Christopher GodfreyPřed 3 měsíci

    I know!I'm a roman catholic and I wished the choirs sounded like that and even dressed like that

  11. Mike Manners

    Mike MannersPřed rokem

    When Sharia Law comes can kiss all this bloody goodbye....

  12. KA Fleury

    KA FleuryPřed rokem

    Nah -- we'll be like the Whos of Whoville.

  13. Bjorn Dehaese

    Bjorn DehaesePřed 2 lety

    That horrible organpiece at the end ruïns the entire service as does the clapping!

  14. Hilary F

    Hilary FPřed 2 lety

    A very welcome reminder of the real reason for this season..thankyou wonderful voices!!!!!

  15. David Trigueiro

    David TrigueiroPřed 2 lety

    Who's been messing with the words of Of the Father's Love Begotten Why can't people just leave things alone.

  16. John Campbell

    John CampbellPřed měsícem

    The words are not original. It was Latin. Every translation is another window to God

  17. affenschwanz64

    affenschwanz64Před rokem

    @Brook Eggleston I totally agree with you. They have many reasons for changing original words, most of which are BS.

  18. Brook Eggleston

    Brook EgglestonPřed rokem

    @affenschwanz64 Changing things, for the sake of change only, must stop. There was nothing wrong with the original words of the hymn!!! 🔥💜🔥

  19. affenschwanz64

    affenschwanz64Před rokem

    Agreed on the words, but what a beautiful arrangement.

  20. Ranger Whoop

    Ranger WhoopPřed 4 lety

    What in the hell happens at 1:09:25? Did somebody slip LSD to the organist? or did a large rat get loose in the key mechanism? Ortherwise WONDERFUL!

  21. Brook Eggleston

    Brook EgglestonPřed rokem

    @artyzach So, I'm *not* the only one!!! Messiaen can be jarring for those unexposed to him. However, that doesn't account for the many ridiculous comments following this video. People need to give new things a chance, whether it be food, drink, music, or anything else!!! A Happy Christmas, and blessings to you!!! 🔥💜🔥

  22. artyzach

    artyzachPřed 2 lety

    It's just Messiaen. I actually like this particular organ piece of Messiaen's... it's probably the only piece I know that suits advent/christmas, and the only piece that I developed a liking to. XD

  23. j jay

    j jayPřed 4 lety

    +Ranger Whoop just another organist psycho. Organist + Messiaen = exit music.

  24. thankcrunchiefriday

    thankcrunchiefridayPřed 4 lety

    Cracking choice of music, brilliantly sung. The arrangement of Lo he comes is a bit fussy for my taste, and needed to slow right down to fit in the double descant, but everything is splendid - congratulations to Mr Layton, the organists and the choir.

  25. bastien delaniau

    bastien delaniauPřed 4 lety

    that seems very catholic !!!

  26. John Morrison

    John MorrisonPřed rokem

    Indeed, but that is of fairly recent practice in Anglicanism starting from around the mid-Victorian times. Nowadays this high church liturgy is too Catholic for many (most?) Protestants and too Protestant for the ultra trad/fright-wing, Francis hating sub-set of Catholics. I find it is perfect as is.

  27. Alyx Coe

    Alyx CoePřed rokem

    it's 'high church', as opposed to 'low church'

  28. Bruce Ohlendorf

    Bruce OhlendorfPřed 3 lety

    There's Roman Catholic and Anglican Catholic. The only real difference is that we don't have a Pope.

  29. Model Railway Electronics

    Model Railway ElectronicsPřed 3 lety

    It's Trinity Cambridge how they have always done it. Founded by Henry VIII in 1546,

  30. cvryder2000

    cvryder2000Před 4 lety

    +Henry Miller I was taught growing up that we are catholic and protestant and free! Furthermore, in the creed we affirm that we believe in the "holy catholic church" so you can fold it five ways and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. I hate hairsplitters.

  31. Knappa22

    Knappa22Před 5 lety

    Beautiful singing. It's a shame the chapel is so underwhelming compared with Kings or St John's.

  32. blackappleseed

    blackappleseedPřed 5 lety

    I love that the choir is mixed. I understand that Kings College sticks to the all-male tradition? :(

  33. Brook Eggleston

    Brook EgglestonPřed rokem

    I love them both!!!

  34. David Wilson

    David WilsonPřed 5 lety

    Gorgeous soprano voice in the Magnificat!

  35. Charity Dell

    Charity DellPřed 5 lety

    Absolutely wonderful service--that postlude at the end signals to me: GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BECAUSE THE MESSIAH'S COMING!!!

  36. Shawn Hampton

    Shawn HamptonPřed 5 lety

    Yes, and is she pissed!!!

  37. Val Casey

    Val CaseyPřed 5 lety

    Of all the services of this season of the year my very favourite is the Advent Carol service. I attend this service in an 800 year old Cathedral which adds to the atmosphere of praise and worship Each year we are transported from winter darkness to simple candle light to remind us the Light of the world will return.

  38. Aristo Telian

    Aristo TelianPřed 4 lety

    +Val Casey Can one covet another's spiritual opportunities? I think that I do.

  39. Sirracco

    SirraccoPřed 6 lety

    I rather enjoy hearing the music at Trinity any time of the year. After all, I did spend five years in that chapel under the direction of Marlow. An interesting note... I too, several years after Layton, was a chorister at Winchester in my youth... That cathedral is by far my most favourite place to sing for the soaring space and the extraordinary acoustics. Thank you, Trinity, for posting this programme. -JPS

  40. Marcia Smith

    Marcia SmithPřed 6 lety

    I began watching this video on Christmas Day (yesterday) and have kept it going! Such a lovely, sober celebration in honour of Christ the King! Thanks, TrinityCollegeChoir!

  41. adamsendler388

    adamsendler388Před 6 lety

    Extraordinary celebration!!!!!

  42. al1936ful

    al1936fulPřed 6 lety

    Why is it taking so long for CSgos videos to load up today? This one started out fine, but began freezing up after about five minutes. It also keeps going from very blurry to very sharp,

  43. RanMouri82

    RanMouri82Před 6 lety

    Thank you for posting this. It's so easy for Advent to get lost in the sea of secular, pre-Christmas consumerism. Such beautiful music puts me right back into the spirit of listening to God and waiting for the coming of Christ with joyful expectation.

  44. cellofingers

    cellofingersPřed 6 lety

    Advent carols are the starry gems that often get overlooked by the public for the more generic carols this time of year, but to me these sacred carols come closest to the true meaning of Christmas.

  45. kraftpr

    kraftprPřed 6 lety

    As to the prelude/postlude question...I had an organ professor in college who would insert her postludes just prior to the recessional hymn. She had a captive audience. They wouldn't dare talk or leave before singing the last hymn. She felt if she spent the time preparing a postlude it shouldn't be used to facilitate yakking -- my words, not hers. It worked at her church. She was a consummate organist. I've heard postludes at other churches where I couldn't reach the nearest exit fast enough :-)

  46. choirboyfromhell1

    choirboyfromhell1Před 6 lety

    Is he using an I-Pad to conduct from????? I love it!!!

  47. Randal Oulton

    Randal OultonPřed 6 lety

    good gravy, what an uber wealthy American chapel, must be American.

  48. Sarah Walker

    Sarah WalkerPřed 2 lety

    Nope. Cambridge, England.

  49. GraceToast

    GraceToastPřed 6 lety

    That's not the point of that part of the liturgy.

  50. GraceToast

    GraceToastPřed 6 lety

    It's really inappropriate for people to act as if the processional and recessional are performances. They are meant to facilitate movement: into the time of prayer, and out into the world. They are not meant to glorify the organ, the performance, or the organist, even if Thomas Handel is playing.

  51. Bartokfriend

    BartokfriendPřed 6 lety

    I am blessed to be part of a congregation in Boston where it is the tradition, encouraged in the bulletin, that people sit quietly during both the recessional and the prelude, both played on the organ. It's Church of the Covenant and our wonderful organist is Thomas Handel. The only exceptions that I know are weddings.

  52. djhooten

    djhootenPřed 6 lety

    The descant in the last verse of 'Lo he comes' is insane - I love it!

  53. kang shin-woo

    kang shin-wooPřed 7 lety

    one of best advent carol service!!!

  54. Lukasz Szafera

    Lukasz SzaferaPřed 7 lety


  55. Nigel Wilkinson

    Nigel WilkinsonPřed 7 lety

    It's the fate of a recessional!

  56. Bartokfriend

    BartokfriendPřed 7 lety

    I find it sad that people did not give the organ the same quiet attention as they did the choir.

  57. Ted Morgan

    Ted MorganPřed 7 lety

    Thank you. You put me in your debt.

  58. Nigel Wilkinson

    Nigel WilkinsonPřed 7 lety

    Odd choice of recessional for an organ like Trinity's.

  59. Kim Nguyen

    Kim NguyenPřed 7 lety

    Beautiful! Many thanks for posting!